Here’s an idea……

Well, I don’t know what I did to the other post I had on this…..I went to edit and deleted it instead!! So, sorry Zenna.  Well, here’s my idea……

Let’s interview each other!!  I know, I know….brilliant!!!  So, I will start off.  You ask me a question in the comments and then I will do a new post and answer all the questions!  The catch being that I then get to nominate the next person to be interviewed!  and so on…….   Just a bit of fun.

Now, I might choose to answer your questions with the funniest thing I can think of or I might go all serious and ying yang on you……or I might answer with a photo.  If you ask me how many times a week I have sex…..of course, I am going to lie my arse off!!!!  If you ask me what my bedroom looks like I will take a photo and then rave on for pages and pages about how great a renovator I am and wax lyrical about my choice of feature wall paint 🙂  Ask anything really……. what colour underwear I’m wearing, how I met Ricky, how do I bath my dogs, describe my neighbourhood, my funniest memory, what do I want to be when I grow up…….. you get the drift. 

I think I will choose who to nominate next by putting all “question askers” into a bowl and pick the name out that way…… so beware…..I have some great questions for the next person 🙂

I will probably do the new “Interview” post on Sunday night…… so fire away!



21 thoughts on “Here’s an idea……

  1. Well I know that I’m asking for trouble, but . . .
    Where do you get your sense of humor? I so much enjoy reading your blog because of the humorous way that you so often reflect on life’s events.

  2. Hey Girl, Thanks for the comments. If you look on the April 28th, 2008 blog, you’ll see me at my heaviest of 267 lbs. I want to hang my head in shame, but I have to suck it up and own it. I still have a hard time looking at those pictures.

    I do think you’re fucking Fabulous! And I love your idea, so here’s my question for you. Americans seem to be so caught up in the body “image”. What is the take or perception of body image in your country, and how has that influenced you, if at all?

  3. Fark ! I just wrote a”War & Peace” comment and it got lost in cyberspace.

    Heres the abbreviated version.

    Like the interview idea – now to think of a question…..

    Re the last post, eat more protein and less carbs, snack on small tin tuna,farts(baked beans) or a boiled egg. I know they are not as tasty but they will do the trick and you get used to it. Carbs are my downfall.

    I have given myself 6 months for Bertha(lapband) and me to get used to each other which really is nothing as it took me 47 years to gorge myself into morbid obesity.

  4. Nola,
    You just have a way with words. I love your ideas and I must say that I read a few blogs each night and I look forward to what others are thinking and saying. You often make me laugh and I can relate to your writing. So a question: What do you do with your clothes that are too big? What gift would you give yourself when you get to your goal weight? That’s two. Go for it.

  5. Oh I love this idea. We used to play a similar game at happy hours. Here’s my question…(I like the “what if” sort.)

    Let’s say you’re back in your dating days. You go on a first date with Mr. Gorgeous. I mean he is to die for…he’s smart and rich and wonderfully attentive. There’s just one problem….at dinner you notice that he has a huge, I mean gigantic, wet, green globby booger in his nostril. He doesn’t seem to notice it, and it stays there throughout the date, driving you bonkers. You’re too embarrassed to tell him it’s there.
    At your door he kisses you good-night and the booger somehow comes out of his nose and onto your face.
    Nola…would you go out with him again?

    I also want to know how you became the fabulous woman you are today. Write a damn autobiography please.

    Love to your skinny self!

  6. hey sis i have a question….are you jealous that i am more beautiful and mature and goddess like than you?…lol

    love your work babe….love kaz

  7. Yeah PJ….but I aint spinnin’ no bottle and goin’ for the tongue kiss with you!!! Or was that truth or dare??? And I sure as hell aint gonna be skullin’ a “slow comfortable screw against the wall” after I answer each question…..although, that could be fun!!

  8. You do have a great sense of humour! so my question is – What makes you cry with laughter? is it the sophisticated humour of the intellectual, gutter houmour of farts and knob gags or the slap stick of wathing someone fall on their arse in the street?


  9. Hi Nola! I am new to your blog. Thank you for your comments.
    Can I take a rain check on the question until I read more about you?

    Look forward to reading much more fabulousness!

  10. Here’s my question: You’ve surely imagined yourself at the perfect weight a couple of years down the line, no longer self-hating/self-conscious/exasperated, but still the feisty Nola. How do you imagine your daily life, job, holidays? How different from now?

  11. Nola !
    I am not going to get deep and meaning full…oh nooooo not I, I hear you sigh with relief……. I just want to know what you sound like? when I read your blog or anybody’s blog, if I know where they are from I like to read and imagine what that person would sound like! and I like to mentally hear their accent too! I read in accents Lol….roflmao…. so can you record video and upload? maybe with your mobile phone? or digital camera? eh? eh? eh? can ya? PLEZZZZZZZZZZZZ?

  12. Hey Nola…

    Great idea. But before my question, may I suggest as a filler-upper green beans. From what I’ve been told there is no nutritional value to them other than fiber. Of course your farts may smell like green beans, but they are a great filler.

    Now for the first question that came to mind…

    If you were going to choose to live anywhere other than Tasmania and be anything but a Tasmaniac, where would you live?


  13. hey dawn

    when nola and i were younger we had a tiff in the street and i turned to run home and ran straight into a telegraph pole and knocked myself out for a short period. when i came to nola was laying on the ground beside me laughing so hard , she had wet herself and the tears of laughter were flowing freely….bitch. so i would say watching someone fall on their arse in the street is one of her triggers…lol….oh by the way if your interested i was ok just bruised pride was my main injury haha

  14. KAZ!!! I WAS going to tell Dawn that story!!!!……biartch!! Oh well, I will tell her the one about the bull in the paddock whilst picking blackberries!!!
    Why are you up so early anyway??
    Oh, I know……you couldn’t sleep because you are sooooo excited that you are coming to my house today for a sleepover,,,,right???
    ZENA…..I’m not sure if I can do that. Kaz is coming over today so I will see if she knows how….if we can work it out I will though. Maybe I could do our theme song for you?? You know…”Don’t ya wish your girlfriend was hot like me?” lol Otherwise, you will have to ring my home number and listen to the answering machine!!

  15. Hey Nola – Eddy here – your cyber lover horse (yes – to those who missed it – I am a horse…)

    I have a question….
    I poo approx 23 times in 24 hrs…. do your dogs do the same??? or am I just a legend…?

    Lots of love Eddy
    xx neigh xx

  16. G’day you ole hornbag, I have a very important question that I need answered A.S.A.P.

    How are you going to entertain me when I come to visit you for a long weekend later this year? I want no room left for imagination either. Full itinerary. Can bring spouse if you think Eddie would enjoy a golf partner?


  17. If I ring your home number I might as well talk to you , not listen to the bloody machine, OR are you saying you wouldnt wanna talk to me?????? ;0(

  18. Nola
    Can’t wait to here about the bull and blackeberry story, figured we may have had the same sense of humour (spelt right this time!!!)


    (I don’t know what this means Diz, but it sounds good!! LOL)


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