Band Update…by request…..:)

Well, I believe I get “flashes” of what my band is supposed to achieve and what it is capable of doing.  But at the moment I am eating whatever and however much I want really.

For a little while there after my 2nd fill I found the first thing I ate for the day, be it in the morning or the afternoon, was a little painful.  I would stop, wait for the pain to subside, then go on eating again.  The pain only lasted a minute if that.  But once it had it’s “warm-up” I was hot to trot!!  To be honest it is pissing me off!!  I realise it takes a bit of tweeking and will continue to do so……..but I just want to get to the stage where I feel I am being “stopped” from eating too much and at the moment, I don’t believe that is happening.

As I said, I think I am getting moments where it feels like it should feel when working correctly.  That’s when I think that this is fabulous and feel great and know that once I hit my “sweet spot” things will be dandy and a little easier.  But right now, …….today, yesterday and no doubt tomorrow……..I am feeling disappointed and frustrated!!  Nobody said it was going to be an easy ride…..but geeezzzzz.  I thought I would be eating a lot, lot less by now and losing more weight. 

I go up and down with how I feel.  Most days I think of nothing else except food.  I sit down, and eat.  And I keep eating…..just testing to see if I will feel that “I couldn’t eat another thing” feeling.  I very rarely do!!!  I think I should!!  What’s going on?  Like, I think I should only be capable of eating half a slice of that big, thick raisin toast, cafe style bread? Well, that’s what I think would be reasonable with the band and ample for survival.  Today I ate two whole slices of that in one sitting!!  Then I had another slice of it for lunch and I have just finished a big bowl of stirfried vegetables with noodles and salsa sauce!!  I have only just finished that bowl and I suppose I feel “full” but I could still murder a bowl of ice-cream or a slice of bread and jam or something like that!!  I think I shouldn’t be thinking like that……I shouldn’t be thinking about what else I can eat at all.  I should feel satisfied!!

I have been trying to make healthy choices and all that sort of stuff but I am finding it just as difficult at the moment as I did before I had the band.  I am happy that I have lost any weight at all really!  I have hovered around the 98kg mark for the last two weeks which makes it nearly a 11kg loss since mid October.  Maybe I am asking too much?  Maybe it just doesn’t seem enough because I am still wearing the same old clothes?  I have brought a couple of new tops and they are a size smaller……but I am still concious of the “back fat” and things like that in them.  All my old clothes are far more comfortable and I can fit into stuff that was just too tight to wear before. 

Oh, I don’t know…….it’s just frustrating!!!  I want to feel like I have a band and have it pull me up before I eat too much!!  I have been walking everyday and doing all the good stuff.  I think I panic that because it isn’t coming off as fast as I like that it will go back on again?  It is hard to wrap my head around the fact that this isn’t like other diets I have been on and that I wont be stopping.  Like, everything else over all these years has had an expiry date……I have stopped.  This doesn’t and there will be no stopping and then piling the weight back on plus some.  So, I guess I am happy with that thought. 

I have my 3rd fill booked for the end of this month.  Hopefully I will feel the full force of the band after that one. In the meantime I will just have to battle on trying to make good choices and keeping up with my walking.  The only thing I have really noticed over the last few weeks is how noisy my stomach is!!!!  It rumbles and groans and moves about like never in my life before!!  We can hear it over the TV!!  I weigh in tomorrow……so that will be in the Goddess Graph for your viewing pleasure.  The other thing is I can’t stop farting!!!! Not sure if that has anything to do with the band…..but I have never been this bad before!!  I am my own one man band!

So, how is everyone else feeling and what are you doing?  Go blog about it and let me know please…….am I the only one?  Or leave me a nice, long comment about the kindred farting connection we have!

I took this photo of Flo from over the top of her…..very arty, farty of me!!  I think she looks like a ying yang cat!


So remember……………………………………..



17 thoughts on “Band Update…by request…..:)

  1. Hi ya!!

    You are not alone, I am about where you are. Eating very emotionally – chocolate, chocolate and yet still more chocolate. And I can still eat quite a bit of normal food before I feel satisfied. None of this ‘one cup’ and I’m full, it’s more like 4 cups!. I envy those out there who have found there limit. I am still striving for mine. I guess we will find it – eventually – so keep our kindred farting going for now and try and believe that the future will be free of it’s farting!! LOL


  2. <>

    Hi Nola – you’ve answered yourself I think. What I’m beginning to learn is that the laziest way to diet with the band is that when you get the full effect of a fill you inch closer to the way you SHOULD eat and the weight goes down, but that in between times you HAVE TO limit your intake at the very least to what will keep you level.

    …And bloody hell yes, 12 kg in under 3 months is 4 kg a month. In the ‘bad old days’ did you consistently lose 4kg a month (for longer than the first & maybe second month, I mean)??? You did? OK, so you’re perfect then. (Ch…)

    As for the other problem, my cat Rusty seems to have gone off the idea of sleeping under the duvet with us. Can’t think why.


  3. This makes me so glad I didn’t opt for the band… not that I could have it anyway with my medical conditions. I’ve been worried about just the very thing you talk about… slow emotional binging.

    I hear with the RNY that some of that is cut down because of lack of enzymes and hormone production which leads to the urge to eat. At least I’m hoping so.

  4. I’d take your 11kg and be glad for it. Ah, Nola… it’s all a process. I would say it’s going to take some time to learn it. You’ve been stuffing your face for years and you can’t unlearn that in just a few months. And are you being analytical about your band or is that an excuse for ‘testing’ it? Forgive me for playing the devil’s advocate. I’m sometimes driven to it.

    BTW, I liked the farkarwee tribe comment… there’s a lot of days that I’m definitely a member of that tribe.


  5. Dawn….yeah, I think I am a bit hung-up on the “one cup” thing and when I don’t find that around one cup satisfies me I think I am failing?

    Caroline…. you are soooooo right. No way would I have consistently lost weight of this magnitude before the band! Oh…and poor Rusty!!

    Kate…. “slow emotional binging”… hadn’t really thought about it like that! I still don’t regret having the band though.

    Helen….I love that you will always be my Devil’s advocate!! I appreciate an honest friend like you that brings me back to earth…..I need it!!!!

  6. Be patient Nola, I know what you are saying, I too am not too happy with my restriction at the moment, I thought I was (content) but as I have been ill I don’t think I had my full appitite and as I am getting better I feel that I am hungry again… I found myself wanting chocolate, crisps, cake and sweets. I had them all !!!!!!! but the thing is I know I will have restriction and ‘sweet spot’ just a small matter of TIME.

    I burp and fart constantly, and my stomach rumbles are sooooooooo loud too. I feel like I am totaly not in control of any of my body functions what with the SI (as talked about in my blog)to deal with AS WELL !!!!!!!!

    How is Stumpy? have you given his mates their marching orders yet?? LOL

    Zena xx

  7. My niece has the same problem…she is going in for a fill on monday, and has booked another one every monday after that till she is happy with her restriction. Maybe you need to do that too.

  8. Hey Nola…I can’t believe how much gas I pass after surgery. Even my husband has a good chuckle over that. Good lord, the stomach/abdomen gurgles and makes loud noises.

    As far as the other stuff. I do not regret the band. The thing I was suffering from the most, insatiable hunger, is gone. I’m almost dialed into to where I should be, but I don’t let the band stop me from eating…I’m at a place where I stop myself. I’ve never been a “take it or leave it” girl when it comes to food. Now I am. Don’t get me wrong…I enjoy my food and love a good meal, but I don’t have to eat it all, and I have to chew thoroughly, so I eat slower and savor the moment. You will too. Don’t lose heart. With my program, they’ll only give me a fill once a month, so the “Bandster Hell” period was excruciating. You will get past this. I think my fill next week (had to skip December) will put me exactly where I need to be. I started the fill process in July, so I’m no stranger to the impatient feeling.

    Be strong. I’m so happy for you.

  9. She does look like a ying/yang cat. Re. your current frustration, you seem to be experiencing a mismatch between reality and expectations. That’s a tough one. I haven’t been doing well these last two days myself. I blame it on being very very tired, something that completely blows apart my self discipline. Re. wanting quicker results, I’ll say this: One of the things that helped me when I successfully got rid of the lbs., was NOT being concerned about how long it took. I wish wish wish I could get back in touch with that stronger self-disciplined me.

  10. Oh Nola…here in the U.S. they worry about how much cows fart and what that’s doing to the environment. People in my town are now fussing about the same thing with me. I fart absolutely constantly.
    I’ve also, in the last few months, started having the most amazing bowel movements. Actually plug up the toilet. I’m hardly eating anything, so don’t know where all that shite is coming from…but if I could sell it for profit I wouldn’t have to find a job.
    I’ve actually weighed myself before and after a ‘dump’, and found that I lose a half a pound afterwards.
    I hit 90 pounds today. (And have no idea how much that is in your lingo.) That’s 90 lost…not that I weigh 90. Down from a size 24 or 3X to a size 14.
    Hang in there my dear. I went through my own binging periods…and unfortunately have doubled how many cigs I smoke a day. (Trading addictions they call it.) But after 14 months, I can tell you that the band was the best decision I’ve ever made.
    Just always remember to eat your protein first. It really does reduce the hunger.
    Love to you, Stumpy, Flo and the Breakfast Club.

  11. Nola,

    some of your bloggers are priceless… they have bought that much needed smile back to my face….~Thank you PJ – I had to re-read your comment twice before I realised that you had lost 90lbs in wieght and not in a ‘dump’….LOL


  12. Oh! I love the way kitties bury their own heads like that!! Ok, the band? It’s silicon. It stretches. I used to “eat around” it all the time. I could warm it up, get is loose and eat anything. It’s when you can eat anything that our better choices have to kick in. Less fat, high fiber, high protein. Having food on hand at all times so we’re not tempted to grab junk food on a whim also helps.

    When I had the band my stomach was so noisy! Air gets trapped in the stomach part underneath. It fights up against the band to get out. Very annoying. I used to jump up and down a lot.

    Nothing about WLS is easy.
    It’s good to know you’re not alone!

    Hang in there, Nola!

  13. Mmm, the head hunger is the stronger driver than the stomach hunger. I find the band is definitely making me eat less but i’ve got 8.75 ml in an 11 ml band so it’s pretty tight. Since pre Xmas I’ve been free with the wine – so restriction problems this wine but the calories!

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