Under the tonne!!..

That’s right folks…….I’m hot, I’m fresh and I’m delicious!!  I got on and off the scales three times this morning because I couldn’t really believe it….but they still said “give us a farking break, fatty!!”  Nahhh….they said 99.8kgs.  Now, I know that is just under…..but I’m takin’ it and runnin’ with it baby!! The last time I can remember being under 100kgs was on my wedding day when I was 90 something.  We were married 17yrs ago!!!  So, you see, I am pretty bloody chuffed about that!  The 100kg mark is a big, big mental thing for me.  I have been so close so many times and then just when I think I might break it…….I put it back on for some reason.  I will never, ever be triple figures again…………..never!!!!!!

I found myself thinking my old thought patterns again today as well.  Each time I have been successful losing weight and a lot of it, it has been with the “help” of something.  That something might have been Jenny Craig, or WW or Xenecal or Herbalife or “speed” slimming tablets or shakes etc etc.  So, I always had this subconcious thought that…….yeah, wow……I have lost some weight……but it won’t last because when I stop this I will be free wheeling again and it is sure to come back on.  Guess what?….it always did!!  When I look back on everything I tried and the money I spent it makes me want to cry.  I felt so bloody good when the weight started to come off……..but then, well……you know…..the minute I stopped my latest craze and took my eye off the ball…..unless I was absolutely obsessing and living and breathing the diet of the moment……I would put the weight back on. 

So, I sort of had a quick check of my thoughts and then it struck me……this is forever!!!  I am not going to stop this diet…..hell, it’s not even a diet!  This is going to keep on keeping on like Berger bloody paints!!!!  There is no end, no big “OK, you can finish now and go back to how you were living before” sign.  Never again will I eat so much that I have to lay down and undo my trousers and can hardly breathe because I am so full.  This is a whole new lifestyle and it is one that I can keep doing forever……no ending it.  There was certainly a definite beginning…..but no end.  Wow…..this is a huge thought process to wrap your head around really.  Everything else I have tried has ended.  This will not………exciting, but a little daunting at the same time. 

I  can’t see myself a few sizes smaller just yet.  I know I have dropped a size already.  I brought a size smaller trousers only today………but it hasn’t sunk in yet.  It just doesn’t seem real for now.  I know it will and I intend to love every minute of it and the compliments are already starting to flow in.  But me??…a size 14???  I  can’t picture it.  Maybe I was that size for a short time in early highschool……but now in my late 40’s????  It is possible and it will most likely happen…….but I am doing my best just to come to terms with the fact I  brought trousers a size smaller than what I was wearing last month!!  Don’t get me wrong….I’m loving it 🙂  But I can see it will take my head a bit longer to catch up with the body after all this time.

What have I noticed this week??……… When I used to cross my legs I always tucked the foot of the “crossed” leg behind the table leg or the chair in front of me to stop it falling off the bottom leg.  Or I would hold the top leg with my hand. Know what I mean?  Now, I can cross my legs without the top leg gradually slipping off and back onto the floor again! 

Tomorrow, Ricky and I are off to Strahan, a beautiful little “fishing village” on the Wild West Coast of Tassie that has been placed on crack by the developers and has become very “touristy”….but still beautiful. It is about 3 hours drive from here. We are going to a wedding.  The ceremony is on one of the cruise boats there that does the Strahan Harbour and Gordon River tours.  Then the reception is in a motel right up on the hill overlooking the harbour and everything.  It should be really beautiful.  I hope the weather stays nice for them.  We are booked in to stay the night at the same place the reception is.  I am really looking forward to it……..even more so now I have lost a bit of weight and will feel more comfortable.  So, I will take lots of pictures for you and put some up on Sunday night when I get back.

Have a great weekend everyone!


19 thoughts on “Under the tonne!!..

  1. SO proud of you!!! Congratulations!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Under 100 is a fantastic achievement. I can’t wait to see the photos from the wedding! Have an awesome weekend :o)


  2. Oh Nola, if I didn’t know any better, I would accuse you of being my separated at birth identical twin.

    I was having such a flat day today and thinking about why I am not letting myself BELIEVE in my ability to maintain my weight loss once i have lost it….and here you come along and write a wonderfully inspiring blog that points out in real terms why this is different!!! Thank you Nola, of course this is different. I think a little part of my heart started to really believe while i was reading your post. I will just have to hang on to that feeling and try to grow it until I am filled with the confidence you are exhibiting.

    I must try to think about and record some NSV too. I can’t think of any right now, and i have lost 9kgs, so there must be some. I probably don’t notice anything, because i spend the majority of my day in a sarong. Fred calls it my uniform…lol.

    I am soooo happy for you Nola, under a 100 for the first time in 17 years is farking huge!!!!! Well done.

    Thanks for bloggin

  3. Celebrate! Celebrate! Dance to the music!

    Under one hundred. You keep this up, girlfriend, and you won’t be “haulin’ ass” (as they say in Oklahoma) anymore. You’ll be knockin’ ’em dead with you hornbag moves.

    You get an “atta boy, girl” from me today.


    (new puppy post up today…)

  4. Helen….HAULIN’ ASS!!!…. I love that 🙂 I am going to say that all the time now…..until you give me another great saying and then I might mix them up a bit 🙂 Fantastic…..I love learning new things from my blog friends!!

  5. Thanks for the offer! Australia is place dh and I want to visit very badly….one day we will get down there!

    Congrats on the never seeing triple digits! I have to do qucik conversions in my head for weight. I like the sound of kilos better than pounds. I like moon weight best of all though!

  6. woo hooo GO NOLA GO NOLA….I am so happy for you (and Im so close I can almost taste it lol).
    Have a great time at the wedding and give Nic my love…

  7. hey sis way to go, go nola go nola go nola nola nola, sing along now you know the tune sis!!

    i saw a baboon yesterday on the walk nola….nah only joking!!

    love you heaps kaz

  8. Nola,
    I’m so darn proud of you I could almost cry. I’m so happy for you and how well you are doing. Keep it up, keep up the good work and the positive attitude. You’re amazing.


  9. It is great to ready your blog. We have a lot in common except you are about 20 years younger and live in Australia. I am excited to see the movie that just came out. I know what you mean about being able to cross your legs. This is a life change for us. We can do it!

  10. Hi Nola,

    I have been like you in the past leading up to “The Day” (this is the day i finally decided I WANT THAT BAND FOR REAL!!) and have been reading every blog, (i think Im addicted now lol) i can get my hands on. Its been a great ride as I prepare myself and gather all the information i need(ed) but i have to say your blog rocks me like no other. You seem to put into words exactly what I’m thinking or feeling or even answer a question i have before I’ve even asked it. Amazing! Your’e amazing. Just wanted to let you know… now… gotta..get..pant pant…back to…reading …the …rest … of …your blog!!! Don’t want to miss a thing!! 🙂

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