Bloody Samsung…..!!!!

Of all the weekends for my camera to shit itself!! Piece of shit bastard $98.00 Samsung!!!!! This was the wedding of the century as far as photo opportunities go…..and my bloody camera stuffs up!!  It was taking “shakey” pictures and the flash croaked it…..I am sooooo disappointed!!!!!  I did get a couple of shots… at least you can get some idea of what it was like.  Unfortunately…the night ones are crap, but I will include a couple so you get the general idea.

It was a fantastic weekend.  Our room was amazing and very romantic!!  The wedding was one of the best I have ever been to…..the scenery was to die for.  Here we are on a cruise boat in the pristine world heritage area that is the West Coast of Tasmania….marvellous!!  Wow…what a day!!  It was pretty awful weather wise, but we were inside on the boat and then at the reception, so it didn’t seem to matter. The bride was gorgeous….and I mean gorgeous!!!!  She went with kind of a 40’s theme for the dress and the invites etc.  The invites felt and looked like a velvet wallpaper.  They had matching place cards, invites, and menus on the tables with black napkins with their names on them and “Forever” written under the names. The whole theme was in cream and black……very classy.

The invites etc…..doesn’t do them justice.  Those little diamente’ buckles were a beautiful touch and they had a large black ribbon around the cream and black cake (choc and white choc mud cake covered in chocolate shards) with a large matchiing diamente’ buckle on it.  Then, made from tin an N&T on top…their initials……


Our room was fabulous and split level.  We stayed where the reception was held.  Right up on the hill overlooking the whole of Strahan Harbour.  We got an early check-in…..we got into our room at 11.30am…..sweet!!!!  Just sat and drank in the view for ages……wonderful!!   

The view from our balcony ……..and a shot from the balcony back into the room…..





The bathroom is behind the wooden wall on the top level.  We crumbled up the free biscuits from the coffee supplies and threw them onto the balcony for the birds then sat back in those chairs and watched the birds come up and eat them all……..a relaxing way to while away an hour or so!

Me ready to go……………..That is actually all one top…not a jacket with something under it….hard to tell in this photo because of it being black. 



Us on the boat…..another flash failure!!

A photo of the boat…..I didn’t take this one….nicked it off a web site…..but this is the one we went on…..



Some scenery shots taken from the stern of boat……the back bit!!!  


In the top photo…… was supposed to show up the “stuff” poking out of the water that is the salmon farm ponds!! Well, that didn’t come out…..but hey, you can see the jetty thing!!! 


This is going up the Gordon River….it is heaps wider than I imagined it would be.  At the beginning of the river where it meets the harbour they cut the engines and that is when the bride came down from up in the private rooms on top of the boat.  She walked up the aisles between the seats to the front where the celebrant and groom etc were waiting…..perfect!!  For the first hour of the trip the groom and grooms men mingled with us on the bottom deck and drinks and nibbles were flowing non stop!  The water was like a mirror and so calm for the actual ceremony bit……very ying yang planets aligning type of thing!!




Some of the oldest trees on the planet are in there somewhere!!  Huon Pines mostly. 

Here comes the bride…….shitty photo…..beautiful bride………..the only one I managed to get that shows her flowers.  The men and the bridesmaids wore grey.  The girls had tulle sticking out around the tops and bottoms of their strapless dresses and also had the dark red roses…..very classy!!



Sarah Island.  The boat stopped here on way back also so that photos could be taken of wedding party with the convict ruins in the background.


Terrible quality photos…..but it gives you an idea of her beautiful dress!  Black detail…..the design is kind of the same as on the invites with glitter through it.  She had a lovely feather headpiece on that wrapped over the side of her head with a diamente’ clasp on it. 


Poor bride!!!…..that is a terrible photo of her face!!!!!  But…..I just wanted you to see the dress!!


So, all in all it was a fantastic weekend!!  We had a lovely leisurely breakfast at the bakery and sat out in the sunshine.  We really should make the effort to go away more often just for a night or a weekend.  It has been so long since we have done anything like that and we thoroughly enjoyed it!!  Now, I have to share this story with you……..and I know my Mum reads this…..but I am sure she will cope!! 🙂

On the way back home we were chatting away and Ricky said, “We have nothing to watch on a Sunday night anymore.”  We have been bits of Idol fans of late and have been settling in on a Sunday as it was our TV night.  So I said, “Well, seem as we have been so “loved up” this weekend *wink* *snicker* *wink*….. we should just take up where we left off in the hotel room.  What is it about hotel rooms that seems to “awaken” that “loved up” feeling?  Ricky, of course, thought that was a fabulous idea!!!  So, we have decided to change our Sunday evenings from a telly night to a SUS night!!!!   …..  Sexed up Sunday!!!!    lol, lol  We do tend to, how would you put it…..go through periods of drought due to tiredness and medication mainly!!!!  Then we “get our groove on” for a few weeks….then drought again… get the picture 🙂   So, we think if we try and stick to a SUS every week we could be onto something!!!!  I’m telling you girls….life certainly does not crash after 40……it gets better and “things” just seem to get more relaxed.  So, I’m thinking you should all work on having your own SUS or even a SUF or a SUM……hell, have a SUS SUM week!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  You only live once you know 🙂

Under the tonne!!..

That’s right folks…….I’m hot, I’m fresh and I’m delicious!!  I got on and off the scales three times this morning because I couldn’t really believe it….but they still said “give us a farking break, fatty!!”  Nahhh….they said 99.8kgs.  Now, I know that is just under…..but I’m takin’ it and runnin’ with it baby!! The last time I can remember being under 100kgs was on my wedding day when I was 90 something.  We were married 17yrs ago!!!  So, you see, I am pretty bloody chuffed about that!  The 100kg mark is a big, big mental thing for me.  I have been so close so many times and then just when I think I might break it…….I put it back on for some reason.  I will never, ever be triple figures again…………..never!!!!!!

I found myself thinking my old thought patterns again today as well.  Each time I have been successful losing weight and a lot of it, it has been with the “help” of something.  That something might have been Jenny Craig, or WW or Xenecal or Herbalife or “speed” slimming tablets or shakes etc etc.  So, I always had this subconcious thought that…….yeah, wow……I have lost some weight……but it won’t last because when I stop this I will be free wheeling again and it is sure to come back on.  Guess what?….it always did!!  When I look back on everything I tried and the money I spent it makes me want to cry.  I felt so bloody good when the weight started to come off……..but then, well……you know…..the minute I stopped my latest craze and took my eye off the ball…..unless I was absolutely obsessing and living and breathing the diet of the moment……I would put the weight back on. 

So, I sort of had a quick check of my thoughts and then it struck me……this is forever!!!  I am not going to stop this diet…..hell, it’s not even a diet!  This is going to keep on keeping on like Berger bloody paints!!!!  There is no end, no big “OK, you can finish now and go back to how you were living before” sign.  Never again will I eat so much that I have to lay down and undo my trousers and can hardly breathe because I am so full.  This is a whole new lifestyle and it is one that I can keep doing forever……no ending it.  There was certainly a definite beginning…..but no end.  Wow…..this is a huge thought process to wrap your head around really.  Everything else I have tried has ended.  This will not………exciting, but a little daunting at the same time. 

I  can’t see myself a few sizes smaller just yet.  I know I have dropped a size already.  I brought a size smaller trousers only today………but it hasn’t sunk in yet.  It just doesn’t seem real for now.  I know it will and I intend to love every minute of it and the compliments are already starting to flow in.  But me??…a size 14???  I  can’t picture it.  Maybe I was that size for a short time in early highschool……but now in my late 40’s????  It is possible and it will most likely happen…….but I am doing my best just to come to terms with the fact I  brought trousers a size smaller than what I was wearing last month!!  Don’t get me wrong….I’m loving it 🙂  But I can see it will take my head a bit longer to catch up with the body after all this time.

What have I noticed this week??……… When I used to cross my legs I always tucked the foot of the “crossed” leg behind the table leg or the chair in front of me to stop it falling off the bottom leg.  Or I would hold the top leg with my hand. Know what I mean?  Now, I can cross my legs without the top leg gradually slipping off and back onto the floor again! 

Tomorrow, Ricky and I are off to Strahan, a beautiful little “fishing village” on the Wild West Coast of Tassie that has been placed on crack by the developers and has become very “touristy”….but still beautiful. It is about 3 hours drive from here. We are going to a wedding.  The ceremony is on one of the cruise boats there that does the Strahan Harbour and Gordon River tours.  Then the reception is in a motel right up on the hill overlooking the harbour and everything.  It should be really beautiful.  I hope the weather stays nice for them.  We are booked in to stay the night at the same place the reception is.  I am really looking forward to it……..even more so now I have lost a bit of weight and will feel more comfortable.  So, I will take lots of pictures for you and put some up on Sunday night when I get back.

Have a great weekend everyone!

Fill er up!

Well, things didn’t go quite as planned for my trip to Hobart.  My darling Aunty Rita died on Wednesday and her funeral was planned for Friday.  So, I had to make the Hobart trip a day trip and travel back after my fill.  My sister came with me and drove both ways…….go Kaz!!  I offered to drive, but I don’t think she trusted me! I am sorry to have missed out on the evening with the other girls, but they understood.  It was very sad losing my aunty but a blessing for her and her family also.  She had just been lying in the hospital since late October unable to talk or eat or move and mostly just sleeping and wasting away.  It was very sad to see and she would not have wanted to be like that.  She would have been 85yrs today………RIP Aunty Rita.

So, down and back in one day made for a very sore back on my part and a tad over-tired!  Same for Karen…..she has a dicky hip and bloody whinged and moaned about it the whole trip!!!  She said she was sick of it being all about me!!!!!!!!  Excooozze moiiii???? I couldn’t get a word in to tell her how bad I felt 🙂  Suffice to say we had a great trip and really do enjoy each other’s company.  The bloody baaberries sign had gone!  I was going to take a photo of it for you 😦  Oh well, we really had a good trip together…..Thelma and Louise eat your heart out!  I stayed at Karen’s that night to save travelling back over there for the funeral the next day.

We walked the dogs the morning of the funeral…….her dog Gloria, my dogs, and Mum and Dad with Alice.  We set out quite early in the morning and it was lovely with all of us together walking the foreshore.  Then dad spotted IT !!!!!  There was a seal perched up on the rocks!!  We all started walking quicker over the grass to get a closer look… didn’t move or try to get away when it saw us coming.  That’s because when we got closer we realised it was a bloody piece of driftwood!!!!  My God, it really, really, really looked like a seal !!!  Now, I have been forced to tell you this seal story because of the “fake snake” incident:)   We laughed and laughed……..a fake snake and a fake seal in one week is tooooo much!!  I am starting to worry about my family!!  The one time I didn’t have my phone or a camera too……so I could prove to you how REAL it looked!!!

On the morning of the funeral I was looking through my comments while Karen was in the shower. Would you believe, Scrummybits husband did a cartoon of the fake snake incident!!  I laughed and laughed and screamed at Karen to come have a look. I thought that was so nice….fancy someone on the other side of the world getting her husband to do a cartoon for me!! I love this blogging business!!!  So many funny, great friends to be made.  So thank you very much, Dawn… made a very bleak, sad day brighter for us……you’re the best 🙂  and thanks Mr Scrummybits!! You are very talented….it looks just like her!!…although you forgot to put the big gap in her teeth:)

snakeblat  How good is that!!???  Karen said to say that she doesn’t have a dress like that!! lol

Now……THE FILL.   Karen came into Dr Dreamy’s office with me.  I told him she was a nurse, so wouldn’t faint if she saw the needle.  He got his “demo” band out of his drawer and showed Karen.  He even put the needle into it and pushed some saline into the band to show her how it worked and the principle of the thing. Chatted for a bit and asked me how I had been going and such things. He is the nicest person!!!! I just can’t begin to tell you how good he is!! He even let us take photos!!  He was laughing and asking if I got his best side etc……..that man rocks!!  Anyhoooo….up on the table and he got me to do like a half sit up.  I kept my hands over my eyes while the needle went in.  I am like an ostrich in that respect…..if I can’t see it then it doesn’t hurt!! I am the same when I give blood…as long as I don’t look it is all good!  Once it was in I had a look.  Karen took a photo and he said, “Get the bubbles going up”…..he kept pulling bubbles up so she could get a shot……farking hell……ummmmm hello???….fark the bubbles….I’m trying to hold a “half sit-up” position here and it isn’t easy!!!!!!!  Trying not to laugh while he was looking for the port was hard too with bloody Karen bouncing around like the  papparrazzi !!!  She wanted to stand on the scales and take a photo of her stomach and weight and say it was me and then for me to post it on here and say, “Farking hell…..look what I am down to already!!”……..Somehow I don’t think you lot would fall for that one????  But Karen and Dr Dreamy thought it was hilarious!!! 

Here is the fill going in…….



I am soooooo brave!!!!  I honestly didn’t feel a thing….just a bit of pressure when the needle first went in.  Thanks Dr Dreamy for allowing this world exclusive shot of my gut with a needle poking out of it…..much appreciated 🙂  My bloody camera was playing up too… only about every third shot the flash worked and the rest didn’t come out!  Still, I got a couple….so happy about that:)  Day two now since the fill and I am eating relatively small amounts of just about anything.  I had chicken(half a leg) and salad tonight, a chicken enchilada thingy(about one third of that) for tea last night…..a few nachos for lunch yesterday etc etc.  I can tell already that I will need a bit more.  He wants me to come back in a fortnight.  He figures the quicker you can get yourself to the satiated state the better…..why wait.  I totally agree with him!!………….but of course I would …. being his number one stalker and all.  He “growled” at me because everyone in xray is calling him Dr Dreamy!!!!  Ria, one of the girls that was banded on the same day as me, and coincidently works in the xray department, I suspect is responsible for this!!!!!  I told him, “Hey…it’s better than getting called Dr Stinky!!!”

As I said, the camera was playing up something chronic….but I did manage to get a photo of Dr Dreamy for you……actually TWO photos!! Well, the only two that came out anyway! A bit blurred…but hey, it makes him look more mysterious:)  You are a good sport Dr Dreamy and you do a wonderful job. I admire how you stay so cheerful and always compassionate and interested with the terribly long days and weeks you put in…….thanks again!!



Maybe it’s just me??……….but there is something hot about a man that can look that good  with a model stomach propped behind him!! 🙂   Lol, lol…….  give my best to your wife and children…..*sigh*

Fake snakes……..

coiledgreensnake  This is one of many varieties of RUBBER snakes!

250px-tiger_snake  This is one of many varieties of REAL snakes!

I have put these two pictures on here as a public service for people like my mother and sister!!  I think the difference between a real snake and a fake snake is reasonably obvious……..apparently not 🙂

My sister, Karen, has not long moved into a beautiful home on a hill that backs onto farmland.  My Mum lives quite close down the hill and around the corner.  Karen & husband are landscaping their backyard……well, acutally, from what I can tell so far they have clearfelled the bloody lot…..but I am sure it will look good eventually 🙂  Anyhoo……Dad convinced them to leave a patch of broad beans that were growing down near the back fence so that he could pick and freeze them all when ready.  No problems…..Mum went down to check said broad bean patch while Karen was inside doing whatever.  Then big scream goes out………”Karen, Karen….quick, quick….there is a snake in the broad beans!!”  Now Karen, who is known in our family for random acts of kindness, but not so much random acts of heroism, springs into action!!  She puts on Dean’s big gumboots…..check…..feet, shins, knees and thighs protected from snake strikes!!!  She grabs the longest handled garden implement she can find…….a shovel……..and heads into battle to save her mother.  By this time the neighbours over the side fence have been attracted by the screaming and have popped their heads over to watch the “big kill”.  Much discussion going on about how, over the years, they have encountered a few snakes in their yard and the hazards of living in a house that backs onto a paddock.  Mum points to the snake from a safe distance and Karen gives that dastardly reptile what for with the shovel !!!  Trouble is……..the shovel nearly bounced back and gave her a black eye!!!  That’s when, on closer inspection, they realised it was a rubber snake probably planted there by the previous owners to scare birds away when the beans were youngin’s.  Gave the neighbours a good laugh and ohhhhhh…how I wish I had been there to see it ……*sigh*…..I miss all the good stuff !!  🙂

What else??…….  yesterday Ricky says to me that he would quite like some Christmas decorations and a tree this year.  We haven’t had a tree or decorations for years actually…….humbug!!!  Well, we have mainly lived away from family and travelled to their houses for Christmas.  So I figured….why bother??  I will just look at theirs.  I mean, isn’t going to the Queenstown christmas parade and looking at the decorated kids bikes enough for this man!!!??  I mean, geeezzzz, I put a Christmas themed screensaver on the bloody computer for God’s sake!!!  He got all sooky and told me we should get some this year……….I mean, really!!!!!!  Doesn’t he recall the year I put a strand of tinsel on the potted palm!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  That looked farking amazing and everybody commented on my decorating skills that year!!  Or……has he forgotten the year I put a tin reindeer on the matelpiece and expertly highlighted it with a red candle!!???  Bloody hell, sometimes that man has got a short memory!!!…….and then there was the year I tied blue & silver tinsel on the police car’s arial and wished everybody a heartfelt happy Christmas when I handed them their speeding tickets!!!  Fark me…..what does it take!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!??????????

Well, he did come up with the argument that we now live in the same town as his twin grand daughters who have just turned six and it might be nice to have a tree this year because they will be calling in and would love it.  OK, OK…….I did tell him it would cost quite a bit of cash to start from scratch with this Christmas caper…….because I am not having any old $2.00 shop decorations.  If he wants me to do it… is going to get done in style!!!  He agreed…… off I went to buy a tree and the decorations.  I ended up at Target……yes, I know….but I chose their classiest decorations!!!!  I got a fake tree that looks remarkably real…..(not like the snake!!) and I have gone with a red and gold theme on the decorations.  I even brought lights so I can sit it in the window and the neighbourhood can marvel at my decorating finesse!!!  Actually, now I have started I am getting into this bloody decorating thing…….might buy a flash wreath for the door next!!!  Of course I will take a picture for you when I have it up and ready for adulation 🙂

Georgie and I went to our third Latin dance class on Monday night…..about a third of the class didn’t turn up.  We explained to our dance teacher that we had an inkling this might happen!!  She prattled on about how it usually does…..once you get into it you have people not bother coming back anymore.  We said no….the reason would be that they are jealous……of us!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  We knew that once they saw us do our “moves” and the professional way we shook our tooshes that they would become disheartened and drift away from the class 🙂  We felt bad for her because obviously she is losing money from these people, but on the other hand, we felt happy for her because she has the privilege of having us in her class 🙂  We know if we were any further up ourselves we would be inside out!!! lol, lol…….but hell we amuse ourselves 🙂  We also don’t like windy days…..because there is the risk our tickets might blow off!!!! lol, lol

I have a trip to Hobart tomorrow for my first fill……..staying overnight down there with my new best friend, Stacey and it should be a hoot of a night!!  Stacey, her friend, Kaz & Margie will all be there and we are going out for a meal tomorrow night.  Might have to all share one entree’ between us after our fills!!  lol, lol  Then I have to be back here by at least 2pm on Friday because I have to get Harry to his sylist!!  He has to have his summer “do” done and not before time either…..he is getting his big mop feet and bum back!! That dog can bring back half a beach concealed in those fluffy bits!!   Well, see you all with a report on the fill day maybe Friday night……………………………..

PS:  I just uploaded two farking shockers into “My Photos”…….I wasn’t going to and I usually delete photos like this.  But, damn it…… I am putting it out there because I know for sure now that I will never ever be this size again!!! I was close to 115kgs when these were taken in Fiji…my highest ever weight.  Then I came home and lost a bit before going for lapband.  Honestly……the last one would look more natural if I had a harpoon sticking out of my arse!!!  Oh well……onward and downward!

Yellow Wine…..

Doing well this week…….except when I weighed in this morning.  400gms………..excuuussseee moi??!! I was devastated to be honest.  400 measley, bloody, rotten grams!!!! Farking hell……….why, oh why after all I have “suffered”! Bastard scales…they must be wrong. I considered filling the sink up and drowning myself or sticking my head up my Tuscon’s exhaust pipe, or sitting in the bath with a blunt razor blade! But I got over that because my head wouldn’t fit in the sink, the neighbours would see me at the Tucson and we don’t have a farking bath!!!! Funnily enough, this is the first week I have actually felt like I have lost weight.  I had a try on session of some trousers and things I had folded away for a couple of years, some with the tags still on them, and all of them now fit except for two!!! I was stoked with that!!  They are 18’s and one pair is not the “big shop” 18 either!!  Oh well, I am over it now.  A loss is a loss and as long as I am going down I should be happy! ……………. but, I still might sulk for a while 🙂 

I have been buying gorgeous little plates and cake forks and bits and pieces.  I love setting up my cup size meals onto these and it helps with the “head” stuff as well.  I drink my vitatmin each morning out of a wine glass.  It actually looks like I am having a nice glass of urine from a very dehydrated person… lol  But, for some reason, it tastes so much better when drunk from a wine glass…..and a crystal one at that!

Aside from being disappointed with this weeks loss I have been quite happy with how it is all going. I am feeling more comfortable.  Something I have noticed this week, is the bit where I plug my seatbelt in, doesn’t dig into my bum anymore!!  Yes, I know….that’s a biggie!!!!  It just kind of dawned on me this morning….like, I twigged I wasn’t shuffling my humungous arse to the right to get the bloody belt plugged in and then staying there so it didn’t dig in!!  I have also noticed that the two times I felt I may have eaten too much I got shoulder pain.  One night I shovelled too many mashed vegetables into my gob too quickly and almost straight away my shoulder started panging.  I thought it may have been co-incidence….so I tested the theory a couple of nights later 🙂  Yep….got shoulder pain again.  Maybe that is going to be one of my “signs”…….does anyone else experience this?

I am so close to 100kgs I can smell it!!!  I would just love to weigh less than my husband for the first time in 17yrs of marriage!!  Now that would be something!!  I would love to think he might have half a chance of hauling me out of a gutter or something if I collapsed. I would like him to make a bigger dent in the bed than me!! I want to walk along the beach with him and see that his shadow on the sand is wider than my shadow!! I want to hang the washing out and my trousers be smaller than his trousers. Simple things….but they will mean a heap to me when they happen!! It will just be nice to get to the size where I can get into my husband’s pants 🙂  Speaking of which……………………………….

Did I mention now everything has healed I seem to be wanting to be more “active” and have much more “energy”……………:)

Here’s a picture that just tickled my funny bone!!……



Well….what have I noticed this week?  My dressing gown wraps around me further, I did my watch up on the next hole on the band, I caught my reflection in the glass door and actually had a 2nd look instead of looking down…..first time I have noticed a bit of a difference in myself!  My work trousers are loose in the tops of the legs and are starting to get a bit “clowny” and the trackpants are getting baggy.  Still not ready to race out and buy new ones… I am going to dig out a couple of pairs of “dress” trousers that I hid away because they were too tight and try them on.  If they fit I will start wearing them to work for a while and see how I go.  I have lost 6kgs in three weeks which was Friday.  To be honest, I was a bit disappointed and wanted it to be more!!  Then I thought……Nola, you stupid cow… would have taken you 6 months or more to lose anywhere near that before banding!!!  6kgs in three weeks…… happy, be very bloody happy!!!!  So, now I have set my sights at 1kg minimum a week for the first 6 weeks until I go back to Dr Dreamy on the 20th of this month for my first fill…….that seems reasonable and realistic to me!!

I have been reading other’s blogs.  Two of my favourites are from the UK. They have both been banded in the last week.  I was reading away in one of the blogs and noticed they only have to do three days of fluids! Here we are in Tassie anyway, and we have to have fluids for the first two weeks!  I just can’t understand why there is such a big difference between, not just states here in Aus, but in other countries as well? To have fluids for the first two weeks makes sense to me because, as Dr Dreamy explained, there are little stitches holding the band in place and they need time to heal.  By having fluids and then mushie food for the first 4 weeks it stops you eating anything that might put strain on the stitches or stretching the little pouch that it is forming. I would just be too scared not to do that…..I am totally paranoid about damaging the band in it’s new initial stages!  But, if like the other girls and Iwasn’t told this….then yes….I would have eaten a few bits and pieces! I wonder why they are all so different!  Then I hear of other ladies that have been told to have fluids for that long and they go and eat solid food anyway!!  Why bother being banded if you are not going to do what you are told?  Maybe you are not ready for the band if you can’t follow instructions? There is no way I would jepardise my band and health after going through an operation and everything that follows on from that!!  The band is a tool and I firmly believe that 80% of making it work is up to you and your “head” talk.  I am getting hungry now……quite hungry the last two days.  I am still on mushies for another week…..and then two more weeks of the “casserole consistency” stage.  There is no way I am going to “test” the theory that I could eat more!  Even though I know others have and still others are told to eat “normal” food by their surgeons……I am going to do what Dr Dreamy told me to do.  His reasons make perfect sense to me and I know that resisting the more substantial food is all up to me and my “head”.  At the moment my “head” is feeling pretty strong!

Found this when I was blog surfing……thought it was interesting and explains something I didn’t realise.  I didn’t know about the stretch receptors….I just thought because it was smaller, you felt full.

Lap Bands make your stomach much, much, much smaller. Typically, your stomach holds about one liter of food though it can be distended to hold up to four liters – close to a gallon! At the top of your stomach are stretch receptors and when they are stretched, they signal your brain that you’re full. With the Lap Band, you’ll be eating about six to eight ounces of food per meal. Because your stomach is so tiny now, those stretch receptors will be activated quickly, and you’ll feel satisfied with a far smaller amount of food than you would have before the Lap Band.

Took Molly the cat to the vet’s yesterday morning.  She has bald spots on her tummy again!!  All red and inflamed and she was licking like crazy at it.  The last time she got bald spots was when we went away for 4 days.  Molly and Flo are getting elderly now…both are 14yrs.  She was also due for her yearly injection and was “squinting” her left eye….like she was in for an infection in the eye or something.  Honestly, between the two cats and the two dogs I think they should introduce frequent flyer points at the vet!!!  Anyhow, the eye ended up being that she had scratched the bottom lid somehow… got ointment for that.  She had a needle for the stress spots.  Stress……what the hell has that cat got to stress about!!!!!  The vet said as they get older they tend to get it more often and she will probably throw a stress spot attack every 6 months or so!! So now Molly is blissing out on her “pussy valium” and sleeping off the trauma of her awful, terrible mother taking her to that place! She also had her yearly injection while we were at it……….$78.00 later…..thanks for coming…sucker 🙂  On a bright note, he did say her teeth are fantastic for her age.  Of course they are!!!!!!!!  They are the only bloody thing on her that gets any exercise!!!

A picture of Molly “fat guts” for you!!


Dancing with the bras……..

You have heard me mention my friend Georgie before?….. well I have!  She is also my next door neighbour. She is 10yrs younger than me….but age means nothing when friendship is involved! I like to think I am her older, more mature, mentor kind of friend. One to whom she aspires to be one day and one whom allows her to worship me in a non kinky kind of way!!!  However, I’m pretty damn sure that’s not how she sees it!!!  ha, ha, ha!!!!!!!!!  It is the best friendship.  We live close, but not in each other’s pockets. She has her friends, I have mine and sometimes the two shall meet.  We walk most days together after work and vent to each other or just cackle for the whole walk.  She walks Harry and I walk Scarlett. Harry adores her and I think he secretly wishes he was her dog!! Georgie is on the fitness and weight loss trail as well and is doing a farking fantastic job too might I add!!  Anyhooooooo………………

Georgie says to me the last week, “they have Latin dancing classes starting up.  I went on Monday and it was great.  Bit of a workout, but fantastic fun.  You should come with me next week!”  I say, “That sounds great.  I love music and dancing. It would make a nice change to walking and I am just not into the gym.  I’ll be there.”  Quite simply……………… I was conned!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Farking hell………bit of a workout??? That is the most exercise in one go I have done since training at the Police Academy 20 odd years ago!!!!!!!  It was a good mixed class though. Oldies like me, inbetweenies, young ones…….about 16 people I think.  The dance teachers Mum was there.  She was called Maureen.  So, Maureen, Georgie and I kind of stood together and off we went!! ….. or did we just “go off'”?   I have to say I haven’t laughed so much in bloody ages.  That Latin stuff is harder than it looks. The full length mirrors freaked me out to start with but I got so busy trying to watch the teacher and laughing at George and Maureen that I forgot about them.  I might add that they were laughing at me too!!!!!  God, we had the sweat pouring out of us.  My face was bright red and I was pretty sure I should have rung the medics and had them on standby before class!  I kept stuffing up the steps and getting left behind………but so did everyone else, so it wasn’t so bad 🙂

We kept putting each other off our “moves” and cacking ourselves for the whole class.  We would push each other out of the way on the side moves.  I would look at Maureen and she would laugh and keep blocking my way so I had to get tough on her and say…..”Moooorreeeeennnnne!!!, stop trying to make me look bad you bitch!!”  George was the same on the other side……. I could tell she was sooooo jealous of my fluid moves!

I have to say, being that bit bigger than most I think I had an advantage.  Because in the shake your booty bits all the skinny girls had to work really hard and shake their bodies like a dog just out of the water……but not me…….I only had to shake it once and then the rest just kept shaking on it’s own!!!!!!  Like when you throw a stone in the water and the ripples fan out………that was me!! lol, lol  One good shake and a hip swing and off the rest of me went!  Although, I think I was more wobbling it than wriggling it!!!!!  I need to get some sports bras if I am going to keep up this caper too!!!!!  I mean, there I was just finished a “shakin’ it” bit of the dance and then you stomp and stand still……………but my tits were still throwing their own party 🙂  The “poke your chest out girls” bit……………no probs………I was there for that one!!  Ah well, I will never be in danger of breaking my nose if I fall, or drowning ….. not with these built in floaties 🙂

I am just able to move without wincing today.  But it is a good pain!  I found a Latin music CD I knew I had around here and have been playing that while I do the housework.  Georgie…..  hurry up and get home from work………I can’t remember what comes after the “stick your tits out and flip your leg back bit”!!!!  We sooooo need to get some practice in before next Monday!!!!  We are going to be stars I tell you,,,,STARS!!!!!!

What have I noticed weight wise this week??  Well, my jeans are heaps looser.  I can fit my mobile phone in the pocket now and forget it is there!!  Before it just squeezed in there and kept pinching me. I couldn’t put the phone and my car keys in there at the same time… I can!  My clothes are all getting comfortably loose and I have started wearing a couple of shirts to work that pulled at the front too much before.  You know, the old button strain and gap thing was going on with them.  I still feel really good and can’t believe that I did a Latin dance class three weeks out from surgery!!  I weigh in again on Friday…..I will post that in the Goddess Graph as usual. Getting excited because I can see the change starting to happen with my weight…….  

Bye for now Hornbags!!