For “Eddie’s Mum”…

Firstly I have to inform you that Eddie is a horse.  I have a friend who takes in mistreated, down and out horses and brings them back up to health so that they can begin new lives in greener pastures.  Eddie is kind of special….her first and she is keeping him. I never kept “my first” 🙂    I have watched Eddie’s progress with great interest and he has become my cyber lover!!  Normally I like horses on one side of the fence and me on the other…….but Eddie…..well, he has that X factor….and I am going to visit my friend one day so I can see Eddie and give him a big tongue kiss!!!!!!!  His emails via her will have to do for now I guess 🙂  S, I admire you greatly and all you do for these poor animals and your love and compassion and dedication to the “cause”.  They are lucky to have someone like you in their court.  Now, S had some questions for me about the lapband experience  and I was going to email her with my answers.  Then I thought…..well, why not put them on my blog……that way anybody that wants to add something or tell of one of their experiences could comment also.That way not just S, but anybody reading, that is thinking of banding, could benefit from a bunch of wordly hornbags at different stages of the band process!!!!  I know…………….brilliant!! 🙂

I have to mention that I did tell S to get herself a copy of the Lapband Book mentioned in my Blogroll and “About Me” page.  A fantastic, easy to understand little bible of everything lapband….not that I was trying to fobb her off or anything 🙂  I just think it is the thing to have if you are considering lapband.

    Are you now eating normal food?

Yes……sadly.  Well, I say that because I have had my first fill, but obviously…..I need a tad more!  I am still eating too much and feeling hungry.  It takes time to get it right.  A bit of mucking around, but worth it in the end. From the start I need to say everybody is different.  Some find they have a problem with rice or lettuce or fresh bread….whatever.  I, being the queen of iron guts have had no problems with any food!!!….why am I not suprised?! I have 3mls in a 10ml band (did you get that, Tracey?? 🙂 )  … so, next fill on the 16th Dec I will ask him to pump in a little more and see what happens!

How much can you eat?

Once you have mucked around a bit and got the band to where you want it… you don’t feel hungry at all much anymore and have stopped obsessing about food…….then probably visualise a cup of food.  About that.  Again….different strokes for different folks.  Vegetables and salad and things like that with a high water content….you have to kind of imagine it all shrivelled down and dried out into a cup!!  I know, I know…..but I don’t know how else to explain it!!  So, like half a plate of salad probably equals half a cup of stomach contents!!

Have you vomited yet due to eating too much?

No.  Some people never will…..some will seem like that is all they do.  You have to totally teach yourself a new way of eating…..chewing lots and eating slowly and not going past your “full” point.  I have no doubt that once I have my next fill and am feeling some restriction that I might just test that theory!!  Read lots of others blogs……you get a feel for how it is with each person…..

Does the full stomach thing satisfy your hunger?

Yes… just don’t want to eat.  A very foreign feeling……

Does planning your food consume your whole day?

No….not at all.  You forget to eat if anything .  I haven’t planned anything except the first few weeks afterwards when I was on fluids and then mushies……you can see what sorts of things I ate on the pages to the right……  Even then I didn’t plan it as such….just made sure I had a heap of “appropriate” stuff in the cupboard to choose from and went with what I felt like at the time.  Now, I just eat what I normally would have pre-band…..just not as much!!

Can you give me a sample of what you eat for lunch or dinner?

The same things I had before the band!  Just not as much.  You might find there are some things you will cut out because you don’t tolerate them as well anymore….like fresh bread.  Tonight I had takeaway after a particularly shitful day at work……we had Praties.  I only ate half mine.  Too full for the rest…….pre-band I would have eaten the lot and then had an ice-cream or something else later on.  I still feel full now and have no desire for anything else.

Can the band ever be removed if necessary?

Yes…..not a hassle.  It is not permanent if you don’t want it to be.  Can’t see why you would have it out unless you had some medical problem though.  However, it is just a simple day surgery procedure to have it taken out.  Easy peasy…….tells you about that in the book.

What happens when you reach your goal weight?

I will run naked down the main street of Burnie at midnight singing, “Once I was afraid, I was petrified….kept thinking I could never live without my food deep fried.  …..  but I’m alive…..I am alive!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Once I have that out of my system I imagine I will just keep on keeping on happy to eat smaller portions and maintain my weight happy and healthy with myself.  I can’t see why I would have it removed……not a problem.

Are you able to eat a meal out….like go out for dinner?

S….you really should get the book!!!!!!!!!!!  Yes…..but  I would make choices like….have soup when everyone else is having entree’ and then order an entree’ for main course.  That sort of thing.  Nobody will even notice!  Chinese banquets and buffetts and that sort of thing…..everyone else is so busy choosing and eating their stuff they really don’t notice what you have or what you are eating. 

Do you have to chew food more?

Most definitely…..chew, chew, chew.  But hey….that’s not a bad habit to get into even if you don’t have a band.  I find it hard because I talk a lot….I tend to swallow quickly so I can say something!!!….. working on that one 🙂

What happens when you get a blockage?

I haven’t had one……but I have read others blogs and spoken to girls that have.  It sounds painful….like you have swallowed a huge gobstopper whole!!  You just have to ride it out until pain subsides I guess….and make a mental note to chew more next time, or avoid whatever it was that got stuck.  You won’t die though……..I think:)  You could try drinking something……….like Draino :)………kidding!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Does fluid also fill you up eg:  if you had a glass of wine, can you not eat?

Fluid slips through the smaller “hole” easy.  So, no…..I don’t find fluid fills me up particularly….depends…a milkshake might…but I haven’t tested that theory.  Girls????

How will you tackle Christmas?

Not sure to be honest.  Look, I will try a little of everything I reckon.  Just a bite here and a bite there throughout the day.  For a sit down meal with everyone round the table??…..just probably very very slowly and push food about and distract attention to what I am eating or doing by rigging a cracker with explosives?….not sure….girls????

S……just know you are not alone with how you feel about food and laying awake at night thinking about it.  I did….still do to a certain extent…except now I have that one ingredient I didn’t have before….hope.  Well, not even hope really….I just know this is the answer for me.  I am excited….this is working.  Even in these early stages and with no real restriction I know it is going to work.

This is how I explain how a band works to people……..

Imagine a tyre inner tube with no air in it.  The band is similar.  It is placed around the top third of the stomach and it has a little “air” line coming from that down to a port, like a fuel cap on a car.  When it is first placed on the stomach the hole in the middle of the “inner tube” is quite large because there is no “air” in it.  It is stitched in place so you have fluids and mushies to give the stitches time to heal.  Then you can have a fill.  So, imagine an inner tube filling up with air…..the hole in the middle gets smaller.  The fill is done via the “fuel cap” and travels up the “line” to the tyre inner tube!!  Except, of course, it is not air it is saline and the fuel cap is called a port and the tyre is actually made of plastic!! 

So you swallow food….it plops down into the small stomach that the “tyre” has formed and then it has to squeeze through the tyre to get into the rest of the stomach and dispersed to various areas of the body.  Hence you feel full for longer and can’t eat as much because there is a line-up of food waiting to get through the smaller hole!!!  In my case….the hole needs to be a bit smaller so I feel fuller!  So I will be lining up at the bowser again on the 16th!  I accompany this explanation with my forefinger and thumb together to make a hole shape and then make the hole smaller as I explain the fill……..simple!! 🙂

So there you have it……I hope the other girls can add bits and pieces for you and click on their blog links on the right and have a read of their’s as well……it all helps get an understanding.

Oh, and S……… the farking book!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



19 thoughts on “For “Eddie’s Mum”…

  1. Hey Nola, how much fill do you have in your band? Ha ha ha ha ha ha….I read the wrong post didn’t I? Twit that I am!

    Got it now, thanks very much…lol.

    Did you read my latest post tonight? I ate, I ate, I ate. I feel fantastic.

    I love your blog, you are so good with the explaining, I really enjoy reading it and I have referred you [no, thats fine, you don’t need to thank me] to plenty of prebandits in my home town.

    Looking forward to hearing more this week,


  2. Dear Nola,
    It is your beloved tongue kissing Eddy here… mummy wants you to note that Eddy is spelt E.D.D.Y…. so get it right next time biatch!

    Mummy loved this post. She was going to ask you if after lap banding if your sex life was back to normal – she is kinda glad she didn’t go there now…. (phew)

    Thankyou for the tribute at the start to my Mummy’s work. She loves it and she rode me at the top of Mount Macedon this week – I performed like a star of course and my Mummy says she loves me more then Daddy now…. (hmmmmm as long as the food keeps coming I really don’t care who is on top of the picking order…)

    Mummy wants to say a very big thankyou for this post…. and yes, I might just buy her the book for Christmas… hell if I have to carry her on my back – less then 100 kilos MIGHT BE NICE… MUM – ARE YOU READING THIS??????????????????

    Mummy knows she needs this – she has all but given up. I mean – can she join weight watches for the 12th time and go un noticed – I already know she has used a few different names, hell she might use mine next…. eeeekkk it will be tarnished…

    So – I will buy mummy the farking book…….

    Thankyou again very much for answering all her questions. When you do reach goal – let me know when you are going to do the streak thing – I will let you ride apon my back down the main drag…

    Thankyou Nola for me very own post – I really feel blessed to know you. My Mum loves ya heaps and thanks you for your very kind support.

    Thinking of you and your kisses.

    Love always – Eddy (E.D.D.Y) Got it????


    Okay – now how does a hoof use a credit card to buy the book… hmmm might have to think about this one….

  3. Hi Nola – what a great post.
    That S sure had some great questions.

    I am not sure about that Eddy’s reply – gawd he sounds like a snooty horse…. with attitude like that – I would have sent him to the PAL factory…. (kidding………)

    Thanks for answering those questions for your friend – funny thing is I also had some questions that were rather similar. How funny is that!

    Think I might have to follow your advice to S and Eddy and order the book too.
    (or maybe I should wait till after christmas in case someone buys it for me….if he can work out how to type with hooves….)


  4. Hi Nola,

    great post. The Christmas dilema is gonna affect me this year. I had 9 round for sunday dinner last weekend and treated it like a Christmas dinner as we wouldn’t all be together again for a little while… I ate mine off of a tea plate. Everyone laughed and asked questions. It was great, however for the real Christmas dinner (you know the one that happens on the 25th Dec!! lol) We have got 2 members of the family who do not know about my banding…so it is gonna be difficult- and no I can’t tell them either. I think I will push food around a bigger plate and plead fullness through over picking before dinner and hope that is a satifactory answer!!

    One of my goals is to ride a horse – I never have, and I won’t be able to until I get quite a bit of weight off…Your S must have the biggest heart.


  5. EDDY my darling…..just between you and I……my sex life is better because I don’t have as many rolls getting in the way!! I can only see it getting better and better and better………*wink* Of course, if you were to ring me I would dump Ricky in a flash!!!!!
    And no……I can’t feel the port under my skin when “pressure” is applied….yet anyway 🙂
    To be honest……if I was having sex that was energetic enough to “flip” the port or anything like that, I would be racing around the bedroom giving myself high fives!!!!!! 🙂

  6. OMG OMG OMG OMG…The thought of you running naked through Burnie singing ANYTHING has got me in hysterics….thing is though I could see you doing it lol.

    Does poor Ricky know you have affections for a nutted stallion lol..

    xmas will be fine…just take it slow and chew the absolute crap out of anything you put in your mouth lol.

    Merry Christmas all

  7. heyyyyyyyyyyyy I wanna pic of you at goal running throu the streets of Burnie singing…..hehehehe had a real fit of the gigles trying to imgine you doing it!!

  8. NO NOLA NO!!!!! i have to keep living in tassie and working here……..after you run down the main street of Burnie I don’t know where i will go or do…lol

    ok ive thought about it….fark it i will join you in the naked run and carry the drinks and towels….love ya

  9. Your friend who takes care of mistreated horses is a hero both for caring enough to do the work she has chosen and for being willing to deal with the emotional stress of seeing the pain of these poor creatures. I admire her greatly.

    Running naked through the street at midnight when you reach your goal weight is a righteously wicked image. Hopefully it will be a warm evening when that occurs 🙂

  10. Great post, Nola! I have a comment about the blockage question…since I’ve had quite a few of those:
    (from taking larger bites and not chewing enough)

    Don’t know if it’s true for others, but when I have something stuck, I begin to make buckets of saliva in my mouth…like one does before vomiting. I’ve learned that it helps to spit that out repeatedly until the pain begins to lessen. Swallowing any liquid, even saliva, seems to make the pain much worse.

    If something is REALLY stuck…won’t move at all…I’ll eventually vomit it up. Otherwise, it will pass on through within 10 – 15 minutes.

    Sorry to be so graphic, but maybe it will help someone.

    Happy Holidays all!

  11. Hi PJ,

    yep Im with you…bucketloads of saliva sounds familiar lol. I also get thick mucus as well….ewwwwww.

    Fizzy cordial (which is usually a no no) is also good for helping dislodge stuck food. I also have a friend who drinks a whole glass of milk in one hit if he has something stuck as its heavy and dislodges whatever he has stuck at the time.

    You have to be graphic to help people understand the process…no pussyfooting around with a lapband and its processes lol

  12. oh Nola….I don’t make gravy…..that is horrible liquid for my arse….my arse is big enough as it is.

    have any other suggestions for what I should ask for Christmas?

    I would love to see you run naked down the streets! I think you are enticing me to get my fat arse down under!

  13. Hey Nola,

    Great explanation of everything, and I agree about the book. It’s really good and very informative.

    Christmas won’t be a problem for me because everyone I will be spending it with knows about my band. Basically I’ll be trying to enjoy a little of everything and I’ll just follow the rules – eat slowly, chew well and stop when I’m full. The thing for me is that just because it’s Christmas Day doesn’t mean that I’ll feel the need to overdo things. Because know I never feel like I have to eat and eat and I know there’ll always be another meal to come.

    As for blockages, I pretty much have the same thing happen as PJBlue so can’t add anything extra to what she said.


  14. Hi Nola,

    I’m told that as Christmas will be my first week with the band, I should put a very small selection of everything I like on the plate, then blast it through the blender all together. I can’t imagine enjoying something so bizarre – and the very thought of liquidised brussel sprouts makes me feel quite queasy. However, it looks as though I’ve got a lot of lessons to learn, so I’ll report back in a couple of weeks!

    I found the combination of good practical information and humour in this entry of yours fun to read – thanks.


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