Christmas Eve…..

Twas the night before Christmas and all through the house,

All my creatures are stirring and we aint got no mouse!!

I’ve done all the groceries and stocked up on grog,

Mistletoe is hangin’…so might get a snog!!

I’ve wrapped all the presents…that’s all they’re gettin’

Hot day tomorrow…so probably be sweatin’ !

I’ve got my white wine and Rick has his stubbies

Merry Christmas to you my little blog luvvies!!!! 🙂  

                         Just a quick hello and Merry Christmas to you all……. plus my special little poem for you 🙂

I am busy getting the last of the presents wrapped and then I have to start on a couple of platters and a trifle and a greek salad to take with us tomorrow.  I will be back in a day or two with all my Christmas news and a few photos of the big day I suspect!!

Stay happy and safe over the Christmas period…………………………………………

Oh and………………………

Money’s tight, times are hard……………….so here’s your farking Christmas card!!!!!



15 thoughts on “Christmas Eve…..

  1. Hey… you are a poet, bet you didn’t knowit!

    Exuse me, I have had eleventy billion black russions and can’t rhyme anymore…lol..

    Merry Christmas you ole hornbag, lookin forward to more of your ramblings in the new year.


  2. hehehehehe love the poem, love the card too !!!

    Have a merry christmas, take care, be safe, be good..and if you can’t be good…be good at it !!

  3. Merry Chirstmas to you, Nola. A little late but sincere just the same. I love the poem. You start that support group and keep on writing as that is our cyber support group. I like it. Take care and don’t be afraid to say, I’m full.

  4. Merry Christmas guys. Hope all went well on the day…we had a cruisy day…didnt eat much cos I had something stuck for two days and didnt realise it…hey the Malibu went down ok so I had nuffin to worry about right!!!!! mmmmmmmm anyway all is good now and Im looking forward to the new year…have a good one everyone.

  5. I love your poem, Nola. And, as so often, your blog makes me smile. I hope your Christmas was highly excellent and that 2009 will be fabulous for you. May we both make huge progress with our weighty challenges.

  6. Hello Nola, I am new to this so I am hoping I am in the right area and you recieve my message. I have been contemplating lapband surgery for about 2 years and have finally today signed up for health insurance so now i have the 12 month waiting period. I was put onto your blog by Margie Dare from Queenstown, I was on facebook and could not believe the weight she had lost. I used to live in Queenie but left down there in 91 and headed up to Queensland to a place called Tannum Sands, not sure I can remember you guys but you know what happens after you turn 40, or with me it has, alzheimers sets in. My ex-husband used to run the discos (how old fashioned does that sound) Didgees disco or the swinging arms was another name for it. Used to be in the Queenstown Hotel then down to the Empire. Never a night without a fight no wonder people regard it as the WildWest. Anyway back to the lapband i am just trying to suck in all the info that i can at the moment and am finding your blogs extremely good and interesting and how you don’t hide any of what your feeling. I am saddened to hear about the incident that led to your pain with your back there is nothing worse as I do suffer with back pin but mine is more from my weight and the great boobs i have to lug around, god i hope they go when i get that done. Great reading thank you for the insight. Judy

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