A New Year…..nearly

well, as my header picture says…….I certainly hope I aquire a new rear in the New Year!!…..or at least one that has considerably shrunk!!  If I keep eating shortbread like I did today that aint gonna happen!!  Time to slip back into reality me thinks 🙂

Band highlights???   Well, there was a couple.  I had my first experience at the infamous “upchucking”……wooohoooo…NOT!!!!  I managed that before I even got to Christmas day!!  At work on Christmas eve morning actually.  I let myself get too hungry (no breakfast), dashed across to the shop and grabbed a fruit bun no butter (only thing left)  not that I was too upset…..I love them!  Plonked myself back down at my desk and took a couple of mouthfuls.  Didn’t chew enough? Wrong choice of food?….who knows!?  But man o man it farking hurt like hell !!!  I have had the “hurt” before but it has only lasted a couple of secounds and then goes away.  This time it was here to stay!  I couldn’t speak, I couldn’t breathe…..my eyes started watering……I made a graceful exit to the loo and chucked it up!! Yep….gave Jesus a Christmas call on the big white telephone!!!   lol   Holy sweet angels from above….what a relief!!!  Gorgeous undigested fruit bun floating in the white porcelain bowl expertly decorated with little black sultanas for that extra icky touch!! Then I just felt like clearing my throat for the rest of the morning.  Someone asked me if I was getting a cold……ummmm….nope, actually I have a throat full of phlem from being a pig with a fruit bun!! (not that I told them that of course!)  BUT…..and this is a biggie…..I finished the farking bun!!!!  You know how I am with testing a theory!!!  I still felt hungry and the rest of it stayed down!!

Since my fill I have found that the mornings are not the best time to be having an eat fest.  I have heard many others say this too.  Maybe we should devise some band warm-up exercises or something?  I went OK over the Christmas meals period.  Very little lunch at my parents-in-laws.  I had one piece of roast pumpkin, about half cup of broad beans and three mouthfuls of turkey with gravy.  I just couldn’t fit the rest in.  I had a huge, huge plate of food dished up to me.  A couple noticed how much I left, but didn’t comment.  They all know about my band.  I also had a bowl of fruit salad with some whipped cream.  I ate more at my sister’s house that night but still only a smidge of what a previous Christmas meal would have entailed!!  I had a couple of chocolates here and there as well.  I didn’t stress about it…….I wanted to relax and enjoy my Christmas.  Besides…….who knew that 4Roses Chocolate boxes had two new flavours now!!!!  I needed to know what this new lemon cheesecake chocolate tasted like and I couldn’t rest until I did 🙂 For the sake of my sanity I also tried the berry cheesecake and just a sliver of the chocolate cheesecake!!

The next morning at Mum’s for breakfast I made a slice of toast with some ham on it.  That was my 2nd Christmas mishap.  Once again…..in the morning!!  I didn’t chuck or anything….but OMG the pain!!!!!  And once again, being the trouper that I am….I went back and finished it!!!  Go Nola, go Nola…..yayyyyy Nola!!!!  🙂

Boxing Day Ricky helped my Dad put up a frame for the roller door that is being delivered early in the new year and myself, Mum and Karen hit the boxing day sales. All I ended up with was a large pyrex jug, an icecream scoup, a packet of metal skewers and a potato peeler!!  They were all things I had been meaning to get though, so I was happy with that, especially since they were all half price!  We did coffee in the mall and people watched for a while and I also managed to find a birthday present for my Dad who’s birthday is on the 31st Dec.   We came home late in the day, dumped everything in the middle of the floor and went to bed early.

This is the view from my sister’s house.  I took this from her front balcony……..  that is the Spirit of Tasmania, a passenger and vehicle ferry,  leaving Devonport for Melbourne. Great view, huh?  You look out towards the airport and beach in the other direction.  I could sit and soak in that view all day.  We threw in with Mum and Dad and got them a telescope for Christmas…..the man in the shop assured me you would be able to see right in one of those cabin windows with this baby…..not that we would try that of course!!…. that would just be wrong 🙂  Can’t wait till they set it up and I can have a go at “whale” watching 🙂


Of course, Christmas Day wasn’t without it’s dramas!!  Like the mystery of “Who gutted Gloria’s giant flea?”  Her cousins Harry and Scarlett (my dogs) brought Gloria (Karen’s dog) this giant flea for Christmas……and within the hour we stumbled upon this gruesome crime scene!!  It was enough to drive me back to the lemon cheesecake 4 Roses chocolates!!! 

 I mean…..was it Harry?……was he pissed off because he got a dog bowl that you have to paint yourself and he can’t paint!!???

Was it Scarlett?….didn’t she think she looked pretty enough in the hooded towel in hot pink that she received??

Of course it could have been Alice (Mum and Dad’s dog)…… she was given a plant called “No more fleas” by her cousins and may have mistook that to mean…well, no more fleas!!!!!

Then of course, there is Gloria herself, who is just cunning enough to have gutted her own flea to try and get her cousins into trouble!!!  This way, she could have all the leftover Christmas food while the others sat in the naughty corner??

Our very own Christmas mystery…… lol



8 thoughts on “A New Year…..nearly

  1. Damn, left a comment, but think it got lost…
    Love your new header!
    Very pretty…lol’
    I tried the new chocolates too… loved them.
    Ikkkkk to throwing up.
    Love the view from your sisiter’s deck.

  2. Happy new rear to you too Nola, Love the views from your sis house, I could sit there all day too, No views like that where I live.

    Love the Flea mystery too……..ummmmmm….gets a person thinking!!! I am not much of a private dick though, I am still confussed, could be anyone of the naughty little scamps!


  3. hehehehe love the new header….and that view from your sisters place is just awesome….

    ahhhhh chocolates..I love them BUT no more for me till I back to goal….ate enough over chrissy to last till then anyways !!!!

  4. Oh, man! I remember the days with my gastric band and working an office job. I also remember “sneak-puking” into various things like the waste basket, a shopping bag that was nearby, an empty soda cup and out the car window. Back in my band days I would have to sip liquids all morning then do lots of burping before I could eat solids. It was hell. But if you treat it right, it will help you. I wish you many puke-free days!!

  5. I would like to state catergorically that Alice DOES NOT HAVE FLEAS!

    Nola your father tried to poke my eye out today – he kissed me with a toothpick in his mouth!

    Love Mum

  6. I don’t know if I should be relieved about someone else experiencing this, but I just wanted to say that I also commonly have a problem with my first few bitefuls of food and sometimes have to wait 5-10 minutes for the food to pass through or go and bring it up, but then quite happily finish the same food that gave me the problem. Don’t know if I am then extra careful and chew more carefully or if I’ve ‘warmed’ the band up. But yeah…I do exactly the same thing…

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