Can Dogs have Lapband????

Well, have to say I am loving having some days off through the week now I have gone part time! Today I have been up to the vet and dropped off Scarlett for the operation on her eye and Harry had to have his yearly injection and have his “package” checked.  Harry had a “lost” testicle when we had him “fixed” and had to have abdominal surgery to find it. Now, we have to keep a close check on his “package” for any lumps.  He walks so that he swings his back legs out and around his “package”.  You would swear he thinks he has got it goin’ on and has the biggest “package” in the world! He struts down the street with his purple harness and rainbow collar …. just smokin! !!

  I just felt sooo guilty leaving Scarlett behind and if looks could kill I would be dead!! The vet nurse picked her up and she looked back at me with that “look” on her face.  That, “How could you betray me like this!” look. Poor little darling girl……mummy’s baby, gorgeous little Scarlett Princess….oh, the guilt.  How do you explain it to them????

I lifted Harry onto the table……bloody hell !!!!  Bend the knees, place both arms under his belly and heave!!  Harry is terrified of the vet and shakes like “Scooby Doo” and wets himself. I tried to discreetly wipe the pee off my wrist onto his back leg as I sat him down. He weighed in at 25.8kgs!!!!  So, he gets his needle and then has his package checked out….all good.  Vet tells me I should probably give him more bones as his teeth are a bit scaley…..yep, no problem….got that!  and he is   TOO FAT!!!   *sigh*  tell me something I don’t know!  So, I tell the vet we are walking more and for longer now I have the time and we have been buying lean mince and diet doggy food and that sort of stuff for him.

Then I half jokingly say……it’s a shame dog’s can’t have lapband surgery.  The vet says…..well, actually they could but the owners wouldn’t like them spewing up all over the house afterwards!!!  He said they would actually feel full but would still keep eating because that is what dogs do…….even though they are full they keep eating as long as there is food there.  And then they would take the rest and hide it!…an old survival throw back thing.

Well, that’s just great!!  Now can I not only have days where I “Look like a dog” and “feel like a dog” and “get dog tired” and have “dogs breath”…………………….I have found out I also……………………eat like a bloody dog!!!!!!

Because that is what I do!!!  I have something nice in front of me and even if I feel full, I still keep eating!!!  And if it was particularly delicious I would pop it in the fridge or hide it in the pantry until I could revisit it and finish it off!!!!………because you just never know when the next disaster may strike and there could be a world shortage of farking caramel mushroom tarts!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Also, I have to lose nearly two Harry’s to get to 70kgs!!  I struggled to lift him and when I think that I am carting that, plus some, around on my body every day… wonder I have sore bits and get tired and life is a struggle physically! When I lose 25kgs I am going to lift Harry up and “feel” what I have lost!!…..then congratulate myself…of course!! 

 So, one day soon, when I come on here and scream……..”I’ve lost me bloody dog!!!”… will know that is a good thing……OK? 🙂

Me and Scarlett…..little shaved eyebrow and a bit swollen, but not a cancer and that was the main thing….just a little wart thingy that had to be cut off. She loves her Mummy, even though I sent her to the evil vets!


16 thoughts on “Can Dogs have Lapband????

  1. Oh poor Scarfyl….Auntie Margie is sending you love and hugs little girl…glad to see you still love your mother though lol

    AND!!!! Harry ….FAT!!!! never…did the vet have his beer goggles on??? (insert rolling eyes here)

    9 days to go………

  2. Thanks for visiting! I bookmarked your blog.
    I have two dogs that I worry if I feed them enough. One doesn’t eat, the other is a pig, starving all the time.

  3. Hi Mark….we should have called Harry Hoover or Dyson!! I swear that dog just sucks up his food and a big bowl of mince is gone in 2 seconds! Then I feel guilty because I think he must still be hungry:( Scarlett eats bugger all and is really fussy….. I can’t win either way! Thanks for visiting.

  4. Yup, I eat like a dog also, though rarely get to the save it for later stage because I’m out canining the canines.

    When i was helping out with feral kitties, I managed to win the confidence of one that I had brought home to get her more comfortable with people. Our entire bond was blown apart after I brought her in for neutering. I tried to win her trust back, but all was lost (sadly).

  5. OH your poor babies. I work at a vets office and know that look all too well. Let me give you a helpful tip. Dogs love green beans and carrots. Cooked of course with no butter or salt. You can cook a bunch and keep them in the fridge. Supplement approx. 1/3 of their diet with the veggies and the weight will come off. plus, they will LOVE the veggies and feel like they’re getting a treat. You can even give them a green bean or a cooked carrot slice instead of a doggy bone..they’ll love you for it. Kiss little Scarlett for me..she’s a cutie.

  6. LMAO!!!! I can’t stop laughing! I guess I eat like a dog too. LOL!!!

    I loved what you said about barely being able to lift Harry, yet carrying around two of him on your frame every day. It’s hard to really grasp what the weight is doing to us until something like that wakes us up.

    Great post!!! Now back away from those caramel mushroom tarts or else …

  7. Thanks for the tip, Daniela! I already cook them up doggy teas in the slow cooker and bag it up and put in freezer. Lean turkey mince, heaps of cabbage (true fart material that one!!) carrot, rice and chicken stock. They love that! But I didn’t know about the green beans. I am going to get some of them and mix them into the other meals I give them….thanks for that!

  8. Mmmm, yes Margie….but maybe the anzac biscuit Harry had last night didn’t do him any good!! And of course…..we KNOW that Scarlett likes her’s dunked first… OUR coffee!!!! lol, lol

  9. Nola, just a word on the green beans… A good friend got a golden retriever puppy and was having trouble filling her up. The vet told her to feed green beans with her food. When she told me I rolled on the floor, “has she started with the green bean farts?” “Well, no, she’s not a gassy one!” A week later she called to tell me she now knew what I was laughing about… So you can expect her farts to smell like green beans and cabbage now, but they truly are a good filler. Carrots also are good and I’ve not noticed any problem in the odor department with them. Both my girls like them. raw or cooked. I give then the baby carrots for a treat. They like the crunch.


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