Snappy then Smiley…

Well, I had it thrown at me this weekend!  Friday we headed over to my sister’s house so Ricky could help her husband build a fence. Friday was the BIL’s birthday. For tea that night the boys got fed a mixed grill affair after a hard afternoon’s yakka on the fence till dark.  BIL’s daughter had made a chocolate log with cream and a birthday cake. I didn’t find any of this a problem and had my little bowl of mash. I have always been able to resist sweet things…….mostly……unless it’s cheesecake……or caramel mushroom tarts……or trifle……or my Aunty Audry’s pavlova!!! Oh, anyhow!!!!……chocolate log isn’t one of them and neither is birthday cake……so I did OK!!!!  The next day they were up and at it again early.  Karen & I walked the dogs with my Mum and her dog. Then we drove over to Macca’s and brought the boys breakfast (they requested we get this for them). This is where the snappy started 🙂  I love Macca’s egg and bacon muffins!!  The boys had two of these each and two hash browns.  Karen had one new one with avocado & bacon.  I had one small strawberry low fat yoghurt smoothie……. *sigh*  I wasn’t hungry…..let’s get this straight…..I wasn’t hungry!! But I wanted to have a muffin with the avocado…… I love avocado!! So, for a while there I wanted to sulk!!!  I didn’t and I went and did something else while they were sitting on the outdoor furniture chowing down……but I was tempted!!  Maybe I was a bit tired too. Sleeping in a strange bed and getting up at 5.30am will do that to me!!  I always find life’s little challenges that bit harder to bear when I am tired. And you know what?!…….pre band I would have eaten what the fellas ate!!  Yep, no bullshit!!….I would have had two egg and bacon muffins and probably have eaten them in a record time of 10 minutes!!!  I would also have had a large chai latte or cappuccinno to wash it down! To think I was “stomach” satisfied on a small smoothie is farking unbelievable!!!  These first few weeks are all about the head people…….all about the head!!

The house next door to my sister is on the market. So the two of us went over next door for the open home they had that morning.  I wanted that house!!!!  Wahhhhhhhhhhh  So then I threw a wobbly about the fact I wanted to live in the same town as my family and how I wanted that house. Well, not neccessarily that house, but it became my campaign symbol if you know what I mean!! 🙂  So, over coffee with Karen I actually produced tears and became a total sadsack about the whole thing! What was going on today!!!  I just couldn’t shake the sads!!  It was a beautiful sunny hot day and I was being a sad cow!!!  Anyway, I got over that and we washed and cleaned out our cars.  I recommend physical activity to lift a mood. It really, really does……

Then I decided to visit my Aunty Rita who is still in hospital after having a stroke the week before my lapband surgery and then a heart attack a week later and is just plain not good!!!  She is 84yrs and the oldest sibling of my Dad. She is paralyised down the right side, can’t eat, can’t speak and it is just plain heartbreaking seeing her like this…….she wouldn’t want it.  Anyhow, she was laying there and was awake and seemed quite alert.  I pulled the chair over and held her hand.  Normally there has been other family there with her when I have visited previously, but this time I had arrived around lunchtime and there was nobody there. Well, I burst into tears again!!!!!! I told her I was sorry but I just hated seeing her sick like this and that I loved her.  She squeezed my hand and tried to speak!! Sad, sad stuff……. but I was pleased I got to have some alone time with her as she is my favourite aunty and going to her home town of Latrobe and not calling into Aunty Rita’s house…….well, it just won’t be the same.  The end of an era.  She is the kindest person and the funniest!!  She swears like a trouper which is hilarious coming from the mouth of an old tart like her!! Her house is always filled with the smells of homemade relish or sauce or shin soup and she makes roast dinners that would push a heart specialist over the edge with all the dripping she uses!!!  lol If you wanted anyone to know something quickly….just ring and tell Aunty Rita……you could back it in the rest of the family/town would be informed in record time!    She mixes up her words….. that is hilarious!!  Like, she loves an egg samich with a bit of maizonaize on it.  One day she was telling me how she had really bad “information” running down her leg!!!  She meant inflamation 🙂  We take off some of the words she gets mixed up and then I can’t remember what the proper way to say it is!!  So, to see her like this……. well, you can imagine…..

Anyhow, I went back to Karen’s because Mum and Dad were coming up to join us all in a barbie lunch.  Right then….. the smell was divine!!  I wasn’t hungry once again…. but the smell of the snags and steaks and onion sizzling away in the sunshine……. fark me!!!!!  I sat there and had my poached egg on a spoonful of pate’ and joined in the conversation.  I actually made myself two poached eggs but I think I got carried away by the moment.  I just couldn’t have eaten that 2nd egg!!!  Harry loved it 🙂 Pre band…….I would have just kept eating because it was there!  I would have had a bit of steak, two slices of bread, onion, a couple of sausages…..bit of a rest…..then probably had some bacon as well…….then picked at other stuff.  Amazing!!!  I was sitting there thinking how I used to eat at these things and visualising what I was like…..I was in total denial.  I love bread with real butter too and probably would have finished up with a slice of that!!  Not to mention a glass or two of fizzy drink or cordial.  Wow….this really rammed it home as to why I am now considered morbibly obese!!  But I sat there with my egg…… and I felt like I had just eaten the above in relation to fullness ….. I am still amazed by how I feel now!!  We travelled back home and I had an early night.  I slept like a princess without the pea!

Sunday………..  Ricky’s birthday today!!!  We have had our morning coffee and read the Sunday papers.  Ricky has been taking the birthday phonecalls like the popular boy he is! We got out in the garden for the rest of the morning and into early afternoon.  A good physical workout for me.  Tonight we have been invited for tea at Ricky’s parents place due to said birthday. Hmmmmm…….hope Mrs Snappy doesn’t reappear!!

I’m back!!  It was a great evening. Ricky’s sister and BIL came as well, so there was much talking and story telling and laughing.  Ricky’s Mum was great and had a little pot of vegies ready to boil up for me and then she mashed them all with some yummy gravy.  I thought that was really good of her.  I had taken a packet of instant potato in my bag just in case……..but there was no need! Sat and chatted while they had a prawn cocktail……I just sipped at my coffee. This was the most difficult bit for me because I love, love, love prawn cocktails. Not game to have a wine yet.  They had a roast dinner and I had my bowl of mash which I ate with a teaspoon.  Wasn’t uncomfortable at all and they all said how proud they were of me and that I was doing a good job……well bless their little cotton socks!!!  Ricky got some little cream cakes dished up to him with candles to blow out to finish off…..noice!  So, all in all, a good little evening. I think I am blessed that the people around me are being so damn good about this whole thing! I am sure I will strike opposition or hurtful comments somewhere along the line……but bring it on…..I’m ready for the suckers!!!!

Here is Ricky mustering up the energy to blow out his candles……

Happy 48th birthday honey bunny!!

Then one of Mr Studley and his Hornbag Missus!!   

Wooohhhhh…..check out that cleavage!!  I didn’t realise that top showed that much……..well, you know what they say ladeeezzzzz………”some men think that more than a mouthful is a waste….but others like to hang on to their fruit while they eat it!!” 🙂  🙂


15 thoughts on “Snappy then Smiley…

  1. Hey you ole hornbag…you are kinda gorgeous looking!

    Lucky Mr Studley I say!

    You must be so proud of yourself, I know I am proud of you.

    You are breaking ground for me I feel, I know what to expect every step of the way thanks to you.


  2. Tracey….you and I are goin’ places!!..ya hear what I’m sayin’?!! Get in that hospital this week…throw yourself on that operating table…and let’s get this party started!!!!

  3. Happy Birthday, Ricky!

    Nola, looks like you’ve got everything under control. Keep it that way!!

    And Kudos to the family and friends that have been supporting and encouraging you!!!

  4. That’s the first picture of you that I remember seeing. You are really quite beautiful (and happy looking). I identify with the extra challenge of being tired. That is the biggest reason for me to slip up re. disciplined eating. I also know that physical exercise is the best way to get out of a funk. And it sooooo hard to actually whip up the motivation to exercise then. Not to self: manage to get on the elliptical cross trainer TODAY. I love the way you write. I could visualize your experience with Aunty Rita. I went through the experience of seeing my mom become not-my-mom as her Parkinsons progressed. Difficult stuff. Finally, I think it’s wonderful that you not only have the supporting people that are in your life, but even more that you appreciate them so much. I suspect that you are a person who brings out the best in people.

  5. Thanks for your kind comments girls….. I will have to widen my doors so my big head fits through!!! But you know what……I think EVERYBODY looks beautiful when they have a smile on their face!!!… that’s the secret….. just farking smile and the rest kind of follows!! Except, of course, when you are having a self indulgent “snarky” day….and I am the QUEEN of those!!!

  6. OOO you are so funny! Love the photos! YOu are bloody gorgeous! Sad about ya Aunty…. I hope she isn’t in any pain…. I want to be a swearing old tart like her one day!

  7. I love the way you write also. I feel like I’m there, experiencing the whole thing. By the way…could you please tell this Yank what a “Snag” is? I know you BBQ’d it, but I’m not quite sure what it is??? A hotdog?

    Thanks Girl…You’re inspiring.

  8. beef sausage….raw sausage meat encased in skin similar to a hot dog…bbq’d and served in bread with tomato sauce (ketchup)

  9. Ahhh haaa ha, you are funny. Love your suggestions for my day… BUT… Stew is away in Wellington for 3 days…. I don’t put that on the blog cos I don’t want anyone to know I’m here alone with the kids (safety first)….so no rose petals leading to the bedroom, only Teddy would be following them! ha ha ha

  10. so your dad’s sister is outrageous too??? it isn’t just on your mum’s side. what a farking incredible family line you come from. and everyone supports you cause they all love you like we do. 🙂

  11. Fark me you are doing so well Nola…!!! You’re looking fabulous…and keep those girls out there…as I say, if you’ve got cleavage, use it!!! And no, more than a handful/mouthful isn’t a waste, it’s a bloody bonus…and I don’t see any guys complaining!!! And remember (this bit is for Ricky….happy birthday BTW…) they work great as pillows too!!! Keep up the brilliant work hornbag!!! xxx

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