Dancing with the bras……..

You have heard me mention my friend Georgie before?….. well I have!  She is also my next door neighbour. She is 10yrs younger than me….but age means nothing when friendship is involved! I like to think I am her older, more mature, mentor kind of friend. One to whom she aspires to be one day and one whom allows her to worship me in a non kinky kind of way!!!  However, I’m pretty damn sure that’s not how she sees it!!!  ha, ha, ha!!!!!!!!!  It is the best friendship.  We live close, but not in each other’s pockets. She has her friends, I have mine and sometimes the two shall meet.  We walk most days together after work and vent to each other or just cackle for the whole walk.  She walks Harry and I walk Scarlett. Harry adores her and I think he secretly wishes he was her dog!! Georgie is on the fitness and weight loss trail as well and is doing a farking fantastic job too might I add!!  Anyhooooooo………………

Georgie says to me the last week, “they have Latin dancing classes starting up.  I went on Monday and it was great.  Bit of a workout, but fantastic fun.  You should come with me next week!”  I say, “That sounds great.  I love music and dancing. It would make a nice change to walking and I am just not into the gym.  I’ll be there.”  Quite simply……………… I was conned!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Farking hell………bit of a workout??? That is the most exercise in one go I have done since training at the Police Academy 20 odd years ago!!!!!!!  It was a good mixed class though. Oldies like me, inbetweenies, young ones…….about 16 people I think.  The dance teachers Mum was there.  She was called Maureen.  So, Maureen, Georgie and I kind of stood together and off we went!! ….. or did we just “go off'”?   I have to say I haven’t laughed so much in bloody ages.  That Latin stuff is harder than it looks. The full length mirrors freaked me out to start with but I got so busy trying to watch the teacher and laughing at George and Maureen that I forgot about them.  I might add that they were laughing at me too!!!!!  God, we had the sweat pouring out of us.  My face was bright red and I was pretty sure I should have rung the medics and had them on standby before class!  I kept stuffing up the steps and getting left behind………but so did everyone else, so it wasn’t so bad 🙂

We kept putting each other off our “moves” and cacking ourselves for the whole class.  We would push each other out of the way on the side moves.  I would look at Maureen and she would laugh and keep blocking my way so I had to get tough on her and say…..”Moooorreeeeennnnne!!!, stop trying to make me look bad you bitch!!”  George was the same on the other side……. I could tell she was sooooo jealous of my fluid moves!

I have to say, being that bit bigger than most I think I had an advantage.  Because in the shake your booty bits all the skinny girls had to work really hard and shake their bodies like a dog just out of the water……but not me…….I only had to shake it once and then the rest just kept shaking on it’s own!!!!!!  Like when you throw a stone in the water and the ripples fan out………that was me!! lol, lol  One good shake and a hip swing and off the rest of me went!  Although, I think I was more wobbling it than wriggling it!!!!!  I need to get some sports bras if I am going to keep up this caper too!!!!!  I mean, there I was just finished a “shakin’ it” bit of the dance and then you stomp and stand still……………but my tits were still throwing their own party 🙂  The “poke your chest out girls” bit……………no probs………I was there for that one!!  Ah well, I will never be in danger of breaking my nose if I fall, or drowning ….. not with these built in floaties 🙂

I am just able to move without wincing today.  But it is a good pain!  I found a Latin music CD I knew I had around here and have been playing that while I do the housework.  Georgie…..  hurry up and get home from work………I can’t remember what comes after the “stick your tits out and flip your leg back bit”!!!!  We sooooo need to get some practice in before next Monday!!!!  We are going to be stars I tell you,,,,STARS!!!!!!

What have I noticed weight wise this week??  Well, my jeans are heaps looser.  I can fit my mobile phone in the pocket now and forget it is there!!  Before it just squeezed in there and kept pinching me. I couldn’t put the phone and my car keys in there at the same time…..now I can!  My clothes are all getting comfortably loose and I have started wearing a couple of shirts to work that pulled at the front too much before.  You know, the old button strain and gap thing was going on with them.  I still feel really good and can’t believe that I did a Latin dance class three weeks out from surgery!!  I weigh in again on Friday…..I will post that in the Goddess Graph as usual. Getting excited because I can see the change starting to happen with my weight…….  

Bye for now Hornbags!!


23 thoughts on “Dancing with the bras……..

  1. God you crack me up woman…I can see you and George getting it on at latin dancing lol…
    Keep up the fantastic work.

  2. I just cannot get used to being called a hornbag. I know you said it’s a good thing and all, but I keep imagining this thing with horns sticking out.
    The more weight you lose the harder you’re gonna have to shake to keep up. I guess that can be a good thing.
    You’re still cracking me up!!
    Keep up the good work and the next thing you know you’ll be walking around with your hands stuffed in your pockets along with the phone and keys. Saying, “Look at me, look at me”!

  3. Okay… I think I’m composed now. i was laughing so hard I was crying and trying to keep from peeing my pants… I needed a laugh like that today. My brother and my roommate were looking at me like I’d lost my freaking mind and I was trying to read your blog to them and I finally told them that I’d just send them the link so they could read it because everytime I’d start reading, I’d get to laughing so hard I was crying. Lord, girl you ought to do stand up comedy… I told my Bro that if we ever win the lottery I’m going to Tasmania to me this Tasmaniac.

    Thank you so much for sharing your hilarious story-telling ability.


  4. Nola Nola Nola, your blog is the highlight of my day !!!
    You are too funny!
    Love that you are doing so well, and spirits are high,Fantasic xxxxxxxxx

  5. oh my god nola, you even crack your own sister up, you are so good at writing you sooooo take after mum.

    I’ve been trying to talk dean into doing something like that for ages, i think he is finally coming around.

    love you heaps ……..wriggle it just a little bit…oh wriggle it just a little bit…….eat your heart out beyonce!!!

    dean says go girl go you are an inspiration and i want to wobble it like you do at latin dancing, but i will stick to doing at golf i think

  6. That is brilliant…you need to video your classes Nola…in the meantime I’ve got a pretty graphic visual in my mind…!!!

    Bit of a tip till you manage to find a decent sports bra…double bag the girls…that’s what I did at the gym because I couldn’t get a decent sports bra made in the humungous size range…and double bagging works quite well. xxx

  7. I can’t believe you did Latin dancing three weeks out from surgery either! You wouldn’t have if I had been there! Are you sure you are supposed to? What happens if you put too much strain on that rubber band or whatever it is?

    Honestly you are going to give your mother a heart attack!

    I’m going to have a bex and a good lie down – make that a Gin and bitters, some chocolate, a book (laced with crime and improbable sex scenes!) and a good lie down.

    Marijke (I’m sure your mother would like you called by your proper name) I always thought double bagging was what a horse had – a bag at the front end for eating and a bag at the other end for – well, getting rid of the eating

  8. I think you’re brave to go to a dance class like that. Also very cool that you enjoyed it. Re. the aquatic benefit of the extra poundage: I too am literally unable to drown. Well, I guess if the waves pulled me under that’s not true, but . . .

    An honest aside, though: When I was at goal weight (April 2003), I continued to be highly buoyant.

    Honest conclusion: 0 benefit to the extra flab. (at least for me)

    Congratulations on your continuing success.

  9. Hi Nola,

    My husband finally showed me how to access your Blog… I am looking forward to reading your story. I was a little unwell yesterday… day 2 post op. But today I feel great again.

    I love to dance and will go back to Salsa when I am a little thinner.

    take care


  10. Isn’t it fantastic the new doors that are opening up for us now we have finally taken the plunge?!. You know I was watching The Great Race the other night and even thought that one day I could do some of the incredible things those people do – and now here you are Salsa-ing!
    So glad you didn’t do something boring like gym – although I have a feeling your tits would still have been partying even on a treadmill LOL!!

  11. Hey Nola!

    So glad you are trying the latin dance classes – how much fun are they!!!! I have definitely noticed more improvement in myself over the last few weeks, and more energy to keep up with the young girls. I still leave the class feeling soaking wet, but that has to be a good thing (pity about the sweaty smell – I’ll have to use more rexona).



  12. OH Nola I wish I had been a fly on the wall with a movie camera to record it all for prosperity….

    what a laugh, so good to hear you doing so brilliantly….

    take care mate


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