The good, the bad and the………




I have a dirty great sty on my eye!!!  I haven’t had one of these for years!  I felt it getting bigger and bigger as I was driving home from Hobart yesterday and when I woke up this morning I couldn’t get it open until I sloshed it with water. Even my eyebrow bone is sore!!…and down the side of my nose….and in my cheek…..wahhhh  It is bloody sore and I just want to scratch the shit out of it…..but I won’t…..and I also won’t rub a dirty old gold wedding ring on it or drink Essence of sarsparilla or any of the other old wives tales regarding stys.  It will just have to run it’s course and hopefully it gets worse tomorrow (at least in how it looks) and I will use it as an excuse to leave work early!!!  So….. I took a picture of it hoping to garner all the sympathy votes I can possibly get 🙂


I had my 2nd fill yesterday. That makes me 4.5ml in a 10ml band now.  I had three in and he has whopped in another 1.5mls for me.  Probably because I told him I felt absolutely no different to pre-banding and that I had tested eating rice, lettuce, fresh bread and the crutch out of low flying duck!!!…..  Dr Dreamy was his usual dreamy self and so cheery for that end of the day!  I don’t know how that man stays so positive and upbeat all the time!  He was pleased with my weight loss and happy that I hadn’t had any problems….that is how it should be.  BUT….perhaps more restriction would be the go?………..YA THINK!!????  I was up on that bed doing my half sit-up quicker than you can say…quarter pounder with chips and a thickshake!!!


I was back on the road by 5.45pm.  It was a miserable trip back because my hip and back gave me curry all the way home……and……….my EYE was hurting!!   Waaahhhhhhh    I had to keep stopping every half hour or so and get out and shake my leg and stretch to relieve the pain.  I don’t like taking anything when I have to drive, so I just had to suffer it.  Oh well, think of all the incidental exercise shaking it like a mad woman on the side of the highway!!  I stopped at a roadhouse after about two hours and got a skinny coffee and a piece of fish.  There wasn’t much to choose from at that time of the day and fish seemed like the best option.  I walked around and rang Ricky to let him know where I was and had a whinge to him about my EYE and my SORE HIP and my SORE BACK…..felt much better after that 🙂


So, remembering what Tracey told me I took a tiny bite of the fish and chewed and chewed and chewed until I was just plain bored……so I swallowed the sucker!!  Nothing……so I had a more substantial bite…..still nothing.  I was technically doing the wrong thing because I was drinking as well, BUT I really, really needed that caffiene hit!!!  So, anyway, I hit the road again and just had a few nibbles of the fish while driving.  I was full to the brim after only half of it.  Yayyyy……restriction……even when I was drinking.  It wasn’t even a very big piece of fish either.


So, I called into my sister’s place on the way because I had brought her a little present while I was browsing in Hobart.  I got her a T-shirt with “I don’t really have A.D.D…….Oh, Look!!  A bunny rabbit!!!”    He, he….she loved it….and it really SUITS her 🙂 Called into the parents as well and wished them a good trip to Melbourne. They go over occassionally to see a couple of shows…..they are seeing Billy Elliott this time around and Karen is babysitting their dog, Alice.  They are staying at the Langham again, so I put my order in for them to bring me back another bottle of their signature room spray…..divine!!!  Ginger Flower…..I love spraying it onto the carpet after I have cleaned….yummmm

Today I walked the dogs and then came back and made some breakfast.  I toasted 2 muffins.  I split them in half ….  so you end up with four pieces.  I had grabbed a nice looking banana at the shop and intended on having that on top of them.  Well, I managed to eat one and a half halves!!  Normally, I could have eaten two muffins without a problem and be looking for more.  Not this time…..  I got a bit of pain because I think I ate too quickly to start with…..but it subsided pretty quickly.  Then for lunch I toasted another two muffins…… a girl has to test these theories!!  This time I put cottage cheese with chives on them……I managed two halves.  The birds got the rest……….yaayyyy   I feel like I did in the first two weeks after the operation.  I haven’t been looking for food at all and I don’t feel hungry.  I am making spaghetti bolognaise for tea tonight.  Haven’t had that in ages and I will try a little bit for sure. 


So, as far as this fill goes……it seems to be working this time and I can feel restriction.  I hope it lasts!!  Back to work for me tomorrow, so I will have to be careful what I eat there for a while.  Might revert back to my soups for lunch at work…..safer that way 🙂  A little Christmas funny for you………………..


THURSDAY UPDATE……cause I KNOW you need to know 🙂

Well, had to get in the shower this morning and try and soak my eye open!! It is worse!!!!  All down the side of my nose is swollen and around my cheek………..lovely!  So, I got Ricky to take me up to casualty because I would need a doctor’s certificate for work and also some antibiotics.  So that will teach me for joking about leaving work early today…..I have a certificate for today and tomorrow!! I have to take four of these tablets a day and he said they will make me “tired” and “wonky”……well, I could have worked……. I would be no different to any other day 🙂  He is concerned about the spreading infection… shit Sherlock!!!!… am I !!  So, hopefully these tablets will do the trick.  If not, I have to go back.  It had better get better before Christmas…….I am not having happy family snaps taken around the Christmas table looking like the Elephant Woman !  This will be the only photo I put on here where I show you something getting bigger!!!…………. So….I’m off to hit the drugs and do some couch surfing:)



19 thoughts on “The good, the bad and the………

  1. Hello love, gorgeous eye by the way. NOT! Thanks for sharing! Lol…I hope you get to leave early tomorrow, you could bank on it, if you start a rumour that it is contagous.

    I cannot believe you ate a piece of friggin fish after your fill!!! What the hell? I only a lousy 3.5ml in my band and let me tell you, I am still struggling. I cancelled my fill appointment for this Saturday. No way do I need more in it.

    I had another “incident” on Monday and it was so bad that I was on fluids only for over 36 hours. I only went back onto “soft” solids last night. The pain of food getting stuck is soooo bad. It is like I can feel it radiating out of my chest. Also, I am no wimp, I didn’t have any pain after my surger, my wounds didn’t bother me at all, but the pain from my esoephagus when this happens is bad to the bone. It doesn’t help that when it comes up, everything swells up and nearly nothing can go down. Even water. Sip sip sip.

    Anyway, you must chew better than me, or here’s a thought, I could just be a whinger!!! Lol.

    I am being so carefull with food at the moment, it is like I am scared to eat. I think about every single bite for gods sake! Oh well, the upside of that is that I am not eating too much.

    It sounds like sciatica in your hip and back, you better see your GP, or have you already?

    Look after the vessel you ole hornbag, you gonna need it for a long time now that you won’t wear it out carrying all the excess baggage around…lol.

    Nice to hear from you,

  2. LOL Tracey….just call me “old iron guts”!! The back/hip thing is an old work injury….see my very first post. I think one of my discs may have collapsed a bit more actually. I have doctor early Jan….so I will organise to go for another MRI and see what is going on.
    I got that pain this morning after the muffin…..the radiating out into the bones kind of pain…..but it only lasted a few seconds. You probably should have still gone to your appointment and discussed the difficulty eating with him? Oh, well…..we will see what happens!
    I, on the other hand……had better go check my spag bog that is cooking away in the kitchen!!! lol, lol

  3. hey sis, can’t stop cacking about the tshirt it is sooooo funny lol…….it does suit me down to the ground..oh look a birdy….sorry I digress….can you keep some of the spag bog for me you make great spag…….pleeaaaase!! love you heaps and pleased that your band is working now.

  4. Hiya,

    poor you…you have my sympathy vote. Steve has a prolapsed disc in his spine, from a nasty drop kicking burglar. He has lost 50% of the feeling in his left leg…which means I get to kick him and he doesn’t feel it!!! bonus!

    great post

  5. Dawn…my bottom three discs are stuffed!! Mine was compliments of a particularly vicious pub brawl….two of us onto about 30 of them! Bastards hoed the boots in!! I ended up with a hysterectomy too……long story I may tell one day. But hey….life goes on! at this point in time I am just happy to be here to tell the story!

  6. I haven’t had one of those styes in a long time, but I remember how miserable they are.
    The t-shirt and the funny are well…funny!
    This lapband thing seems like a lot of work. I guess in time it will become natural. Guess that’s the idea, huh?

  7. oh I had a sty one time it was so bad, people thought I got punched in the eye.

    I know that pain in your back. I have degenerative disk disease and let me tell you a 31 y/o should not feel like this, I also broke my ass bone and it healed wrong, so every once in a while my ass just hurts. Fun times bones are.

  8. Isn’t a sty in the eye good luck????
    I have not had one for a loooong time.
    Know the pain.. but hey Nola – build a bridge and get over it… (no symp vote here…) ha ha…..

    No seriously – sorry for the sore eye. That photo by the way… does not look like Meryl Streep….
    I can see how much this is getting to you.
    Hope it is on the improve soon. So are you having a sicky from work today?
    I think you deserve to.

    Loving your posts.. it is metally preparing me for me big visit to the lap band quack (no there is no date as of yet…… and discussions are still being held at home)

    Take care and Eddy sends you a sloppy kiss….xxxxxxxxxxxx

  9. Oh Nola….You definetly have my sympathy vote hunny…I hope the eye clears up soon.
    I too stuck to soup at work for lunch for a long time….Im currently eating asparagus and onion quiche..very slowly lol…small bites and chewing the shit out of it lol…..Im glad you feel some restriction.

  10. Oh Nola – what stunning photo you hornbag!

    I’m hoping you are feeling better after your couch surfing… Hope you’ve had time to sit and lounge about with people/minions running around looking after you!

    Can ya send some of that spag up my way? Please?

    Sending you much sympathy and hope your doctor is HOT! (Actually, if he is, can you send him instead of the spag bol?) LOL


  11. no kate, if i can’t have any you can’t either….and how inconsiderate you even think of food when Nola is in so much pain…lol love kaz

  12. Neeeeigh Nola – it is your lover Eddy here… (the horse to everyone else…)

    Mum told me about your eye – damn it woman…. that is one bad eye you have there! Looks like a hoof has connected with ya face…. (which can always be arranged if required….. my paddock mate Gerogia got my mum in the shin a few weeks ago – really hurt her.. I went to bite Georgia but secretly had a chuckle… I mean Mum deserves it at times.. I would have done it myself but I just want her to think I am perfect……which of course she does… insert rolling of eyes…) anyway.. digressing horses…. what a laugh!

    Anyhoo… just want to send you my loving – hope those horse tablets fix that face and we look forward to a rather more flattering photo when you are no longer related to the elephant …..

    Love and kisses

  13. I was sure I’d left a comment on this post! Bugger about the eye anyway! I’m sure I’ve aready said this!!!
    How to stop smoking: get pregnant… again, and again… and again… and again….and again…. far out AND again… and then try to start smoking again after stopping each and every time you are pregnant! I couldn’t do it! Want to give it a go now??? lol

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