The no resolution, resolution….

1st January…..a new year, new start blah blah blah.  I am NOT making any resolutions.  I kind of made enough of them towards the end of last year when I decided to have my band.  I resolved to do a lot of stuff for ME once I had the band.  The band being the first of the ME things.  I resolved myself to the fact I was fat and unhappy about that and I resolved myself to the fact that I needed help to do something about it.  So, I am actually in front for the new year as far as resolutions go 🙂 Did you like how I twisted that to suit myself!! 

I kind of don’t make “out loud” resolutions….I make little promises in my head about stuff I would like to do or do better for the coming year.  Actually, my head has been so full with this new band and all that it entails that I haven’t had room in there for any little “promises” this year!!……………………….so, if I had to make an “out loud” resolution it would be that I just try and live in the moment and take each event/moment as it comes along and deal with it to the best of my ability. Before I “lose” it over something I hope I can pause and think……Nola, will this really matter in 5 years time or 5 months time or even 5 days time??  If the answer is no, then I hope I can brush it off without too much drama and move on. This is hard for me because I am such a drama queen!!!  Just to be happy and make others happy if I can….if I can’t……then I give myself permission to wallow…..because wallowing is part of being in the moment too!!!

I probably need to try and stop worrying about things that haven’t even happened yet also…..yeah, that’s a good one!!  Like, I go back to work tomorrow (yes, I know on a Friday….bastards!!) and already I am worrying about putting up with the stressed out, midlife crisis guy I work with.  Like, he has flashes of a person I could really like….but not often 🙂  I know I am probably half to blame because I don’t seem to be able to summon up a pretence at being happy to be there with him.  We “get on” but it is like a little pressure cooker somedays and I feel like either crying from frustration or strangling the living shit out of him! …..mind you, he probably feels the same about me.  Just a big personality clash I think. Oh well, he’s stuck with me……I need the money!! 

So there is a kind of resolution list…… in the moment and don’t worry about things that haven’t happened or may never happen!!  Awwww….I was tricked….you dragged a resolution out of me 🙂



19 thoughts on “The no resolution, resolution….

  1. No resolutions for me either Nola, only be setting myself up to fail as I NEVER manage to stick to them, Take it as it comes!



  2. I resolve to eat less cheezels, be kind to Wayne and be happy with myself.
    I promise to tell Nola how wonderful she is all the time (just cos I know she loves to hear it) and I promise to be sympathetic to Ricky when Nola is being a drama queen ROFLMAO.
    I also promise to let the important people in my life know just how much I love them on a regular basis….Nola I love ya girl.

    thats enuff from me.
    Hopefully will be up your way soon so we can have a chai latte and a chat….ahhhhh chai latte….they are just not the same unless you are in the same room as me lol…cant drink one without ya girl.


  3. Happy New Year you ole bag…the only resolution that I care about coming out of your mouth is that you will continue to blog! Ok? Good, glad that is sorted.

    I can not beleive you have to go in for one bloody day! For god’s sake, what are you gonna do on a day like tomorrow? As you know, I start my new job on Monday and I am so freaking excited!!!I will keep you posted.

    My wish for you for the new year is that I hope your back gets better and your band works with you to achieve sensational results. You DESERVE it!!!


  4. Just realized that your back is probably not going to magically get better, but what I mean I guess is that the pain is managable. You know what I mean…

  5. I don’t plan on making any resolutions either, Nola. Except to keep reading your blog… and maybe writing mine. lol.

    I just hope you and Ricky have the best of the best in 2009.

    BTW, love that Maxine.


  6. My attempted resolution is that I’ll try to be patient – I’m a typical start-all-keen sort of person who then can’t keep it up. I knew that with the lapband it would probably be for life, but I’m at the beginning of a very long climb, with the mist obscuring the top, so for all I know it’s not even there – but I’ve got to find out.

    May your back behave itself, and the band work for you so that your back behaves itself!


  7. Being “in the moment” is a worthy goal and sometimes a difficult goal. I continue to have much sadness because of a disagreement between my son and me last Christmas. We’ve agreed to “put it in the past,” which basically is a phony “act as if” that allows us to continue to have a relationship. So, what I’m saying is that “in the moment” is healthiest, sometimes unresolved stuff keeps biting at our heels. Sorry for being negative. I’ve been eating slices of Self Pity Pie. Onwards to health.

  8. I love the cartoon. I have to write my resolutions down otherwise I never even try. Live in the moment is a hefty goal but it is healthy. Happy New Year.

  9. You wise woman you….living in the moment is so damn hard for me, but it’s a goal worth striving for. Good luck with it.

    And I agree with all above comments…Keep on blogging. You brighten my days.



    I promise to blog before the end of the day on Saturday 3rd of January 2009. With my trails and tribulation of looking after two grandchildren for 5 – yes FIVE – nights and days – without their mother! and a 10 hour round trip to take them home again.

  11. Hello and welcome!
    I seem to enjoy living in the moment too. It’s too hard to try and keep up with everything that goes on around me while trying to figure out what not to do. Like you said, if it won’t matter in one year from now, then who cares… 🙂 Not much I do care about other than ‘me’. Not to be confused with “selfish” because that I am not, in fact I give lots of ‘me’ away. I love helping people succeed at learning to live in the moment.

    Figure out the false beliefs you bear and undo what is not true – your “drama queen” tendencies will slowly diminish

  12. Oohh, i like the “No resolution” resolution. Wish I’d done that this year…oh well. AS far as the annoying guy at work goes..I vote for going ahead and choking the shit out oh him. That would start your year off right,

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