New day…..

Ha!!!!!  I knew it wouldn’t last long.  I have a big funk day….then onwards my friends!!  but it is good to blog it out just the same 🙂  Thanks for all your kind comments……except Chris H……ya bloody tart!!!!!!!!!!!!  Boy, I wish you lived next to me !  I suspect you and I would get on like a house on fire!! 

Helen M… are sooooooo right.  I shouldn’t let my pain levels get to that extent in the first place.  I will work on that one. Kate I have said before “shit happens”.  It was just the hazards of a job I loved. So thanks everyone….. it really is nice to know that people care about these things and are more than happy to give words of advice and concern…………………thanks!!!!

Today has been weird weather wise here.  One minute the sun is burning your eyes out and the next thing it is blowing a gale and raining. I have been trying to do jobs around the weather.  I got some washing dry in the blow a gale stage.  I got all my kitchen cupboards cleaned out and re-sorted in the rain stage.  I have a huge coffee table that has four big drawers in it  and everything that has no home gets thrown into one of these drawers.  Tonight I intend to venture into these pits of mystery and throw out everything that is of no use……or put it in a bag for the op shop! I may never be seen again if I fall in!!  I am pretty sure everyone has an “everything” drawer…….well I have four huge suckers!!  Plus, I have another four smaller ones in the sideboard in the hall……but I might leave them to another day.  I think I will be out of energy once I have tackled the first four.

So, a good, good day for me.  I have eaten well and sensibly without any stupid cravings or the need to bite the crutch out of a low flying seagull !! I have walked this morning with the dogs on the beach and Ricky and I are about to go again on an early evening lead walk around the neighbourhood.  Well, the dogs will be on the lead…… 🙂  I am excited because my parents are coming over for lunch tomorrow.  My Dad will be 72 tomorrow, so I will make a birthday cake for him as a little suprise.  I am looking forward to seeing them even though I only just saw them on Boxing Day….. I always enjoy their company…..which is a great thing to be able to say about your parents!!

This is how I will spend the rest of my evening………………




13 thoughts on “New day…..

  1. Noice…..U go girl….we all know you can do this.

    Margie shared your blog page with me….& Harry has grown so much & obviouslyy still has Rick & u under the paw!!

    Chrissy is almost over…..& ’09 will be a glorious year for u & your family….Enjoy

    Love, Luck & Laughter xxx

  2. Yea, you old hornbag, you! Back up and at ’em. I hate when those dark and ugly days attack me. I think I’ve been hit with the after Christmas drop-offs myself. But tomorrow is always better.

    I think you deserve an “atta boy girl” award today for hanging tough.


  3. I decided, after reading yesterdays post, that this would be a fine time to ‘de-lurk.” I’ve been reading along for awhile and I must say—you are one amazing woman. I was so with you yesterday…I’ve got the back/disc degenerative spine problem too and it truly sucks. Along with all the other crap. Anyway, thanks for giving me an uplift and I hope to be back for a visit soon. Take care.

  4. Funny picture!!!! It is GREAT to be able to enjoy your parents company.

    I’m glad you are better today and have the strength to tackle projects. I had a massive clean out this Christmas and the hall is filled with stuff we need to sell, take to the charity shop or give away.

    Happy 2009!!!

  5. Thanks for your comments …… I look forward to reading your story too ….
    I would like to know why we binge too …. I can’t understand why coz we feel like shit after and the guilt is terrible!!?? That is one thing I would like to change 😦

    Take care!!

  6. You certainly have been busy writing. Thanks for all the good reading. Especially thanks for your confessional. I was beginning to think I was the only one who has horrible days.

    So, now you’ve experienced the “bad bandies”? Hell, isn’t it? That pain is incredible until you barf.

    I got a world map so I could find Tasmania. (slept through all those geography classes) My Gawd, you’re at the end of the world!

    I really like knowing you.

    Happy New Year/Rear!

  7. I just read your previous post. I found much of what you wrote inspiring, particularly the idea of having a strategy to get beyond your “pain days.” I’m glad the you are currently on the other side of the mountains. And happy new ears to you. I mean new rears, errr beers. Cheers. Have a highly excellent 2009.

  8. Sounds like you are a lot happier today…I am glad!!
    I have a few drawers etc thast need a darn good clean too….New Years Day tomorrow…might give them a birthday too….

    All the very best for 2009…may it be your year!!

  9. Happy New 2009 Nola, may it bring you all your goals and aspirations.

    Glad your feeling better, I can so relate to medicating pain with food, I’ve done it for the past 30 or so years.

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