Done and dusted!

I feel a bit like I have been run over by a bloody bus actually….but all is good!!  Dr Dreamy told me I was boring!!!!……moi…..boring!!!!…..the poor man has obviously been sniffing his own gas in that operating theatre!  He said there was nothing remarkable about my operation at all…..very straight forward, run of the mill stuff!!  Honestly…..he could have made something up!!!!!!

I have to say Thursday was probably the longest day of my life.  Spent the morning shopping in town and having a “last” meal.  Lovely late breakfast of scrambled eggs, mushrooms, tomato and bacon on toasted foccacia….yummo. Ricky brought me a lovely ring with the letter “N” a couple of little diamonds sprinkled on it……love that man!!  Me thinks he was having the guilts about the driver he brought last trip!  Finally got signed in to my room at 1pm.  Kaz, a wonderful “old timer of a bandit” came to visit me about 2pm.  I have never met her “in person” before, but I felt like I had known her forever.  Isn’t it wonderful when you make friends like that?  She showed me some of her before photos and we chatted about everything and anything.  She really made me feel like what I was about to do was the right thing……thanks Kaz.

I also met Stacey and her friend.  They were both being banded on the same day as me.  Sorry I didn’t get back down to see you Stacey….I was feeling a bit ordinary by the time I was allowed to leave. I will catch up on MSN with you both.  I hope you are feeling OK and getting around by now. I loved those two ladies!!!! They both escaped from their rooms and came to see me.  I can’t wait to catch up with them again…..maybe when I go back down for my follow up appointment? My friend Margie is also staying at our house for a couple of nights because her poor Mum is in the Burnie hospital.  So I am taking full advantage of that too and picking up a few tips from her!!

So, really the operation was like any other I guess.  I didn’t get around to theatre until about 6.30pm….I was last on the list.  Of course I bloody well was…..geeezzzzz I was wheeled into a little waiting cubicle thing and Dr Dreamy came to visit me prior to surgery. Gotta love that man!!  I would have expected that he would have been taking the chance to grab a quick cup a soup and a sanga after the long day he had!!  But no…..he wanders in to chat to me!! I was tempted to get a black pen off someone and write the word FOCUS! on my belly 🙂

The next thing you know I am back in my room and Dr Dreamy had rung Ricky himself and let him know I was coming back around to my ward. The man even does his own phonecalls!!!!!  So, I have these big black leg things on that kept pumping up and down to keep the circulation going I presume.  It actually felt quite nice and I wouldn’t have minded pulling them up a bit higher!!!!  he, he  I chatted with Ricky for a while…..didn’t really feel all that sore at that stage because I would have still been pumped up with painkillers I suppose.  Got Ricky to take a photo……….fresh from surgery for you enjoyment 🙂



I didn’t sleep much that night….mainly because the room was so bloody hot!!!  I kept getting up and sloshing my face with cold water. Went to the loo a few times and about 2am called the nurse for some pain relief as I was copping it pretty bad then.  The next day I was a bit “proppy” but nothing you wouldn’t expect after having someone shovelling around in your guts for an hour or so. Dr Dreamy came in to see me again that morning.  He is gorgeous….just a great person.  Discussed some does and don’ts and I asked him some questions that he was happy to answer. I shook his hand and said, “Thanks Dr Dreamy”.  He loved that!!!!  He has read some of my blog and told me he wasn’t happy I only gave him a 5 out of 10 for the pictures on his office wall….lol, lol.  He’ll get over it……

  The trip home was a bit of a nightmare.  I felt quite sick and was terrified I would vomit.  We stopped at a chemist in Brighton just out of Hobart and I got some anti nausea tablets and took a couple of those.  Went straight to bed when I got home after that 4 hour trip!!.  Got up again about 8.30pm and had some peppermint tea and some more pain relief and then went back to bed and slept until 5.30 this morning!!….sweet:)

I had a little bit of shoulder pain….but not much.  Got that when I was walking down the street to the chemist this morning.  Ricky ran me down town and we did the chemist thing and then went to the supermarket mainly to get cat and dog food and some other bits and pieces.  I didn’t walk far…..but it was far enough for a first outing.  Then I had a rest on the couch and read.  Then this afternoon I went for a trip to the tip with Ricky to dump off some garden rubbish and on the way back we stopped and did a little walk along the beach with the dogs and then back home.  So, I am doing really well actually.  Yes, it is painful….and I have no idea what tomorrow brings or how I will feel.  I just feel really uncomfortably bloated at the moment and it is quite painful up under my ribs.  A couple of my “holes” are itchy!!!  I woke up through the night scratching one of them which could have been nasty. I can only get my track pants on at the moment…..I am too swollen for anything else.  I hope that goes down so I can get my flamin’ work pants back on for Thursday!

It is Ricky’s daughter’s twin girls 6th birthday tomorrow and I had promised to make them teacup biscuits like I did last year………so I managed to sit at the table this afternoon and make them.  That wasn’t so bad because I could sit down to do it.  They are a great idea.  Just those Tic Toc biscuits with the picture of a clock on the bottom of them, marshmallows for the cups, lifesavers cut in half for the handles and freckles or other chocolate buddies for the “froth”…….there you have it….tea time biscuits!! Oh, and you stick them together with icing sugar. Well, I have a bit of a headache too…..and writing this probably isn’t helping….so just to let you know all is good!!

A picture of the “Tea Time” biscuits for those of you that might be interested………


AND….. I DID Lick icing off my fingers before I could even stop myself!!!!  Pretty sure that won’t hurt much though 🙂

Oh……I had a beautiful bunch of flowers delivered to my house this morning from everyone at work!!  How nice is that!!!??  There was a little parcel in amongst the flowers and when I opened it….it was a black penis straw!!!  I had told them I was allowed to have anything you could basically suck up a straw for the first couple of weeks.  Well…thanks guys….I laughed and laughed…..and yes, I will use it!!!!


39 thoughts on “Done and dusted!

  1. I am glad you are getting along well! You have definitly been on my mind. But I wasn’t sure when it all was taking place.
    Way to get up and get at it!! You are like me. I can’t stand to be downand out!
    The “tea time” biscuits are adorable. And you are so sweet to take the time to make them, when you don’t feel well.

  2. Hi Nola, I am so excited for you! Well done on your great recovery, you sound like you were up and walking around really well, so soon. I hope I am like that too.

    Thank you so much for taking the time to journal your surgery day and also include a photo! I love photos!

    You should show us your ring next time you take some piccys.

    Keep on smilin,

  3. I’ve been checking to see how everything went, and good to see you are up and about and back home. Don’t overdo it – you’re not superwoman 🙂

    Love the hospital pic – glad I’m not the only one that looks gorgeous in a hospital gown 😉


  4. Glad to hear you were “boring”. That is the best thing to hear with a surgery. No surprises, no complications. I’ve been checking on you. I’m having a give-away to celebrate my 50th post and I made the dead-line for Sunday at 12 noon (CST) in case you got back in the blogging arena in time to put in your 2 cents worth. Don’t you go doing the Texas 2-step before you’re ready and mind what Dr. Dreamy tells you. You will be better off for not pushing too hard to get back up to speed.

    Glad you’re home safe and sound.


  5. where is the pic of you using the penis straw? your workplace knows you so well.

    love the biscuits, been looking for creative ideas for everything and they are great.

    love XO

  6. Hi Nola

    I’m sure that’s the first time in your life you have been called boring!!

    Its fantastic that you are doing so well, though – and you must have the luckiest grandkids in the world.

    I hope you enjoy your “straw” diet 🙂


  7. Hey Nola,

    Congratulations on getting your surgery. I’m really glad to hear that everything went well.

    Now the fun begins, and I look forward to reading all about it.


  8. Great to hear it all went well – hope you’re continuing to improve – looking forward to hearing further instalments.

    Z xx

  9. In this instance “boring” is good. Glad to hear it went well and your coping well.

    I want a photo of the penis straw!!! Gotta love that!!

    Loved the little bickies, they are so cute!!

  10. Heya Nola!

    So glad you were so boring… this is somthing that ya really don’t want to have a drama with… I am sure.

    sounds like you are recovering pretty well so far! walking around… making tea time biscuits… licking icing off your fingers… sucking black penises.. I mean… penis straws (omg.. that sounds terrible??!!)

    Hope that the good, happy, still-mobile, not-too-much-agony lasts for you 🙂

    Keep us updated!!

    (missed you!@@!!)

    L xo

  11. hey nola
    great to hear you had a boring journey over to the skinny side!! Take it easy & I look forward to reading about your journey from here..


  12. never in my life have I seen anyone recover so quickly….Nola was bopping about doing little bits and pieces and she looked amazing…..thanks for putting up with me during my emergency…You truly are the best.

  13. My goodness girl you are a legend…
    I have been waiting for the update – hopeing all went really well as I expected – it did….
    I loved this update. The photo is great! And the tea cups – I so have to make them…. my kids would love them!

    The Penis straw – WOW your work really does know you very well.

    Hang in there, rest up, don’t over do it and do as your mother tells you……..


  14. Nola and Ricky visited on the way home and she was very sore and felt a bit sick. I would advise anybody having the procedure if they have more than an hours travel to stay overnight because of the risk of vomiting and traveling would acerbate this problem.

    By the time she had had a good nights sleep in her own bed she was pretty well back to normal again except for the expected sore belly and visited the next day. The rest of us eating front of her did not fuss her and she seemed to enjoy her baby food and drink.

    I said that only being able to have what goes through a straw can’t be all that bad as gin and tonic falls into that category, except for the icecubes of course and one can do without them … and then there’s Tullamore Dew whiskey and red wine … and white, and a nice port ….

    Karen (her sister) has a tee shirt with the picture of a girl holding her glass and the memorable words: ‘I used to jog but the ice kept falling out of my glass’

    One can only concur with that sentiment.

    It was at this point that Nola, with her hand up in the air and in the THAT tone of voice reserved by daughters when their mother is either embarrassing them or falling below the standards that they actually tried to instill into their daughters .. said that no alcohol is allowed!

    So I am warning others that might be contemplating this op that there is definitely drawbacks! The best you can do is smell the cork and perhaps other people’s breath. Maybe one could lick the residue off someone else’s lips – you would have to make sure that this became an enjoyable experience by choosing the preferred sex of said person and surely this would not do much harm. Why you don’t even have to think about plate sizes or portion control …

    Having been not too sure about Nola having this op in the beginning I have to say that she is happy with her decision and I am pleased that everything is going well and I hope that continues. I’m sure with her positive attitude it will. and the good support of people like on here.

    so … Love Mum (Well love Mum to her of course – to the rest of you Cheers, Joan – who by the way is the most loving, well read (does Agatha Christie count? best dressed, well on the dog path and fishing anyway, and kindest to all small furry animals and some children – sort of mother – in fact the nicest thing anyone ever said about – well I liked it – was told to me by a friend of mine who was asked by a friend of hers ‘Who is that eccentric old biddy who walks a Beagle on the path?’

    The gorgeous is now gone but the eccentric old biddy still walks the path with another dog.

  15. PS I have discovered that one should read and check one’s work before actually submitting it but I’m sure that all the inteligent people that read this will be able to fill in all the missing words and correct the typos as they go along. Why should one take any notice of that bossy little spell checker anyway – probably only trying to trip you up or checking you spllin mistakes in another language or something! and anyway I’m sure that if it was totally corrrect it would be boring, much better to give you something to exzercise your brain with!

  16. Geeezzzzuuuzzzz…..the woman’s written a farking novel !!! Did I tell you my Mum is a writer and has been published all over the bloody place!!? She wrote a short story about my duck, Lionel and it was published by the Readers Digest! I might copy that onto here for you one day. She is a BIT eccentric mind you…..but by no means an “old biddy”. She is quite simply, MY MUM…..and I couldn’t even begin to tell you on here how much I LOVE her!!!!! Thanks Mum 🙂

  17. You can’t do that Nola – it is copyrighted to Readers Digest now – they paid me for it but it is probably still online under the readers digest (Australian) web page thingo – I’m not really a writer – just a hobbyist with a bit of luck occasionally and I certainly don
    t write regularly – I’m too lazy for that!

  18. SO glad to hear it went well. Those biscuits are adorable!!! And I’m lovin the penis straw…gonna need a pic. 🙂 YOU are in my thoughts, girl!!!!

  19. Oh my gosh Nola. I adore you. You know I do. But now I adore your Mum too. Since my Mum’s no longer around, I’d really like to adopt her as my Mum! Do you think you could share? I love Karen’s tee shirt too. Could I have one of those too? Oh is this getting a bit weird that I want to adopt everything about your life?

    Nola, I’m so, so, so happy to hear everything went so well and I can’t stop saying how excited I am for you!

  20. Nola, I found you… yay! Thank you for your lovely email, and sorry I haven’t replied. I’ve actually changed email addresses, and only check the gmail once in a blue moon!

    But anyway… So glad to ‘catch up’ with you again! I think you are so brave, and I’m so excited for you… and very glad to hear that all is going well!

    Take care 🙂

  21. I can’t believe it’s done already…fabulous work Nola…!!! Tho’ I’m disappointed to hear that Dr Dreamy thought your surgery was ‘boring’…is that man on drugs or something…you, boring???!!! Surely your spleen jumped up to say hi and your gall bladder had some smart comment for him!!!

    Hmmm…the 18th of October will go down in history for both of us…you got your band and the beginning of the rest of your life and ‘sunlight’, and I think I can seriously say I’ve fallen in love with a gorgeous boy, nay, MAN, called Mark…I’ll give you a call when I can pull myself back down to earth…


  22. Hooray!!! I am so happy that it’s all over and that you got through it fabulously. Well done!!! Am really looking forward to the next part of your journey.

    Heal quickly. Lots and lots of warm wishes.


  23. Hi,
    Thanks for the nice message on my blog. I really appreciate it!! I have added you to my favorite bloggers on my blogroll, so now I can keep up with your blog. It’s fasinating!!
    Thanks again!!

    God Bless~

  24. Hi Nola, In response to your msg on my site (it kept stuffing up my response so I thought I would come here and answer).

    I was quite fortunate that I wasn’t hungry throughout the liquid phase, as I have heard some ppl are starving.

    Besides the usual soups etc, I would try to have at least 1 optifast shake a day. They have all the nutrients that you need and they are quite filling. I also developed a love for Up & Go’s – Banana & Honey is my favourite.

    Hope that helps.

  25. Hey sis,

    I see mum has been on the site again….sigh. lol Bless her little cotton socks. That baby food you had with you on friday was yummy I might just eat that with you for the heck of it.

    Well I don’t have much to say this time, just that I’m pleased you came through op and are excited and optimistic for your future. love ya heaps!!! Just had a panic attack…realise our caramel tarts days are over NOOOOO!!!!!!…….ok I have taken a valium and getting better now….xxxx

  26. Hey Nola

    Good to read you are doing so well, y ou are a superwoman because Margie told me how well you have bounced back….
    Want to see a photo of that straw…. lol.

    Thinking of you and take care of yourself


  27. Hi Nola.
    Thankyou for leaving a message on my blog it is so nice to know that people have actually read my blog but even better that they have actually taken time to leave me a message. Thanks.
    I am very pleased to hear that all went very well and that your surgery was very boring, I pray we are able to follow suit and have very boring surgery too, I like the idea of writing a message on stomach for surgeon, my sister could do the same, we could write a joke on the first one to go in and the punch line on the second sister. it could be like a mini series…we could….we… oh sorry getting a bit carried away!.
    I will keep checking out your blogs, please feel free to do the same with mine if you wish, although I am not funny and you made me giggle several times, I feel like I am getting the better end of the deal!. Hope all goes well for you.
    Zena.. (oozyxena)

  28. nola your mum explains sooo much about what we all love and cherish about you!!!! long may she reign across Tasmania!!! XO

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