Fill er up!

Well, things didn’t go quite as planned for my trip to Hobart.  My darling Aunty Rita died on Wednesday and her funeral was planned for Friday.  So, I had to make the Hobart trip a day trip and travel back after my fill.  My sister came with me and drove both ways…….go Kaz!!  I offered to drive, but I don’t think she trusted me! I am sorry to have missed out on the evening with the other girls, but they understood.  It was very sad losing my aunty but a blessing for her and her family also.  She had just been lying in the hospital since late October unable to talk or eat or move and mostly just sleeping and wasting away.  It was very sad to see and she would not have wanted to be like that.  She would have been 85yrs today………RIP Aunty Rita.

So, down and back in one day made for a very sore back on my part and a tad over-tired!  Same for Karen…..she has a dicky hip and bloody whinged and moaned about it the whole trip!!!  She said she was sick of it being all about me!!!!!!!!  Excooozze moiiii???? I couldn’t get a word in to tell her how bad I felt 🙂  Suffice to say we had a great trip and really do enjoy each other’s company.  The bloody baaberries sign had gone!  I was going to take a photo of it for you 😦  Oh well, we really had a good trip together…..Thelma and Louise eat your heart out!  I stayed at Karen’s that night to save travelling back over there for the funeral the next day.

We walked the dogs the morning of the funeral…….her dog Gloria, my dogs, and Mum and Dad with Alice.  We set out quite early in the morning and it was lovely with all of us together walking the foreshore.  Then dad spotted IT !!!!!  There was a seal perched up on the rocks!!  We all started walking quicker over the grass to get a closer look… didn’t move or try to get away when it saw us coming.  That’s because when we got closer we realised it was a bloody piece of driftwood!!!!  My God, it really, really, really looked like a seal !!!  Now, I have been forced to tell you this seal story because of the “fake snake” incident:)   We laughed and laughed……..a fake snake and a fake seal in one week is tooooo much!!  I am starting to worry about my family!!  The one time I didn’t have my phone or a camera too……so I could prove to you how REAL it looked!!!

On the morning of the funeral I was looking through my comments while Karen was in the shower. Would you believe, Scrummybits husband did a cartoon of the fake snake incident!!  I laughed and laughed and screamed at Karen to come have a look. I thought that was so nice….fancy someone on the other side of the world getting her husband to do a cartoon for me!! I love this blogging business!!!  So many funny, great friends to be made.  So thank you very much, Dawn… made a very bleak, sad day brighter for us……you’re the best 🙂  and thanks Mr Scrummybits!! You are very talented….it looks just like her!!…although you forgot to put the big gap in her teeth:)

snakeblat  How good is that!!???  Karen said to say that she doesn’t have a dress like that!! lol

Now……THE FILL.   Karen came into Dr Dreamy’s office with me.  I told him she was a nurse, so wouldn’t faint if she saw the needle.  He got his “demo” band out of his drawer and showed Karen.  He even put the needle into it and pushed some saline into the band to show her how it worked and the principle of the thing. Chatted for a bit and asked me how I had been going and such things. He is the nicest person!!!! I just can’t begin to tell you how good he is!! He even let us take photos!!  He was laughing and asking if I got his best side etc……..that man rocks!!  Anyhoooo….up on the table and he got me to do like a half sit up.  I kept my hands over my eyes while the needle went in.  I am like an ostrich in that respect…..if I can’t see it then it doesn’t hurt!! I am the same when I give blood…as long as I don’t look it is all good!  Once it was in I had a look.  Karen took a photo and he said, “Get the bubbles going up”…..he kept pulling bubbles up so she could get a shot……farking hell……ummmmm hello???….fark the bubbles….I’m trying to hold a “half sit-up” position here and it isn’t easy!!!!!!!  Trying not to laugh while he was looking for the port was hard too with bloody Karen bouncing around like the  papparrazzi !!!  She wanted to stand on the scales and take a photo of her stomach and weight and say it was me and then for me to post it on here and say, “Farking hell…..look what I am down to already!!”……..Somehow I don’t think you lot would fall for that one????  But Karen and Dr Dreamy thought it was hilarious!!! 

Here is the fill going in…….



I am soooooo brave!!!!  I honestly didn’t feel a thing….just a bit of pressure when the needle first went in.  Thanks Dr Dreamy for allowing this world exclusive shot of my gut with a needle poking out of it…..much appreciated 🙂  My bloody camera was playing up too… only about every third shot the flash worked and the rest didn’t come out!  Still, I got a couple….so happy about that:)  Day two now since the fill and I am eating relatively small amounts of just about anything.  I had chicken(half a leg) and salad tonight, a chicken enchilada thingy(about one third of that) for tea last night…..a few nachos for lunch yesterday etc etc.  I can tell already that I will need a bit more.  He wants me to come back in a fortnight.  He figures the quicker you can get yourself to the satiated state the better…..why wait.  I totally agree with him!!………….but of course I would …. being his number one stalker and all.  He “growled” at me because everyone in xray is calling him Dr Dreamy!!!!  Ria, one of the girls that was banded on the same day as me, and coincidently works in the xray department, I suspect is responsible for this!!!!!  I told him, “Hey…it’s better than getting called Dr Stinky!!!”

As I said, the camera was playing up something chronic….but I did manage to get a photo of Dr Dreamy for you……actually TWO photos!! Well, the only two that came out anyway! A bit blurred…but hey, it makes him look more mysterious:)  You are a good sport Dr Dreamy and you do a wonderful job. I admire how you stay so cheerful and always compassionate and interested with the terribly long days and weeks you put in…….thanks again!!



Maybe it’s just me??……….but there is something hot about a man that can look that good  with a model stomach propped behind him!! 🙂   Lol, lol…….  give my best to your wife and children…..*sigh*


15 thoughts on “Fill er up!

  1. Hello you ole hornbag, nice to hear from you again. Sorry about your Aunt, but as you said, since October, she was probably ready…

    My first fill is in under two weeks now, and you know you are my yardstick, so thank god! it didn’t hurt. Love the photos, and by the bloody way, your stomach does not look obese at all…looks quite fine indeed. I will take a photo of my fill as well to show you the difference. I don’t know if it was because the flash wasn’t working properly, but you look like you ahve been sunning your midsection!

    Dr Dreamy is indeed dreamy. Oh my God! I might make sure I am in your neck of the woods when i need a fill urgently…lol.

    Seeya lata illigata

  2. Tracey…the flash wasn’t working properly….my stomach has not seen a sunbeam since I was 2yrs old and is white as white!! I have my photographer to thank for taking it at a flattering angle I think 🙂

  3. So Sorry to hear about your Auntie! I’m with you, I don’t like to see someone suffer.

    It looks as if you are doing well with your lapband thingy. Hang in there. And good luck!

    You could look at the seal thing as if you were looking at clouds. You see whatever your imagination reveals.

  4. So sorry to hear about your Auntie, but it sounds like it was past her time. Now she is in a better place, but no matter how, logically, you understand that, it is still hard when it does happen.

    Sorry you had to cut your fill short. You and the girls will have to set another play date. And you are going to have every Tasmaniac that needs banding flooding to Dr. Dreamy’s office… what eyes… a bit of a twinkle in them, too. I hope you and the other Tassie’s don’t get offended when I call you Tasmaniacs. It is intended in the kindest, most affectionate way. Kind of like hornbags…

    Great post. Thanks.


  5. Sorry to hear about your Aunt, and know what it is like watching someone just hanging on and not having a life, mum was like that, was such a blessing when she did go. And love the pics 🙂

  6. Condolences on the loss of your Aunty.
    The cartoon is very funny!
    Your stomach…. is cute! Well what else can I say, mine was a thousand times worse than yours! But not white! I get mine in the sun fat or not!
    Have a great day chick.

  7. Hiya,

    condolences to you and your family. I’m glad the cartoon helped to bring a smile for a moment or two. xx

    I can see now why you call him Mr Dreamy…ummmm!

    good luck with your fill – and your second one!


  8. FARK!!! he is dreamy…I really did get the mad scientist looking one lol…We did really miss you on Thursday night but of course we understood…there will be other nights for us, you needed to be with your family. I wont drivel too much cos we have already spoken on the phone. So proud of ya girl…
    Love Margie

  9. Sorry to hear about your Aunty. May she RIP!

    I have to say, my Surgeon is pretty dreamy as well… he can stick his needle in me any day!!! hehehe

    Go the hunky surgeons! It almost makes exposing your stomach bareable!


  10. Hey, you old hornbag…Australia post just delivered a present for me from you. I thought the only nut in Tassie was in Stanley, obviously not!

    They are absolutely beautiful! I love them! It is so nice to receive a present for me from the postman for a change.

    If anyone is wondering, I wrote a post a while back about my body shape resembling a Babushk doll. Here is the link if you are interested.

    So, what does Nola do? She goes out and buys a beautiful set of Babushka dolls to represent me downsizing my body!

    Nola, you are an amazing blog buddy thats for sure. I can not WAIT until I meet you.

    Thank you so much for your friendship, I hope you understand how much it means to me.

    Tracey [or otherwise known as “Babushka”]

  11. Very sorry to hear about your Aunt Rita,mu thoughts to you and your family. Nola.

    You really crack me up, I’m jealous while my Dr is a bit of a dish, his bedside manner leaves a lot to be desired – he’s dead from the neck up!! lol

  12. Tracey….you are very welcome!! I just couldn’t resist her…and so appropriate after your post. Since your tea shop post you wouldn’t believe the dinky tea related things I notice now too!! Funny how you don’t notice these things until you know someone that collects them or has an interest in that area…….or thinks they look like one! 🙂

  13. Sorry to hear about your aunty. I hope you and yours are all doing okay.

    Sounds like you had a fab time with your sister. And I LOVE the cartoon. That’s just a riot! Wish you’d had a camera though to photograph that seal! LOL.

    Glad to hear your fill went okay.

    I love your posts. I feel like I’m talking to you when I read them! Thanks for sharing your life.


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