Well….what have I noticed this week?  My dressing gown wraps around me further, I did my watch up on the next hole on the band, I caught my reflection in the glass door and actually had a 2nd look instead of looking down…..first time I have noticed a bit of a difference in myself!  My work trousers are loose in the tops of the legs and are starting to get a bit “clowny” and the trackpants are getting baggy.  Still not ready to race out and buy new ones… I am going to dig out a couple of pairs of “dress” trousers that I hid away because they were too tight and try them on.  If they fit I will start wearing them to work for a while and see how I go.  I have lost 6kgs in three weeks which was Friday.  To be honest, I was a bit disappointed and wanted it to be more!!  Then I thought……Nola, you stupid cow… would have taken you 6 months or more to lose anywhere near that before banding!!!  6kgs in three weeks…… happy, be very bloody happy!!!!  So, now I have set my sights at 1kg minimum a week for the first 6 weeks until I go back to Dr Dreamy on the 20th of this month for my first fill…….that seems reasonable and realistic to me!!

I have been reading other’s blogs.  Two of my favourites are from the UK. They have both been banded in the last week.  I was reading away in one of the blogs and noticed they only have to do three days of fluids! Here we are in Tassie anyway, and we have to have fluids for the first two weeks!  I just can’t understand why there is such a big difference between, not just states here in Aus, but in other countries as well? To have fluids for the first two weeks makes sense to me because, as Dr Dreamy explained, there are little stitches holding the band in place and they need time to heal.  By having fluids and then mushie food for the first 4 weeks it stops you eating anything that might put strain on the stitches or stretching the little pouch that it is forming. I would just be too scared not to do that…..I am totally paranoid about damaging the band in it’s new initial stages!  But, if like the other girls and Iwasn’t told this….then yes….I would have eaten a few bits and pieces! I wonder why they are all so different!  Then I hear of other ladies that have been told to have fluids for that long and they go and eat solid food anyway!!  Why bother being banded if you are not going to do what you are told?  Maybe you are not ready for the band if you can’t follow instructions? There is no way I would jepardise my band and health after going through an operation and everything that follows on from that!!  The band is a tool and I firmly believe that 80% of making it work is up to you and your “head” talk.  I am getting hungry now……quite hungry the last two days.  I am still on mushies for another week…..and then two more weeks of the “casserole consistency” stage.  There is no way I am going to “test” the theory that I could eat more!  Even though I know others have and still others are told to eat “normal” food by their surgeons……I am going to do what Dr Dreamy told me to do.  His reasons make perfect sense to me and I know that resisting the more substantial food is all up to me and my “head”.  At the moment my “head” is feeling pretty strong!

Found this when I was blog surfing……thought it was interesting and explains something I didn’t realise.  I didn’t know about the stretch receptors….I just thought because it was smaller, you felt full.

Lap Bands make your stomach much, much, much smaller. Typically, your stomach holds about one liter of food though it can be distended to hold up to four liters – close to a gallon! At the top of your stomach are stretch receptors and when they are stretched, they signal your brain that you’re full. With the Lap Band, you’ll be eating about six to eight ounces of food per meal. Because your stomach is so tiny now, those stretch receptors will be activated quickly, and you’ll feel satisfied with a far smaller amount of food than you would have before the Lap Band.

Took Molly the cat to the vet’s yesterday morning.  She has bald spots on her tummy again!!  All red and inflamed and she was licking like crazy at it.  The last time she got bald spots was when we went away for 4 days.  Molly and Flo are getting elderly now…both are 14yrs.  She was also due for her yearly injection and was “squinting” her left eye….like she was in for an infection in the eye or something.  Honestly, between the two cats and the two dogs I think they should introduce frequent flyer points at the vet!!!  Anyhow, the eye ended up being that she had scratched the bottom lid somehow… got ointment for that.  She had a needle for the stress spots.  Stress……what the hell has that cat got to stress about!!!!!  The vet said as they get older they tend to get it more often and she will probably throw a stress spot attack every 6 months or so!! So now Molly is blissing out on her “pussy valium” and sleeping off the trauma of her awful, terrible mother taking her to that place! She also had her yearly injection while we were at it……….$78.00 later…..thanks for coming…sucker 🙂  On a bright note, he did say her teeth are fantastic for her age.  Of course they are!!!!!!!!  They are the only bloody thing on her that gets any exercise!!!

A picture of Molly “fat guts” for you!!



18 thoughts on “Interesting……

  1. 6k’s in three weeks is fantastic! It does seem odd how the countries differ with follow up instructions. Makes sense to follow what your Dr Dreamy has told you. Interesting and exciting hearing the weekly differences, being around the same weight for ages I’ve forgotten what a “buzz” this would feel!!!

  2. Hello there Nola, my first fill is the day before you on the 19th, our journey is so similar it is scary sometimes.

    My surgeon and dietician have me on clear fluids for 4 days post surgery, then anything you can drink through a straw until the 19th, the day of my fill. From then on it will be soft food, “mushies” for another few weeks, so slowly slowy we go.

    I am feeling fantastic, went to the local markets this morning and walked around for a couple of hours, saw every many and his dog as usual, I live in a small town, so that is situation normal for us.

    Pussy valium sounds like a treatment you would be offered in a “cat house” if you get my drift…lol maybe you should put a patent on it? ha ha ha

    I had my new dog Bosley at the vet this week, i thought he had heartworm, coughing all the time like he couldn’t clear his throat…turns out he has eaten some very strange things in his lifetime and has some pretty serious scarring issues, hence the clear the throat all the time. Oh well, we live and learn, don’t we?

    Keep on smilin you ole hornbag,

  3. wowwwwwww 6 kilo’s in 6 weeks….thats awesome!!! I must get my cousin to read your blog next time I see her as she had lapbanding about 6 weeks back and is complaining that she is not losing weight fast enough. Thou according to my mum, she hasn’t followed Drs instructions…mmmmmmmm like you I would be too scared not too…
    keep smiling,
    Jen xx

  4. Jen…it is 6kgs in THREE weeks!!! I have been walking every day too…maybe your cousin just needs to start some exercise now to start things moving? But still…..if there is one thing I have learnt… is NOT to compare yourself to how others are doing too much. Everybody is sooooo different and looses weight at different rates etc. Some loose it really fast to start with and then slow right down, others not so fast but consistently……I will just be happy to keep losing!!

  5. Oh Nola you are doing so brilliantly. I’m so excited for you! Woohoo!

    Re the ‘cheating’, one of my mum’s friends has a lapband and she melts chocolate down and drinks it through a straw so she can eat it!! I’m with you… why put yourself through all that pain and $$ if you’re just going to cheat yourself out of seeing results?! But then again, why do all of us flush thousands of dollars down the drain signing up to Weight Watchers and all those other places expecting them to be a magical ‘cure’ that will enable us to lose weight without trying? I think you have a fantastic mindset: the band is a tool, not a magical cure, and if you cheat you’re not hurting anyone but yourself!

    Hope you have another great week!


    ps. Molly is a cutie!

  6. I hope you reach your goals – but don’t be too hard on yourself if you don’t keep doing 1 kg a week every week – the plateaus are a bit disheartening. Re the fluids post op – my doc only required 5 days of fluids and then two weeks of mushies. Sounds like it’s all going well. Mel

  7. Hi Nola,

    Fantastic… 6kg in 3 weeks. Brilliant!

    It is strange the different suggestions that the surgeons give for diets. Mine is liquids for the first 3 days, soft food from day 3 – 10 and then a more normal diet there after, (oh, and if you up chuck…go back a stage!) I has really confused me! Cos my surgeon says one thing and the internet says another. But I guess everyone is different. I shall follow the advice of my surgeon, but I am gonna extend the 3 -10 days on soft to 3 – 4 weeks. I don’t want to have my band slip before it’s even had a chance to ‘settle in’

    I also have 2 cats as well as 2 dogs. And they are getting old. Bonnie (my eldest cat) will reach the ripe old age of 19 in May, Taz is 14, and the dogs are Buster (the old man)- 12yrs and Willow(the puppy) – 4yrs. They all keep us on our toes!

    By the by… is your Dr really called Dr Dreamy or is that becasue he is dreamy? Mine is really called Mr Super…LOL

    take care


  8. Hiya Nola,
    It is so strange how treatment can differ so much, I am told by my Dr to have only liquids that would go through a straw for 2 weeks, then mushies for 2 weeks.I find it very odd as Dawn and I were at the same hospital as I found out this week, but we have diffrent surgeons as mine is called Mr Sigurdsson. And he was very clear on the liquid and mushie stage. I am NOT allowed meat, rice, bread or pasta until week 13. except minced meat I can have that week 3 with mushie stage. and like you I do not want to rush things, I havent gone through this to do something stupid and myself at risk, but I guess we trust our surgeons and we all should follow instruction.


  9. You go Girl!!! I think you are bing very smart to follow what Dr. Dreamy told you. Like was said, why spend all that money and then screw it up thinking you know better than the docs. Also, every doctor has their onw ideas about what is best for their patients, and some doctors are more conservative.

    Molly “fat guts” is beautiful. She doesn’t look that big in your phoyo.


  10. Well, it sounds to me like you are doing great! I know it has to be hard to resist, but you are doing a great job of hanging in there.
    We are all proud of you, for doing what is best for you!!

  11. Hi Nola,
    It is funny how much treatment differs – I’ve found it in the U.S. too. My doctor is having me do a week of liquid BEFORE surgery then 2 weeks of all liquid after, then 2 weeks of pureed food, then 2 weeks of mushies then I can eat anything. Some of the people at my doctor’s practice have to do 2 weeks of liquid before surgery – they say it’s to shrink your liver. I’ve scared myself into partially being on liquid this week and then next week I start full liquid. Ick. On the other hand, my friend from work had surgery at the end of October and she could eat right up until surgery, then only had a week of liquid after and is on pureed food for 2 weeks then 2 weeks of mushie. It’s so strange.

  12. Hi Nola,
    You are doing fantastically…Im so proud of you and 6 kilos is huge..well done.

    I totally agree with you when you say about people eating the wrong stuff when they are first banded…some of the stories I’ve heard make my stomach churn…unreal….they obviously have reasons other than weight loss for having the band…maybe its becoming a status symbol…who knows…crazy anyway…..

    Now….Molly….Stressed….ARE YOU FARKEN JOKING…where did the vet become a vet to make that assumption lol…Poor Molly girl….sending her hugs….oh and you too I suppose lol…

    Take care, chat soon.

  13. Nola congratulations on your fantastic weight loss and for following your Dr Dreamy’s rules.
    You have a beaut looking cat shame she is soooo stressed. lol. How does a cat get stressed. I must admit it gave me a giggle. The poor darling she is little puss puss:O)
    Take care
    Cheers Tina

  14. My mum and I had lunch with Nola today and its been nearly four weeks since I have seen her….FARK ME SWINGING….she looks fantastic and amazing and gorgeous and and and and …oh chit I’ve run out of words….you rock Nola!!!!!1

  15. Yes, I agree it’s funny how different Dr’s have different methods re the eating and I also don’t know how people can just dismiss what there told to do re the eating, it just seems a wasre of time going through all that to self sabotage.

    The weightloss is just fan-didly-tastic – well done!!

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