Dog Walk…..

Well, not a lot to report this week…..just busy, busy!! Band wise….still don’t feel any restriction and am able to eat pretty much anything I want!! I weighed in yesterday and have lost nearly a kilo! I got quite a suprise with that actually. I thought I would have stayed the same or even put some on. I guess the fact I am making the effort to walk every day is probably helping me there. I am sure I will have more to blog about once I have my 2nd fill on Tuesday 🙂
Most nights after work I either do a lead walk (known in our house as the “piss n sniff” or we do a “freerange” which is down on the beach off the lead. We are very lucky to have a nice long beach open to dogs just at the bottom of the road we live in. I drive down to the beach because it is a long, steep hill back home again and my back just doesn’t take kindly to me hauling it up that hill !!  So, I might give you a little tour of our local dog beach.  If you stand on our carport roof you can see this beach!
Ricky heading from where we park the car near the old sea cadets building down onto the beach….looking towards the eastern end. The highway runs just above the green bank on the right.  Some beautiful “posh” homes nestled in the hills that you can see and our local shops etc are situated here.  I like going to these smaller shops….we have a butcher, baker….no candle stick maker!!!  Fish shop and the showgrounds are there too where they hold a local farmers market on weekends.  Nice to go there and get homemade sauce and vegies etc. The main town of Burnie is off in the other direction.



This one is looking back in the other direction.  You can see the port of Burnie and the main shopping centre. The “lighter hills” near the water are piles of woodchips  waiting to be shipped off to China or where-ever. The bulk of the residential areas of Burnie are back behind the hills where you can’t see them.  Once you get up and over the initial hill from the town centre it levels out a bit and spreads right out with another shopping centre up on the hill also. 


This is at the end of the beach where we turn around and walk back again towards Burnie…..bit of a crappy day, but still lovely and relaxing on this beach and I do enjoy the walk once I get out! There is a little creek up this end and the dogs always have a drink here before we head back…..have to stick to our routine!pedder-wedding-nov-08-026

These are big old truck tyres that they had cemented in to stop the erosion from the sea I guess.  They are all collapsing and some are miles down the beach buried in the sand.  This is Harry and Scarlett’s favourite spot because …….it is every other dogs favourite spot!!  Much peeing to be done at the tyres to let the others know they were here! I expect to go down there one day and find this building has washed out to sea!  Not just from the erosion from the water but also all the dog pee!


I couldn’t keep them still long enough to get a nice shot with their Mum!! 


My cute little surfer dudes!!…. Harry looks so handsome with his 2 comb summer haircut!  At least he hasn’t got the big fluffy feet anymore to bring half that beach home in!!  He is sooooo much more athletic too without all that fur weighing him down:) Makes such a difference when he is shaved off like this. The next photo shows you what he is like with his “hippy”hair….he is so much more comfortable and cool with it kept sort like this…and besides, it shows off  his “package” better this way!!



Today it is miserable…. heavy rain and high winds……just bloody terrible.  I have the heat pump on 22degrees!!  We have had some shocking weather in the last month or so and it certainly doesn’t feel like summer just yet!!  We usually get our best weather around Feb & March.  I can’t wait until it at least gets nice enough to have barbques and muck around in the garden.  I have an old wooden outdoor setting I want to sand down and paint up……it has been waiting for my days off and the weather to align!!  I can’t wait to get stuck into things like that…….oh well.  I might do a spot of housework for an hour or so and then I just might have a nice lazy day in here with the heater.  I might even drag my cross stitch out and have a go at that while Ricky watches the golf on TV……….have a great weekend!


15 thoughts on “Dog Walk…..

  1. We are stuck in the middle of winter too Nola – not quite sure what’ s going on. How lucky are you to have such a beautiful spot at the end of your road?
    Stay warm x

  2. G’day you ole hornbag, so nice to actually see your dog’s faces for a change…lol.

    What a beautiful spot you live in. When i come to visit, you will have to take me down to the beach too. I promise I won’t pee on the tyres. [well, only if we haven’t consumed too much wine by then…lol]

    That photo of you looks great! Have you changed your hair colour? I have too, I have gone blonder. I heard they had more fun, I will let you know the results of this study soon.

    I can not believe you have your farking heater on. OMG…we are melting up here. 39 degrees. I am living in the pool at the moment. It is so humid with it too, that makes it worse because all you do is sweat constantly. I do beleive it is helping my weight loss though, it is like living my entire life in a sauna!

    Great to hear from you and I love the photos…I might post some tomorrow, it’s nice to share. We are off to carols by candlelight tonight, we go every year with a big picnic and all the kids come with us, it is usually a great night. I am looking forward to it.

    So releived about my eating…can you beleive it? Bloody FBS. It is a very real thing, so make sure after your fill that you prepare your esoephagus for food. Only take pea sized bite for your first bite and chew the sh!t out of it!!! You will find that because your chewing the one bite so much, your mouth will produce heaps of saliva as well, this is a good thing. Once the first bite is swallowed, I don’t have a problem with the rest of the meal at all. I take teaspoon sized bites then, and it is all good. I have eaten zuccini and bacon pie, lasagne, chicken breast, toast, a sandwich, cheese…Just about anything will go down now if I do the first bite thingy.

    Anyway, must go and pack the picnic, talk soon,

  3. Tracey….Yes…it is freezing here!! I can’t believe it either…it is supposed to be bloody summer!! The heat would probably hinder my exercise though….I would just be collapsed in the shade with a cool drink if it was 39 degrees here!!
    It was supposed to be Burnie’s carols tonight….but they have been cancelled due to the weather and so have a heap of other things advertised for this weekend…shame.
    I am sooooo glad you suffered for the cause!! I had no idea about that first bite syndrome! I would have done exactly the same thing as you. However, thanks to your pain, angst and detailed blogging….I should be able to avoid it 🙂
    I hope you have a great night with the family at the carols!!

  4. You are so lucky to live right near a beach, it looks beautifull. Shame about the weather, as you know it is middle of winter here and has rained all day, I am so cold and I hate it.

    The dogs look like they love the good old sniff around. We was thinking about getting a dog but decided it wouldn’t be fair ( on the dog) what with us both working and when we like to go away for bankholidays who would look after the dog?

    Good luck with your fill on tuesday, I hope all goes well.


  5. Always interesting to see where other bloggers live. I love the beach, any beach! We have a bach and like you are on top of a huge hill so the walk back is a killer.

    We’ve had a mixture of weather over here in NZ. Last night was perfect, so we were outside for a BBQ – looks like another good one today – sorry!!!!

    Good luck on Tuesday.

    Re – your comment on my blog, paua is very similar or maybe even the same as abalone. And the whinger at the dinner was a female, although one male looked very worried!

  6. We are most envious of your location…weather here is also horrible. Steve would love to go back to Cornwall live – his home town. I don’t care where I live, although living by the beach sounds lovely!!


  7. Nola, I love that photo of you with your babies. If you ever get discouraged with the progress you are making, go look back at your photos. I can see in your face and arms from this photo and the photo of you on holiday in the golf cart. You are looking so good. Not that you didn’t before, you old hornbag!! (My Okie self loves that word…lol) You keep it up my friend.


  8. Your dogs are adorable. I love the picture of you and them. You look great!!

    It’s so weird that it is summer there and we are getting snow here. I can’t imagine christmas in hot weather. But I guess you can’t imagine christmas in cold weather. Have a great weekend.

  9. Nola, your dogs are darling and what a beautiful place to live and walk. Congrats on losing the weight. Walking does seem to help. How is it that your temperature is so different from Tracey’s. We are due for a blizzard tomorrow so I will be putting on wool socks and sweaters.

  10. I always get a kick out of the opposite seasons. I couldn’t imagine having Christmas being in summer and then June and July being winter. Odd!

    I love your doggies.

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