One week .. and a bit…down!

Well, a little bit of an update for you.  I thought this fluids only thing would be really tough, but really, I think I have done OK.  Sure…..I think I am hungry and mentally I think I could chow down on a nice, big quarter pounder without a second thought!  But it isn’t a physical hunger…..more a mental, “head hunger”.  Very hard to describe actually.  It is just the feel and the taste and the texture of something in my mouth that I am missing. I have dropped nearly 4kgs. I know this is not typical of how it is going to be in the future and  things will slow down considerably once the liquids and mushies are over with.  Still, it helps my resolve knowing I am losing some weight at this stage and mentally it has given me a big boost and the will to swill !

I had my first outing involving food on Friday.  I went for lunch with my Mum and sister.  I really, really enjoyed it. I always enjoy their company!  Sure, I would have loved to have had what they were having but it was relatively easy to sit there and have the delicious pumpkin soup.  I felt so full…..after half a bowl !!!  I still can’t get over that!  Anyhoo…..Mum put a comment about that lunch on one of my other posts……that post had absolutely nothing to do with what she put in her comment and I am still unsure what she was thinking! But, I have to remember that I am my mother’s daughter……….so, I have copied it onto here so you can see what her thoughts were about my first “food” outing………………

     Nola, Karen and me went for lunch down town today – the first time out into the big wide world of public eating for Nola since the op.

I admit that I was worried – not on her behalf – on Karen and mine that we would be too damn guilty to eat anything! and we like our food.

And if Nola was going to sit there and look pathetic and pale and wan … well, you can imagine.

But! it was a pleasure for all concerned – Nola had a skinny chai to start with and so did Karen and me (I had a sav blanc as well – well I am more mature than them and also I need the extra oomph to keep up with them and their smoking plastic cards! I swear those two girls are the best impulse buyers I have ever seen – even better than me, and those cards were charred on the edges by the time the morning was finished.)

Nola had the pumkin soup – which was delicious – and was something that we might have ordered ourselves – we didn’t – we had something a bit more substantial but it didn’t faze Nola at all – she was happy with her soup etc.

Now comes the good part (apart from Nola enjoying herself of course) – Nola couldn’t eat all her soup so Karen and I finished it and we also shared the garlic bread that came with it. So you see there is silver lining to someone else’s cloud! … for someone else ….

So for any of you worried about going out to eat – even in the early stages after your op. don’t be – there seems to be plenty of things to choose, even at the straw stage – next time she is going to have a iced coffee with all the cream and icecream.

Of course she could have been laughing on the outside and crying on the inside … you weren’t … were you Nola? Ah come on …. noooo….

As you can see the two of them did it tough!!!!  I am not really going to have an iced coffee……I just used that as an example of what I could have had if I had wanted to! As an example of the fact that even with a band, it still boils down to you to make the right decisions on what you pour down your throat!

I had a cup of cream of chicken soup for lunch today.  It had chicken bits in it, so I sieved them through my teeth because I am roolllyyy classsieeee like that 🙂 It takes time and skill to sieve chicken bits off your soup with your teeth you know!  It makes me slow down too.  I think I am still gulping too much.  Well, I sat the cup down on the decking next to me and guess who discovered there were some leftover chicken bits in that there cup!!? 

And then the big lip lick when she finished……

Ahh, what can I say…..I love my little Scarlett and she is so damn cute!!

I have just cooked Rick a nice T-bone steak for his tea…………did I just say I wasn’t hungry!!!????……damn it smells nice!!


26 thoughts on “One week .. and a bit…down!

  1. doing well my girl..doing well…its so much harder when you are cooking for others lol…I remember it well lol…keep up the good work Im so proud of you!!

  2. Hi Nola, you sound great! I only have 12 days to go….woohoo!

    Your little girl is gorgeous, my husband and I drove 8 hours each way friday and Saturday to pick up an orphaned Bull Mastiff. HUGE…but we knew what to expect we have always had Bull Mastiffs in our family. He is a beautifully natured 2 year old. i will post about him on my blog this week.

    Anyway, back to you, you soup strainer you, I love how you have kept us up to date with everything, and i love the sound of your Mum!

    Keep on bloggin,

  3. The loss you’ve had would really give you a boost. Interesting reading following how you are coping. Your mum – well she sounds a character:-) Can see where you get it from!

  4. I luuurrrvvveeee this blog….
    Your Mum and Sister sound just like you!
    How much fun that must be around the dinner table!

    Nola – you are going so well.
    Enjoy what life is now offering.
    Keep up the stella job you are doing right now.

  5. it’s all nola nola nola….what about me……!!! i am still coming to terms that no more caramel tart days with my sister….do you know how that feels…no you lot don’t give a sh*t. I try to be empathetic with her but it’s getting me down, the old days are gone, I’m losing my identity, had to resort to calming drugs…..oh sorry am i ranting………well fark me for feeling sorry for me!!!!lol
    sorry nola i will leave now.

  6. Kaz, if it is going to upset you like this I am going to have to ban you from reading my blog!! Harsh….I know, but it seems it may be necessary!! I KNEW the caramel tart thing would push you over the farking edge!!!!!!!

  7. nola my biggest worry for the steak was ms scarlett finding it too!!!! and as for karen, are there really no other women in tas to scoff caramel tarts with????? i reckon you could start a club for them with all the sweet treats trying to sink the ‘supposed’ apple isle. didn’t see one bloody fruit tree, but plenty of frickin’ fudge thank you very much. XO 🙂

  8. Nola, your Mum and Sis crack me up. I guess everyone mourns losses all the way around. This makes me glad I didn’t tell my family so they don’t have to be so careful around me. However, I didn’t tell them for my own sanity…not theirs. Thanks for sharing and that pumpkin soup sounds totally delish…wonder where I can get some…..

  9. Awwwwww poor Karen….. my heart goes out to you – how could Nola be so selfish in an attempt to get fit and healthy….
    ha ha ha…
    You ladies really crack me up…. honeslty – you do, there is already a crack on my arse…..

    karen.. I think you need to replace your caramel tart tart with another tart….


  10. Yay!!! Finally I am back online….puter problems, damn hard when you are puter illiterate like moi!

    Nola Nola Nola, you are a legend! I’m so damn proud of you and very pleased to hear you are ‘floating’ through the journey so comfortably. Looking forward to catching up again on the 20th! Luvs ya babe!

  11. Great that you are still doing so well! You need to get braces to help you strain your food… the Scarlett could help you pick all the bits that get stuck out! 🙂

  12. Nola, you’re going to have to watch what you set down in front of Scarlett or she will be needing a lap band, too… but then I’m not one to talk because my 2 fur babies could be standing to lose 3 or 4 pounds each. We love them to death, don’t we? I am so glad that you are doing so well. Keep it up and remember to follow Dr. Dreamy’s orders.

    You rock!!


  13. Nola.
    you are doing so well, However I do understand where Kaz is coming from, at least me and my sis are doing it together but I think I would be a bit sad if it was my sis had the opp, its like the end of an era, gonna have to find somthing else to do together to fill the void ie. belly dancing lessons lol.. (when healed of course!!). I know it’s all said in joke and I think it’s great I too have a relationship like yours with my sister and my mum too bless her when she was here.
    You are all very funny and I love to read about what you’ve been up too lol.
    wishing you all the best,
    Zena xx

  14. How’s it going Nola? You’ve been awfully quiet, and that’s not like you so I thought I’d better give you a shout out. Hope all is going well for you.


  15. Hey Hornbag

    I love this blog, i got back from melbourne yesterday and couldnt wait to get on here to see how you are going. 4kgs already that is awesome!! Cant wait to catch up at work have a great weekend.

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