Karen stayed last night….and this morning we figured out how to use the video feature on my camera.  I had four videos done and in the bag.  My stomach is still sore from laughing and dancing!!  I even did “Don’t you wish your girlfriend was hot like me” for Zena!!!!!!  Well, the bloody videos are still on my computer…..they just wont farking load onto this post!!!  Ricky has even had a go changing properties and things like that….but we just can’t get them to load on.  They play OK when viewed directly from My documents…….. so I am devastated.  They were brilliant!!!!…if I do say so myself 🙂  If I can find someone that can figure it out for me I will post them at a later date for you.

So onto the questions……


Arlene:-  I get my sense of humour from my Dad mainly I think.  He is a very funny man and has me crying laughing on many, many occassions!!  Hard to describe him.  My Mum also….and my sister.  Hell, I’m not sure!!!  My favourite shows growing up were ones like “I love Lucy” and I loved Ding Dong Drysdale (an Australian personality).  I love shows like the “Vicar of Dibley” and the “Goodies” and “Absolutely Fabulous”….all the good British comedies!  Then I have worked in jobs that lend themselves to humour too…like the police force.  Some very funny shit happens in jobs like that!!  I have been told I am “quick witted” and good with a one liner……I like to think so 🙂  It’s just the way I like to look at things.

images                                          I would “turn” for Dawn French!!  I am currently reading her book “Dear Fatty”.  She is my “if you could invite one famous person to dinner, who would it be?” person.


Diz:-    I think Australians are exactly the same as Americans when it comes to body image.  Although, you may be a little more obsessed with the size 0 thing going on at the moment!!  I think it has to affect you as you are growing up in some respect.  Just with the fashion you choose to wear and that sort of thing.  It affected me more in the fashion I couldn’t wear, more to the point!!  Hotpants were “in” when a was a teen……not on these legs baby!!  I grew up being told I was beautiful and smart and all the good stuff…..I am blessed. My Mum gave me the gift of self confidence, no matter what my weight was.  I still had doubtful times and unhappy times…..but the majority of my time was not spent languishing on body issue angst.  I didn’t like being the fatty……but I was a happy fatty!!…mostly. Funnily enough, now that I have actually had lapband I have calmed down on my body bashing thoughts. I am going along with the process now and what will be, will be…ya know?  I think it is because I know I am not going to stack on heaps more weight anymore.  Even if I don’t lose anymore from today, I think I would be happy just knowing that I am not going to get bigger!!  Did that make sense??  It’s almost like since I have had lapband surgery I have finally taken ownership of being fat and have accepted it!

So, really…..right at this stage of the game, I feel a bit like…………………………..



Helen:-  I love being a Tasmaniac!!  But, if money was no object I would love to live somewhere warmer….maybe on another island in the Pacific?  But then again, I would probably have the island as my summer home because I like the winter when it comes too…..I like cosying up inside and doing “winter” things like craft.  So, even if I won tattslotto, I would still live here….. just upgrade the old weatherboard, ya know!!!  But I would come visit all my blog buddies and pay for them to come here to Tasmania for a big blog reunion!!  Plenty of room on the carport roof for a buffett 🙂  I’m sure Stumpy wouldn’t mind 🙂


Eddy:-  Quite simply……you are a legend!!!!  This is what I think you should do……………….


Linda:-  I can in complete honesty say there has never been a bad cop or dirty incident in the whole of my career.  I used to love taking the “piss” out of people and making a bit of fun of them when they were pissed…..but nothing I wouldn’t tell the Police commissioner about!!  There was one time, when I worked in Queenstown (a small mining town on the West coast of Tassie) when the guy I worked with and I brought bags of lollies and then pulled people up all day.  They shit themselves when the blue lights came on and they had to pull over.  Then we walked up to them and gave them a lolly and told them we had pulled them over to commend their good driving and that it was a government incentive scheme!!  They were thrilled and we pissed our pants all day… no harm done 🙂


Caroline:-  I see life at goal as being the same but different!!  I will still be doing the same things but I will be doing them differently!!  For instance…..On our Fiji holiday I would loved to have tried parasailing.  When I saw that you landed on the beach and were “caught” by two Fijian men….I didn’t do it.  I was too self concious that I was so big they would do their backs in!!  Next time round….I will be doing it!!  Instead of sitting on the bank of the river watching others swim because I am too self concious…..I will be swimming!  Instead of holding on to the arms of the deckchair while I exit the chair (so it doesn’t stick to my arse and come up with me)  I will stand straight up and the deck chair will remain on the ground!!  I will be walking into any shop I damn well want and having a “browse” instead of heading straight to Target or BeME because they are the only places to get clothes over size 20.  Most of all….my back will thank me because it doesn’t have to lug an extra 40kgs around on it all day!!….so it will not be so painful.  So, I guess I see my life staying the same……but the way I live it……….WAY DIFFERENT!!!!


Dawn:-  I’m not really into the farts and knob gags.  some intellectual humour rings my bells….but I guess I am more of a slapstick/real life humour type of girl.  Seeing the humour in the serious stuff around me.  Like in church, or looking at people at funerals and seeing something funny at really, really inappropriate moments!!  I cry until it hurts sometimes and I have been known to wet my pants.  My knees go on me, I can’t walk and everytime I think of the “incident” again…I start up again!!!  Depends what it was……………

Like the time when we were kids and Karen and I went blackberrying.  We used to visit a friends farm regularly and loved it.  We decided to go pick blackberries. When Karen was younger she worried about everything and was scared of heaps of things!  Fantastic fodder for me 🙂  So, we had our little plastic buckets and off we went up the paddocks.  The blackberries lined the fences and we found a good heap.  Karen kept saying, “There’s no bull in this paddock is there?”  I’m like….”NO… can see there is no bull in the paddock!!”  There was no anything in the bloody paddock!!

She’s like “Are you sure there’s no bull in the paddock?” 

“No….there is no bloody bull in the paddock and none can get in!!!!  Look….there is fences all around us!!”

So, she forgot about the bull issue and started picking.  About 15 minutes into picking a walked up behind her and yelled, “LOOK OUT…..BULL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

Well, she threw her blackberries up into the air and screamed her lungs out ……………….  and jumped into the blackberry bush!!!   LMAO….it was the funniest thing I have ever seen!!!!  She was right in the middle of the bush and had cut herself to shreds on the thorns……too funny. 

Well, I just collapsed.  I laughed and cried and yes, it was one of the times I wet myself.  She somehow got herself out of the bush and raced back to the house to tell on me.

OMG….it was soooooo funny!!!!  Everytime I tried to start walking back, I got the “vision” again and just couldn’t walk.  Bloody hell………… that was funny!!!!  Nearly as funny as when she knocked herself out on the telegraph pole.  Or when Dad ran straight into a parking meter and nearly knackered himself when we were in Launceston shopping……or when my friend fell through a 2nd story window at our highschool and grabbed the curtains which saved her from falling to the ground.  I was going to pull her back in…….but when I looked down I saw that if she had fallen, she would have gone right through the roof of the porta loo that the builders had set up……so I let go of her because I lost my strength laughing too much!!!  You get the picture………………….  I have heaps!!!!!


Sylvia:-  I will donate my “big” clothes to the Red Cross or the Salvos shops here.  Except for a couple of pieces that cost me a fortune and I would like to go to someone that values them.  Maybe another blogger?  Just being at goal weight will be my gift!!  I don’t particularly want anything…… just to feel good.


PJ:-   Gorgeous, smart, rich and attentive you say?????  Fark the boogie…….I would swipe it off my face and go in for the tongue kiss before he knew what had struck him!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

But going back a bit in your question…… I would say, “you have a piece of food or something stuck on your nose”…pretending I didn’t realise it was a booger.  I would grab a serviette and say, “Here, let me get it for you”.  lol, lol 

If he turned out to be a “dud”, then I would definitely bring up the boogie in my parting speech.  Like, “Well, fark you.  I knew you were a loser when I had to swipe that bloody great boogie off your farking nose……you tosser!! and let me tell you something….that boogie had more life in it than your weeny ever will !!!”


Cathie:-  My best birthday memory was getting Mary when I was 4yrs old.  I also got a pram to put her in.  Dolls didn’t have all that fancy fangled shit like “Chucky” voices and peeing their pants with them in my day!!!!!!!!!!!  I liked to bath her……so Dad punched a hole in her bum with a nail for me, so that the water would run out of her after her bath!!  I loved Mary…..still do.  In fact….I still have her.  She is now the grand old age of 44yrs!!!! 

I was still an only child at 4yrs…….Karen came along when I was five. I guess all good things must come to an end 🙂  So there was just me, Mary and my 50 or so imaginary friends!!  lol  “Santa” made all Mary’s clothes that coming Christmas too……little petticoats, pants, singlets, hats, overcoats, dresses etc….I loved them!!!  Thanks “Santa” 🙂mary-003

 Zena:-  I am sooooooo sorry I couldn’t get it to load.  I make a promise to you that I will learn from someone and get a video/soundbite on here for you as soon as I can.  Failing that call me on………. 008 008 spankme !!!!


Kaz…… I say this with love………..Bugger off…..ya know I am QUEEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Tracey:- It is getting late and I am only half way through planning the itinery for your long weekend on the “Big Island”.  So, I will dedicate my next post, or part thereof, to how you will be spending your long weekend!!

So, thanks for playing along…..gave me something to write about!!  I really appreciate all of your comments and love how we have a network of blogging friends on here!  It is fun and I love to post and write my thoughts.  I also love reading all of yours and leaving comments when I can.  Everyone is so helpful and always there when you need advice or just a pick me up……….thanks hornbags!!!!

I leave you with this thought…………………………………………………



PS:   I put the names in a little bowl and got Ricky to draw one out……………… get yourselves over to DIZ’S  blog (over in my bloglist….Dizbanded) and ask your question!!  Diz…you had better write up a blog explaining to your readers what you have to do 🙂


8 thoughts on “Interview….

  1. Hi Nola,

    Just want to say you are as sick in your humour as I am…was laughing my arse off at the picture invoked by your descriptions. Your poor, poor sister, what an evil wee demoned are you!!!
    fantastic blog, great idea. I will be visiting Diz and asking a question.


    totally unrelated question from my husband….can you email him regarding your question as he (is weird?) doesn’t want to publically answer your question!!! Does that even make sense? You’ll find his email in his profile. Although why he couldn’t write this on his blog, I don’t know!! Men!! xx

  2. You did a great job here. Love your answers. I’ve always wished I was quick-witted and funny. You’re my idol!

    Re: the wig in my last post. I lost alot of hair after surgery, and sometimes wear wigs so I don’t have to work so hard to do the “cover up” on the bald spots.

    Take care you darling!

  3. Oh my , you are one funny chick! I would turn for you… ha ha ha…

    Although – $2.50 for shit! My gawd…. it is only about $1.50 around here for a huge bag!

    Anyway, can’t sell it. My mummy scoops it up daily (she keeps my rooms so tidy and clean) and she lets it dry for a few days, then puts it around the some 300 trees / shrubs we have. Keeps em going well in summer and guess what – it all makes them smell just like my bum! Yipeeee

    On another note – with your videos…. have you thought about loading them onto You Tube and then putting the link here for us all to visit?
    Just a thought…. anyway, what would I know… I am just a horse after all.

    lots of love Eddy.

  4. Nola, I have been waiting all weekend to have the time to read the interview. I feel like I know you. If we lived closer, I bet we could have a ball. I love your wit, your love of life, and you answered my question like I knew you would. Great blog. Keep being a loser!

  5. Dear darling nola, your sister here, i know when you answered me that you hadn’t taken your drugs and were delusional….let you off this time….but please in the future DONT try to compete with me…you know deep down i am QUEEN!!!….hehe luv ya

  6. Hey you crazy Chick!!! I obviously need to get better at checking up on the blogs. I see I’m the big winner of the Interview process. WooHoo. I guess I’m only as sick as my secrets…so here goes! Thanks for being so funnily honest in your answers. It is too fun reading all the responses.

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