Yellow Wine…..

Doing well this week…….except when I weighed in this morning.  400gms………..excuuussseee moi??!! I was devastated to be honest.  400 measley, bloody, rotten grams!!!! Farking hell……….why, oh why after all I have “suffered”! Bastard scales…they must be wrong. I considered filling the sink up and drowning myself or sticking my head up my Tuscon’s exhaust pipe, or sitting in the bath with a blunt razor blade! But I got over that because my head wouldn’t fit in the sink, the neighbours would see me at the Tucson and we don’t have a farking bath!!!! Funnily enough, this is the first week I have actually felt like I have lost weight.  I had a try on session of some trousers and things I had folded away for a couple of years, some with the tags still on them, and all of them now fit except for two!!! I was stoked with that!!  They are 18’s and one pair is not the “big shop” 18 either!!  Oh well, I am over it now.  A loss is a loss and as long as I am going down I should be happy! ……………. but, I still might sulk for a while 🙂 

I have been buying gorgeous little plates and cake forks and bits and pieces.  I love setting up my cup size meals onto these and it helps with the “head” stuff as well.  I drink my vitatmin each morning out of a wine glass.  It actually looks like I am having a nice glass of urine from a very dehydrated person… lol  But, for some reason, it tastes so much better when drunk from a wine glass…..and a crystal one at that!

Aside from being disappointed with this weeks loss I have been quite happy with how it is all going. I am feeling more comfortable.  Something I have noticed this week, is the bit where I plug my seatbelt in, doesn’t dig into my bum anymore!!  Yes, I know….that’s a biggie!!!!  It just kind of dawned on me this morning….like, I twigged I wasn’t shuffling my humungous arse to the right to get the bloody belt plugged in and then staying there so it didn’t dig in!!  I have also noticed that the two times I felt I may have eaten too much I got shoulder pain.  One night I shovelled too many mashed vegetables into my gob too quickly and almost straight away my shoulder started panging.  I thought it may have been co-incidence….so I tested the theory a couple of nights later 🙂  Yep….got shoulder pain again.  Maybe that is going to be one of my “signs”…….does anyone else experience this?

I am so close to 100kgs I can smell it!!!  I would just love to weigh less than my husband for the first time in 17yrs of marriage!!  Now that would be something!!  I would love to think he might have half a chance of hauling me out of a gutter or something if I collapsed. I would like him to make a bigger dent in the bed than me!! I want to walk along the beach with him and see that his shadow on the sand is wider than my shadow!! I want to hang the washing out and my trousers be smaller than his trousers. Simple things….but they will mean a heap to me when they happen!! It will just be nice to get to the size where I can get into my husband’s pants 🙂  Speaking of which……………………………….

Did I mention now everything has healed I seem to be wanting to be more “active” and have much more “energy”……………:)

Here’s a picture that just tickled my funny bone!!……



21 thoughts on “Yellow Wine…..

  1. That’s half a kilo love…if you lose half a kilo a week for a year, thats 26 kilos. OMG, that is huge!

    But I know what you mean, how can we possible only lose that small amount of weight after eating like POW’s for an entire week?

    I hear you on the “active” call. We had a very similar conversation in our house today. I think it will be sooner rather than later and could possibly involve the pool, so their is even weight distribution….know what i mean?

    Anyway, nice to hear from you, you old hornbag,

  2. lalala lalala lalala she sings with fingers in the ears hehehe….

    Go girl go!!!!

    and like you told me before…any loss is a good loss and a loss after all….you look amazing

  3. Those dreaded bloody scales! I was told that to get a true pictue of our weight loss we should take the average over a month! Cos us women are retaining/loosing water all the time.

    What I wish for? To be able to cross my legs without feeling that my stomach is pushing my boobs either side of my face!

    I’m waiting for my scars to heal so I can go swimming, but I am walking every day for at least 40mins…not fast, but getting faster.

    A loss is a loss, not matter how small and like those mouthfulls of food we used to eat, those calories, those kgs eventually add up to a big amount.

    Keep going as I know you will


  4. I agree Dawn…my scales havent moved much in the last month or two BUT my body shape has changed heaps so maybe my fat is just denser than normal lol…makes ya think tho lol.

  5. The scales aren’t the be all and end all – I reckon the seat belt thing is a better milestone – yay for you! Your headed in the right direction, enjoy it!

  6. It is better to track the inches you have lost instead of the pounds. Or kilos as you say. I’m American, we still use pounds and inches. Hope you understand. A pound can mean a lot in inches, so try tracking that.

    Loved the witness protection plan!!

    Hang in there, losing it slow is a good thing.

  7. Hi Nola

    Love the goals you’ve got for getting lighter than your OH! I had a similar goal – but the old B#^%^ decided HE would lose weight too!! Moving the goal posts is totally unfair! Congratulations on the Non Scale Victories – after all, they will make a much bigger difference in our lives than any number on a scale could ever do!

  8. Nola!

    1lb is a good loss and is going in the right direction, I bet you have lost in inches, as you said yourself about the seatbelt.

    I sooooo can’t wait untill I weigh less than my husband to make those active, energetic moments a little easier!!!

    Love the pic did make me chuckle!!!


  9. Hey Girl – if you can get the seat belt around you without getting your butt pinched, I’d say that’s making progress. And your clothes getting smaller… mmmhhhmmmm. I want you to go take a picture for your pictures site with you and your husband’s shadow once a month and compare the shadows…. I’ll bet you’ll be smaller than him in no time. Did you know I freakin’ am a flamingo lover!! That is a great photo.


  10. Did you take your mesurements before you went in?

    I know its hard and frustrating when we dont see the magic numbers we expect, your going great guns though, I hope I do as as well as you!

  11. The non-scale victories are great – fitting into size 18 etc. Hate those scales but I’m addicted!! Always have been. I remember coming home from school dances and weighing myself after midnight to see how much I’d lost disco-ing the night away!! Sad eh!

    Re Bridget Jones Diary – if you’re going to do it right you have to hire out/buy the double, Bridget Jones 2 the edge of reason is one of the better sequels around – kicking back and watching both movies is my ultimate indulgence afternoon (apart from luxury resort, champagne, man etc indulgence afternoon – funny how the DVD is easier and more affordable most times!!)

  12. Thanks for checking out my blog…(A Three Dog Life). I’m so glad to have found you, or more accurately, to have been found by you. Your blog is already on my Favorites.

    And, wonderful similarity, …I am also a lap-bander. I’m approaching my one year anniversary, and have shed 86 pounds…four or five sizes. (See my post: “I’ve Lost an Olsen Twin”)

    I’ve had a few frightening moments…(never, ever, eat cooked broccoli shortly after a fill)…but still say it was the best decision of my life. I don’t even mind the sagging body parts. My son recently said, “Mom, why don’t we all get our eyebrows pierced for Christmas?” I responded, “No, I think I’ll get a nipple pierced so I can have something shiny dangling between my knees.”

    Peace to you!

  13. Awww, it’s so disappointing when you lose less than expected 😦 But you’ve lost so much in just a few weeks… your body is probably just trying to adjust!

    I love your blog, Nola… you are so funny. Keep up the great work, and keep writing!

    Have a great week 🙂


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