Bloody Samsung…..!!!!

Of all the weekends for my camera to shit itself!! Piece of shit bastard $98.00 Samsung!!!!! This was the wedding of the century as far as photo opportunities go…..and my bloody camera stuffs up!!  It was taking “shakey” pictures and the flash croaked it…..I am sooooo disappointed!!!!!  I did get a couple of shots… at least you can get some idea of what it was like.  Unfortunately…the night ones are crap, but I will include a couple so you get the general idea.

It was a fantastic weekend.  Our room was amazing and very romantic!!  The wedding was one of the best I have ever been to…..the scenery was to die for.  Here we are on a cruise boat in the pristine world heritage area that is the West Coast of Tasmania….marvellous!!  Wow…what a day!!  It was pretty awful weather wise, but we were inside on the boat and then at the reception, so it didn’t seem to matter. The bride was gorgeous….and I mean gorgeous!!!!  She went with kind of a 40’s theme for the dress and the invites etc.  The invites felt and looked like a velvet wallpaper.  They had matching place cards, invites, and menus on the tables with black napkins with their names on them and “Forever” written under the names. The whole theme was in cream and black……very classy.

The invites etc…..doesn’t do them justice.  Those little diamente’ buckles were a beautiful touch and they had a large black ribbon around the cream and black cake (choc and white choc mud cake covered in chocolate shards) with a large matchiing diamente’ buckle on it.  Then, made from tin an N&T on top…their initials……


Our room was fabulous and split level.  We stayed where the reception was held.  Right up on the hill overlooking the whole of Strahan Harbour.  We got an early check-in…..we got into our room at 11.30am…..sweet!!!!  Just sat and drank in the view for ages……wonderful!!   

The view from our balcony ……..and a shot from the balcony back into the room…..





The bathroom is behind the wooden wall on the top level.  We crumbled up the free biscuits from the coffee supplies and threw them onto the balcony for the birds then sat back in those chairs and watched the birds come up and eat them all……..a relaxing way to while away an hour or so!

Me ready to go……………..That is actually all one top…not a jacket with something under it….hard to tell in this photo because of it being black. 



Us on the boat…..another flash failure!!

A photo of the boat…..I didn’t take this one….nicked it off a web site…..but this is the one we went on…..



Some scenery shots taken from the stern of boat……the back bit!!!  


In the top photo…… was supposed to show up the “stuff” poking out of the water that is the salmon farm ponds!! Well, that didn’t come out…..but hey, you can see the jetty thing!!! 


This is going up the Gordon River….it is heaps wider than I imagined it would be.  At the beginning of the river where it meets the harbour they cut the engines and that is when the bride came down from up in the private rooms on top of the boat.  She walked up the aisles between the seats to the front where the celebrant and groom etc were waiting…..perfect!!  For the first hour of the trip the groom and grooms men mingled with us on the bottom deck and drinks and nibbles were flowing non stop!  The water was like a mirror and so calm for the actual ceremony bit……very ying yang planets aligning type of thing!!




Some of the oldest trees on the planet are in there somewhere!!  Huon Pines mostly. 

Here comes the bride…….shitty photo…..beautiful bride………..the only one I managed to get that shows her flowers.  The men and the bridesmaids wore grey.  The girls had tulle sticking out around the tops and bottoms of their strapless dresses and also had the dark red roses…..very classy!!



Sarah Island.  The boat stopped here on way back also so that photos could be taken of wedding party with the convict ruins in the background.


Terrible quality photos…..but it gives you an idea of her beautiful dress!  Black detail…..the design is kind of the same as on the invites with glitter through it.  She had a lovely feather headpiece on that wrapped over the side of her head with a diamente’ clasp on it. 


Poor bride!!!…..that is a terrible photo of her face!!!!!  But…..I just wanted you to see the dress!!


So, all in all it was a fantastic weekend!!  We had a lovely leisurely breakfast at the bakery and sat out in the sunshine.  We really should make the effort to go away more often just for a night or a weekend.  It has been so long since we have done anything like that and we thoroughly enjoyed it!!  Now, I have to share this story with you……..and I know my Mum reads this…..but I am sure she will cope!! 🙂

On the way back home we were chatting away and Ricky said, “We have nothing to watch on a Sunday night anymore.”  We have been bits of Idol fans of late and have been settling in on a Sunday as it was our TV night.  So I said, “Well, seem as we have been so “loved up” this weekend *wink* *snicker* *wink*….. we should just take up where we left off in the hotel room.  What is it about hotel rooms that seems to “awaken” that “loved up” feeling?  Ricky, of course, thought that was a fabulous idea!!!  So, we have decided to change our Sunday evenings from a telly night to a SUS night!!!!   …..  Sexed up Sunday!!!!    lol, lol  We do tend to, how would you put it…..go through periods of drought due to tiredness and medication mainly!!!!  Then we “get our groove on” for a few weeks….then drought again… get the picture 🙂   So, we think if we try and stick to a SUS every week we could be onto something!!!!  I’m telling you girls….life certainly does not crash after 40……it gets better and “things” just seem to get more relaxed.  So, I’m thinking you should all work on having your own SUS or even a SUF or a SUM……hell, have a SUS SUM week!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  You only live once you know 🙂


22 thoughts on “Bloody Samsung…..!!!!

  1. Hello you ole horn bag, that bride looked beautiful! Thanks for sharing. The invites must of cost a fortune to cost, each of those little buckles cost $1.95 each. [i know prices because i owned a scrapbook shop for 5 years]. You can tell her from me that they were up there with the best ones i had seen. And i have seen many…

    Fred and I say the same thing every time we come back from a weekend away, we should do this more often. I love his company. and when we are away, there is nothing else we would rather be doing, then spending time together.

    I love your sus idea, we seem to gravitate to Tuesday’s for some reason. When i was at WIN television, i worked long hours for many years, but all the other state managers knew that i would NEVER stay late Tuesday. They all called me Tuesday….funny.

    I watched every minute of Idol, i do every year. This has been my favourite year and favourite winner, i am going to buy his [Wes] and Chrislyns albums as soon as they come out.

    Have a great week,

  2. Absolutly beautiful, the dress, the views, the hotel room, the boat, AND YOU…..You look stunning!!!! it is such a shame more pics didn’t turn out, I could have looked at them all day. you can see the difference in you Nola, you look great!!!

    How did you cope with food choices as you are not long after your first fill, I think I am a little affraid at the thought of eating in a restaurant for the first time after my first fill.

    I love the SUS idea, I guess we too are like you and most couples I would think, what with work, kids, other things seem to be more important, but we should make time for each other more often, as it is so worth it when we do.


  3. OMG… Nola you look great!! I mean, what a wonderful weekend and the bride was gorgeous and the boat and the dress all were beautiful, but girlfriend… you just out-shone them all. Ricky must have been so proud and what a way to end the weekend. SUS… I’ll bet you mum had a special day in her days, too. How do you think you and your sis came to be…

    Love the post despite the problems with the camera. Thanks for sharing…


  4. You’re looking quite sexy there my friend! Isn’t it fun? I used to absolutely hate having my picture taken…but now I don’t mind at all.
    Thanks for sharing.

  5. You look stunning!!! The bride is gorgeous, so loved her frock and the theme of the wedding. LOL I also enjoyed the crappy photos! It’s interesting to see other places/countries.

    And I had to grin at your SUS:-)

  6. It all looks lovely and you look fantastic. I also love the SUS idea. ONly the other day I said to hubby – “I want to have an affair – with you!” He agreed it would be great, thankfully. Just quietly, I’ve found sex is sooooo much better since losing 16 kg – stomach deosn’t get in the way, if you know what I mean… of dear, TMI!!!

  7. You looked fabulous girl! And so did the bride, looked like a lovely weekend, despite the weather.

    Loving the idea of the SUS… fortunately I’m newly married, so droughts aren’t a problem for me… hehe. but good to keep in the back of my mind when the kiddies come along!!

  8. Hey Helen, whaddayamean her/my day? I am still having ‘my days’ (well shared days – hours – Oh allright then minutes) – Wrapping up as many memories before I hit dementia as possib le . Nola’s Mum

  9. Eewwww…..too much information Mum!!:) Well, not really…..but you know kids don’t like to think of their parents “doing it”…lol, lol You know what I always say to you and Dad………..ADVENTURE BEFORE DEMENTIA!! 🙂
    Oh….and by the way……don’t bother ringing us on a Sunday night from now on 🙂

  10. Poor Nola’s Mum – no phone calls on Sundays now…. I might just have to ring you instead….
    Loved this post Nola – you look fantastic! Bride not bad either – but you are glowing!!!! No wonder you want SUS ‘s…. (mental note to self – loose weight and it might happen a little more often… oh hang on… Christmas is coming right??? )

    Nice photos – even the crappy ones!

    Got to go – I ahve to get back to the drought…. (kids, horses, dogs etc etc etc….)


  11. wow nola you look fantastic in your photo, you can really notice the weight loss….. love the top.

    I will make sure dean and i do sunday nights as well so we don’t accidently ring you lol.

    hey mum you go girl, you might get to the stage when you can turn the egg timer upside down a second time hehe.

    love you all kaz

  12. You look so different….I have seen pics of the wedding on facebook and they all looked gorgeous.
    As usual, your quirky sense of humour has made us all smile, giggle, blush and basically just wet ourselves laughing…This is going to turn out to be one awesome book when you have finished it lol.
    Love ya lots

  13. We have stayed at that hotel!!!! I LOVED STRAHAN and wanted to move there immediatly!

    I love Tasmania and when we finally leave this dry hot desert home, that is where I’m moving to!

    The wedding looks beautiful, and you look beautiful!

    Wait until you get to your goal weight, then it will be SUE!


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