Loose Knickers……

Yes, some of my knickers are getting loose! My ring is too!!!!!…………..not that ring! My wedding ring. I put two rings on today that I haven’t worn for ages, well years, because they were too tight.  I still have them on and they haven’t tightened up at all.  One of them is the ring Ricky brought me for my 40th!!  My clothes are feeling more comfortable and my jeans are a bit loose as well……not so loose they would fall down though!…..next week 🙂  My bras are heaps more comfortable and I have started doing up my everyday ones on the next clip across. The old “swing technique” is getting easier too.  The ski slope that was popping out the top of them has melted!!!!  So, that is what I have noticed the last couple of days. I don’t even feel like I have had an operation now.  Everything has healed nicely. I have keloid scarring going on……but hey, even if I was a size 8 I wasn’t going to start running around in a bikini anytime soon!!  I quite like my battle scars, I think they look interesting and mysterious!!  If anyone asks about them I can look all dark and broody and say, “Oh those?  I got the top one when I was in Africa on safari and the smaller one at the bottom I aquired whilst training in Mexico”.

I started mushies today!!  Well, actually I started last night….but who’s counting 🙂  I had a soft poached egg on two tablespoons of cottage cheese last night.  Today I have had half a two egg omlette for lunch. Like my friend Margie said, “It’s like they have operated on your bloody brain”.  She is right too…..I just can’t get over the fact that I was full on half an omlette.  I went out for lunch with Mum and Dad today.  Met them over town and what do you know!!!???…right on lunchtime!!  he, he   We are staying at my sister’s place tonight while Ricky helps her husband build a fence.  Well, the parents had garlic prawns and a little garlic pizza bread thingy and quail.  I had the omlette & a skinny chai. I drank the chai before lunch not during! It was a great chance to catch up with them and talk about my lapband.  I didn’t start it!!!!  Mum asked how I was feeling!!!  Now, I don’t know if I am just in a “honeymoon” phase or what is going on…..but I feel farking great!!!  I don’t feel hungry and I am not tempted by what others are eating around me.  I am totally focused and feel like a different person!  I dipped a few mouthfuls of my omlette into their garlic juice …… I tell ya…..I’m all farking class!!!!!  They ignore that behavior from me.  They learnt that from the dog….only reward good behaviour and ignore bad 🙂  So, I was happy to get to talk to my Dad about all this.  He is as supportive as Mum and interested in how I am going.  All in all a great lunch made greater by the fact that they shouted and we got to have a “just us” talk without anyone else…….my parents are the best !!

OMG!!!!  I got a phonecall on Wednesday that damn near tipped me over the edge and pre-band I probably would have hit the caramel tart road!!!!  It was Grant….my hairdresser.  He is going to farking Sydney!!!!!!!!!  I mean…..how farking selfish is that!!???  That man is my iron lung , my oxygen, my reason for living, or at least being seen in public!!!!  How dare he just ring like that all happy and carefree and hit me with that bombshell! What was he thinking? Good God!!…just because he can earn a measely $1000.00 a week more than he can here…….. I have short hair, he precision cuts it……what the fark am I going to do now?? I will have to go back to working full time so I can afford to fly to Sydney every 6 weeks!!……I could take my lovely lady lumps down to the wharf and see if I can strike it lucky……..nahhhh…..I wouldn’t be able to carry enough change on me!!!!   lol, lol    I’ll think of something!!

So, tonight I am staying at Karen’s …… pretty sure I will get some good blog fodder up at her place!!  She is working until 6pm tonight and I am at my Mum’s house at the moment hogging her computer 🙂   So, 2nd week in I feel like I am on the Biggest Loser but without the push-ups and sweat!!  I have absolutely no doubts that what I have done is the right thing……none! 

Before I go I want to send a big cheerio to my new friend Stacey.  Stacey had lapbanding on the same day I did (and her good friend Ria).  Dr Dreamy did all of us.  Stacey has ended up back in hospital on an unrelated matter and I think she is just one of the bravest, kindest, nicest, happiest, sweetest  people I have ever met!!  We met in the hospital and have stayed in touch via MSN and text etc.  I also think she is really pretty and a total hornbag!!!…..now she will think I am a stalker 🙂  I think you are amazing to maintain such a positive attitude. Ria is also a fantastic person and is a good friend to Stacey.  I love them both!!  Anyhooooo…get better soon ya hornbag!!!!  We are all getting our first fills on the same day one after the other……how funny will that be?  Dr Dreamy has been calling in to see how Stacey is most nights…..how nice is that!?  I am jealous that she is getting to see Dr Dreamy that often!!  She told me he said to say “Hi” to me last night.  He walked into her room when she was on MSN talking to me……….Dr Dreamy said to say “Hi”??!!!………..ahhhhhh,  *sigh*  *faint*   I tell you what though, that man must be counting his blessings having the good fortune to score three total hornbags like us as patients 🙂

Oh and to my American friends…………BOO !!!!!!!!!!!!!  Happy Halloween!!!!!!!!


24 thoughts on “Loose Knickers……

  1. Great to hear you sounding so full of beans and must be great to be feeling like you’re fast becoming a ‘loose’ woman!!! Got you little hornbag! Z xx

  2. Jezzz you crack me up~! YOu sound so darn happy, all is good in your world… tis neat to hear. My niece is having her lapband done next friday in Melbourne. I hope she does as well as you!

  3. Glad to see you are doing so well!!!
    And I hope your friend, Stacey, gets better soon and can join in your excitement.

    Boo!!!! To you too!

    from America

  4. Nola I’m pleased that dad was forced to listen to all about the lapband at lunch today because when we first started talking about it I think he thought we were talking about a lapdancer doing her thing to a band!

    I felt that he was just a touch disappointed when he learn t that it was something to do with stomach contents!

    Here’s to our next luncheon – and that will be when you are on proper food – albeit little bits!

  5. PS the halloween thing is getting going here too. It doesn’t take the kids long to cotton onto the fact that they can get lollies for nothing. I didn’t expect them though and when a couple came around last year I had no lollies in the house so I gave them half a dozen cheese snacks (packs of three crackers to the Americans with cheese to go with them) I told them that they were much healthier than lollies!

  6. Oy Nola, that’s not an accent…..THIS IS A BLOODY ACCENT!! Love the old crocodile dundee…lol.

    You sound absofu@kinglutely fabulous. Honestly, you sound the chirpiest I have ever heard in your words before. You have filled me with hope and joy! Hip Hip Hooray for Nola…


  7. Well, Miss Hornbag of the World… Nice to have you back all perky and chatty. I was getting a little bit worried since it’s was silent a bit around here, but you were just finding stuff to talk about, and being a “loose” woman has to be great for you. After reading your Mum’s comments I can see where you get your farking sense of humor. She’s a funny lady, too. And do you get your looks from your mum too? I am so glad that this is all going so well for you. As to Margie’s remark about them operating on your brain, too, I think when you made the decision to jump on the “band” wagon your brain clicked into high gear and got right up there with you. You seem like one who makes up her mind then goes for it, come hell or high water, as we say in Oklahoma.

    Keep it up. You’re doing great.


  8. That is one hell of a positive blog Nola…
    Thrilled to read that you are doing so well and are so happy.
    Keep up the great job.

  9. It’s fantastic to hear you sounding so happy missy! Yay for you! Keep up the great work… you’ll need new knickers in no time!


  10. I think it’s great that you have such wonderfully supportive parents as well as friends who truly understand you are experiencing with this procedure. Re. a bikini at size 8, even when I’d achieved my goal weight, I didn’t have the kind of body that would look good in a bikini. Too much flab. (I’m many many dozens of pounds away from goal weight now.) Sorry to hear about your hairdresser. And glad that my hair is either in a pony or in rag-a-muffin style.

  11. Hey girl….you know Im proud of you so I don’t have to keep repeating myself but I must say you sound so different already….so much MORE positive and happy than you already were before the surgery.

    Keep up the good work. It helps so much to have a wonderful, supportive family such as yours…if only all of us were so lucky…oh well shit happens lol…you know my lot lol.

    Hope to catch up with you soon, if not it probably wont be until after Christmas.

    Talk soon

  12. So glad that everything is going well….and that you are turning into a “loose” woman !!! Good to hear that you have a wonderful understanding supportive family too…

    keep smiling,

  13. Always a good laugh your blog, laughed hard at your mothers comments about dad and the lap dancer.

    Fanfarkingtastic your feeling and going so well!!!

  14. Love it. Love the mushies. you are going great. Having your hairdresser leave the city let along the state is ground for a caramel slice breakout – put them in the blender baby (only kidding – sort of!!)

  15. Omg…we soooooooooo have to catch up…
    I am so happy to hear you are feeling so good…
    Might go and enquire about lapband just so I can get an eyefull of that Mr Dreamy… hehehe
    Long weekend here and I havent been out on my bike at all.. and its supposed to farkin rain tomorrow… damn having visitors and having to clean my pigsty of a house… Now I just need to get me some energy… mind you going to an engagment party last night and partying on til 1.30am doesnt help.. hehehe Pissed off much.. the only thing I could eat at the party was the frikkin cheese… damn Salicylate elimination diet…

  16. That made me chuckle! I’m trying to lose a little weight too… Not much, only a few lbs… Actually, I think tone is more important than size any way.

  17. …and what’s wrong with coming to Sydney to get you hair cut???!!! Of course you can come up here to get your hair cut…and there is somewhere for you stay when you do come up here to get your hair cut…!!! Okay, so I may live a bit futher out of town than I previously did…but that’s okay, I know the train driver (nudge, nudge, wink, wink), he’ll give you a lift…I’ll tell him to look out for the sexy hornbag selling her lady lumps down on Central Station…!!! xxx

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