Looking for Daylight……

Yep, that’s right!!!……daylight between my legs that is 🙂  I look at photos of some other people standing and you can see daylight between their thighs.  I have never had the opportunity to glimpse daylight between my thighs in any photo of me……ever!  A strange thought you may think……but I am full of strange thoughts! I took some before photos today and from my waist down it just looks like one big black leg. ….. no daylight. Granted, I do carry most of my weight on my thighs…..but it will be nice to see the day where I can at least distinguish one thigh from the other!!  (I will put those photos into my Goddess graph)  My legs move alright but the thighs seem to be so in love with each other they stay attached!!  Well, I can’t wait to break up this little love affair and help them on their way to seperation and seeing the light!!  No more chaffing powder for them in the summer months! It’s over baby….say your goodbyes….I see the sun a comin’     yeehaaa

Another thought I had today……and this is a biggie!!!!  How much farking ironing time I am going to save!!  I can only fit one leg at a time of my trousers and jeans on the ironing board.  I can never get the two side seams flat because there is too much material.  Then I just put the whole, usually elastic, waist bit of the trousers over the end of the ironing board and keep turning and turning and farking turning until I get back to the beginning again!  Skirts…..the same! Round and round and round until I have ironed a few metres of fabric into submission!  So, for each dress size I manage to drop I will also be cutting my ironing time down considerably…….now that has to be a plus!!!……..not a plus size……just a plus!!!!!

Every morning I work I stop at the little coffee shop and get a buttered fruit bun and a skinny latte no sugar.  I have got into a very lazy habit on work days…..no breakfast and hit the coffee shop then drink and eat that at my desk while I prepare the day’s court lists.  Just shovel it in the cakehole with no thought really to how I chew it….not sure that I do chew!!  Just munch, munch, munch on auto pilot and onwards into the next snack.  I am actually looking forward to being more “aware” of what I eat and how I eat it. If you could all sing along now with me while you view the photo below………………………..

“Goodbye to you my trusted friend……..We’ve known each other since we were nine or ten……etc etc”


The two younger girls at work are quite funny sometimes and sometimes they are little witches!!  I refer to them all the time as “the witches”….but in an affectionate way 🙂  Well, they are aware of my love of  “those farking cream caramel mushrooms!”  So, Aysha called into the bakery on the way to work this morning and brought me a mushroom!!  Then they presented it to me as a little pre-banding present!!  Everyone at work knows I am going to have this operation, and I have to say, they have been very supportive. To my face anyway 🙂  But how nice was that!!  Aysha took my before photos for me as well.  So, girls, thanks very much.  I really do appreciate your support and interest in the whole process.  You two rock!!!  I am very lucky to have workmates such as yourselves going into bat for me. Besides the two witches the  others  are great too of course  (Hi Penny … I know you are reading!) and Nat!   Of course, they are extremely lucky too……because they are benefiting from my vast experience in how to be the best hornbag you can possibly be!!!!!!!!!!!!! The two witches are coming along really well with their “how to shake your booty” lessons and are starting to get the hang of “how to be totally up yourself”…….you make me so proud!!…sob 

So once again………if you could all sing along………. whilst enjoying the visual spectacular of my final “Farking cream caramel mushroom” in living colour!!


Thanks again girls……… it was FARKING DELICIOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So, off to Hobart tomorrow and the operation on Thursday.  Back home Friday and I will be hitting the new blog post probably Friday night or Saturday morning!  I am not nervous or apprehensive…..just bloody impatient and excited and wanting to get on with it!  Thanks for all your supportive comments to my posts….I really appreciate them.  Look out once I get home…….I am going to have enough blog fodder for months to come!!!!!!!!

A couple of comments on how farking great my freshly plucked eyebrows look wouldn’t go astray either!!!!  🙂  It hurt today too…..I think I am getting more sensitive in my old age!!

Ta ta…… see you later…….


24 thoughts on “Looking for Daylight……

  1. Oh Nola, your eyebrows are deeevine!

    Your photo of your computer looks *i-freaking-dentical* to mine – change the takeaway cup to a Tassie mug and there you go, same calendar, same mints under the screen! Scary huh!

    I look forward to your post over the weekend – you are AMAZING!!

    Now, with all of your free time you’ll be saving with your new skinny leg jeans, wanna do my ironing?? Perllease? 🙂


  2. Everytime I see a photo of you I think how stunning you are…seriously…you are going to be even more of a hornbag after Thursday…

    I’ll be thinking of you. Can’t wait to see your progress

  3. Good luck!!!!!!!! Exciting times ahead for you! I’m another one that’s looking forward to following your story. Here’s to daylight!

    Yep – the eyebrows look great!!

  4. fark your eyebrows……iwant the caramel tart!!! are you popping that one into me on your way to hobart? good luck sis, love you. go stun them in hobart you hornbag!!!

  5. Nola, you are going to be one hootchie mama when this is all over… and you will be shakin’ your booty even better than ever. I will be thinking about you, you hornbag, until I hear from you again, telling us about your new belly button or whatever…


  6. Hey Nola! Good luck and I can’t wait to read all about your adventures on the other side.

    Your eyebrows look great and you’ll be booking in for a brazilian before you know, so you can show off the daylight better 😉

  7. I was over at Twisted Fencepost reading her Halloween story and thought I would go visit some of the contributors to the story, so here I am. I am enjoying my visit to your blog and want to wish you the best of luck with your operation.

  8. Hi Nola!

    Good luck with your operation – you will be fine! Can’t wait to read how FARKING great it all went! he he he 😛

  9. Today’s your day Nola, how exciting.

    I’m two weeks out from banding and despite the highs, lows and lack of solid food this is hand on my heart the best thing I’ve ever done.

    Your blog is a great read and I can’t wait for the next installment.

  10. WooHoo Nola! So exciting to see this is all happening. I’ll be thinking of you tomorrow. The eyebrows are fab and you’ll be seeing daylight very soon.

    Marijke 🙂 xxx

  11. Nola, it’s Thursday the 16th of October here and I just wanted to let you know I’m thinking of you and wishing and praying for all things good with your surgery. I know it will all go well.

    (((((((((( (hugs for Nola) )))))))))))


  12. How exciting…. You are in recover right now… I think – or you are on your way home???? Not sure but boy oh boy – I can’t wait for an update.

    Hope you are well.
    Will be reading about it all soon.

  13. loss of extraneous eyebrow hair must be worth at least a couple of kilograms.

    am so jealous, look at all your friends and your colleagues are so bloody lucky to have your wisdom every day. and you have the cutest face. my head is horrid if my weight isn’t under control.

    you are a beautiful blessed soul Ms Nola.


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