Loose Knickers……

Yes, some of my knickers are getting loose! My ring is too!!!!!…………..not that ring! My wedding ring. I put two rings on today that I haven’t worn for ages, well years, because they were too tight.  I still have them on and they haven’t tightened up at all.  One of them is the ring Ricky brought me for my 40th!!  My clothes are feeling more comfortable and my jeans are a bit loose as well……not so loose they would fall down though!…..next week 🙂  My bras are heaps more comfortable and I have started doing up my everyday ones on the next clip across. The old “swing technique” is getting easier too.  The ski slope that was popping out the top of them has melted!!!!  So, that is what I have noticed the last couple of days. I don’t even feel like I have had an operation now.  Everything has healed nicely. I have keloid scarring going on……but hey, even if I was a size 8 I wasn’t going to start running around in a bikini anytime soon!!  I quite like my battle scars, I think they look interesting and mysterious!!  If anyone asks about them I can look all dark and broody and say, “Oh those?  I got the top one when I was in Africa on safari and the smaller one at the bottom I aquired whilst training in Mexico”.

I started mushies today!!  Well, actually I started last night….but who’s counting 🙂  I had a soft poached egg on two tablespoons of cottage cheese last night.  Today I have had half a two egg omlette for lunch. Like my friend Margie said, “It’s like they have operated on your bloody brain”.  She is right too…..I just can’t get over the fact that I was full on half an omlette.  I went out for lunch with Mum and Dad today.  Met them over town and what do you know!!!???…right on lunchtime!!  he, he   We are staying at my sister’s place tonight while Ricky helps her husband build a fence.  Well, the parents had garlic prawns and a little garlic pizza bread thingy and quail.  I had the omlette & a skinny chai. I drank the chai before lunch not during! It was a great chance to catch up with them and talk about my lapband.  I didn’t start it!!!!  Mum asked how I was feeling!!!  Now, I don’t know if I am just in a “honeymoon” phase or what is going on…..but I feel farking great!!!  I don’t feel hungry and I am not tempted by what others are eating around me.  I am totally focused and feel like a different person!  I dipped a few mouthfuls of my omlette into their garlic juice …… I tell ya…..I’m all farking class!!!!!  They ignore that behavior from me.  They learnt that from the dog….only reward good behaviour and ignore bad 🙂  So, I was happy to get to talk to my Dad about all this.  He is as supportive as Mum and interested in how I am going.  All in all a great lunch made greater by the fact that they shouted and we got to have a “just us” talk without anyone else…….my parents are the best !!

OMG!!!!  I got a phonecall on Wednesday that damn near tipped me over the edge and pre-band I probably would have hit the caramel tart road!!!!  It was Grant….my hairdresser.  He is going to farking Sydney!!!!!!!!!  I mean…..how farking selfish is that!!???  That man is my iron lung , my oxygen, my reason for living, or at least being seen in public!!!!  How dare he just ring like that all happy and carefree and hit me with that bombshell! What was he thinking? Good God!!…just because he can earn a measely $1000.00 a week more than he can here…….. I have short hair, he precision cuts it……what the fark am I going to do now?? I will have to go back to working full time so I can afford to fly to Sydney every 6 weeks!!……I could take my lovely lady lumps down to the wharf and see if I can strike it lucky……..nahhhh…..I wouldn’t be able to carry enough change on me!!!!   lol, lol    I’ll think of something!!

So, tonight I am staying at Karen’s …… pretty sure I will get some good blog fodder up at her place!!  She is working until 6pm tonight and I am at my Mum’s house at the moment hogging her computer 🙂   So, 2nd week in I feel like I am on the Biggest Loser but without the push-ups and sweat!!  I have absolutely no doubts that what I have done is the right thing……none! 

Before I go I want to send a big cheerio to my new friend Stacey.  Stacey had lapbanding on the same day I did (and her good friend Ria).  Dr Dreamy did all of us.  Stacey has ended up back in hospital on an unrelated matter and I think she is just one of the bravest, kindest, nicest, happiest, sweetest  people I have ever met!!  We met in the hospital and have stayed in touch via MSN and text etc.  I also think she is really pretty and a total hornbag!!!…..now she will think I am a stalker 🙂  I think you are amazing to maintain such a positive attitude. Ria is also a fantastic person and is a good friend to Stacey.  I love them both!!  Anyhooooo…get better soon ya hornbag!!!!  We are all getting our first fills on the same day one after the other……how funny will that be?  Dr Dreamy has been calling in to see how Stacey is most nights…..how nice is that!?  I am jealous that she is getting to see Dr Dreamy that often!!  She told me he said to say “Hi” to me last night.  He walked into her room when she was on MSN talking to me……….Dr Dreamy said to say “Hi”??!!!………..ahhhhhh,  *sigh*  *faint*   I tell you what though, that man must be counting his blessings having the good fortune to score three total hornbags like us as patients 🙂

Oh and to my American friends…………BOO !!!!!!!!!!!!!  Happy Halloween!!!!!!!!

One week .. and a bit…down!

Well, a little bit of an update for you.  I thought this fluids only thing would be really tough, but really, I think I have done OK.  Sure…..I think I am hungry and mentally I think I could chow down on a nice, big quarter pounder without a second thought!  But it isn’t a physical hunger…..more a mental, “head hunger”.  Very hard to describe actually.  It is just the feel and the taste and the texture of something in my mouth that I am missing. I have dropped nearly 4kgs. I know this is not typical of how it is going to be in the future and  things will slow down considerably once the liquids and mushies are over with.  Still, it helps my resolve knowing I am losing some weight at this stage and mentally it has given me a big boost and the will to swill !

I had my first outing involving food on Friday.  I went for lunch with my Mum and sister.  I really, really enjoyed it. I always enjoy their company!  Sure, I would have loved to have had what they were having but it was relatively easy to sit there and have the delicious pumpkin soup.  I felt so full…..after half a bowl !!!  I still can’t get over that!  Anyhoo…..Mum put a comment about that lunch on one of my other posts……that post had absolutely nothing to do with what she put in her comment and I am still unsure what she was thinking! But, I have to remember that I am my mother’s daughter……….so, I have copied it onto here so you can see what her thoughts were about my first “food” outing………………

     Nola, Karen and me went for lunch down town today – the first time out into the big wide world of public eating for Nola since the op.

I admit that I was worried – not on her behalf – on Karen and mine that we would be too damn guilty to eat anything! and we like our food.

And if Nola was going to sit there and look pathetic and pale and wan … well, you can imagine.

But! it was a pleasure for all concerned – Nola had a skinny chai to start with and so did Karen and me (I had a sav blanc as well – well I am more mature than them and also I need the extra oomph to keep up with them and their smoking plastic cards! I swear those two girls are the best impulse buyers I have ever seen – even better than me, and those cards were charred on the edges by the time the morning was finished.)

Nola had the pumkin soup – which was delicious – and was something that we might have ordered ourselves – we didn’t – we had something a bit more substantial but it didn’t faze Nola at all – she was happy with her soup etc.

Now comes the good part (apart from Nola enjoying herself of course) – Nola couldn’t eat all her soup so Karen and I finished it and we also shared the garlic bread that came with it. So you see there is silver lining to someone else’s cloud! … for someone else ….

So for any of you worried about going out to eat – even in the early stages after your op. don’t be – there seems to be plenty of things to choose, even at the straw stage – next time she is going to have a iced coffee with all the cream and icecream.

Of course she could have been laughing on the outside and crying on the inside … you weren’t … were you Nola? Ah come on …. noooo….

As you can see the two of them did it tough!!!!  I am not really going to have an iced coffee……I just used that as an example of what I could have had if I had wanted to! As an example of the fact that even with a band, it still boils down to you to make the right decisions on what you pour down your throat!

I had a cup of cream of chicken soup for lunch today.  It had chicken bits in it, so I sieved them through my teeth because I am roolllyyy classsieeee like that 🙂 It takes time and skill to sieve chicken bits off your soup with your teeth you know!  It makes me slow down too.  I think I am still gulping too much.  Well, I sat the cup down on the decking next to me and guess who discovered there were some leftover chicken bits in that there cup!!? 

And then the big lip lick when she finished……

Ahh, what can I say…..I love my little Scarlett and she is so damn cute!!

I have just cooked Rick a nice T-bone steak for his tea…………did I just say I wasn’t hungry!!!????……damn it smells nice!!

Bras, food & farts!!!

Well, I have to say the first couple of days home I had a couple of “anxious” moments where I thought “What the hell have I done!!”  But they only lasted a couple of minutes and were brought on by being frustrated at not being able to do things. …. like vacuming!  I have started a new page that covers what I eat and my extremely interesting bodily functions for those that are interested!  Thought I might keep the burping and farting fun on a page all of it’s own. Although, I have to say that yesterday I gave Scarlett “Fart-ima” Princess a good shaking for that crown of hers 🙂 I am Queen I tell you……..Queeeeennnnnnnn!!!!!!

Ricky said he was asked by a couple of people yesterday if I had lost weight yet!!!!  For God’s sake!!!!!…… I had lapband surgery, not liposuction!!!!!  That might be a bit of a downer with other people knowing….they will be constantly checking out my fat arse to see if it has shrunk yet!! Oh well, if they have nothing better to do let them check out my lovely lady lumps!!!! ….. don’t blame them…..I am sooooo hot right now 🙂

Did my usual routine this morning in the tooth brushing department and then it struck me…….what the farking hell am I bothering to floss for!!!????  I can’t chew anything, so nothing there to floss!!! Mind you…..if I had found a stray deposit I would have swallowed it!! 🙂 Oh, well, think how much money I am saving on dental floss……geeezzzzz….at least 60 cents!!!!  See….positives to every negative!

The most difficult thing I found the first few days was getting my bras on.  You know how you do them up at the front of you and then swing them around and harness those babies into the over the shoulder boulder holders for the day?  Well, the “swinging around bit” hurt!!  Because I have holes all over my stomach and one between my two best points, so it was really hard to shuffle the bra back to where it belonged.  No please…..don’t thank me…..I want to share these little things with you 🙂 And no….I couldn’t leave them off!!! I am having troubles enough without walking around with bruised kneecaps and black eyes!!!!

I think I am going through a kind of detox at the moment.  Well, I suppose that is what it is! I have had the runs (sharing, people….sharing!!!) and I think it is my body’s way of punishing me for not giving it it’s buttered fruit bun and latte every morning.  Can’t say that I feel any healthier at the moment but I guess that will come. Thank goodness I can still drink coffee or my head would have spun around and projectile spew gone across the room by now!!!  I feel very cleansed……if that is the right word? Very ying, yang….goodie, goodie sort of feeling 🙂  A kid walked past me this morning while I was at the shop and I have to admit, just for a split second, I was tempted to smack him around the head and snatch the packet of hot chips from his hand……. but I didn’t 🙂  I am suffering from “mouth” hunger I think.  Not really hungry, just pining for the taste of something that has “substance” in my mouth!  Oh well, only one more week and I can mash the shit out of something and go to town on that!! I might weigh myself tomorrow being a week since the operation and see what it says…….hopefully it won’t say, “One at a time please!!”   lol, lol

Done and dusted!

I feel a bit like I have been run over by a bloody bus actually….but all is good!!  Dr Dreamy told me I was boring!!!!……moi…..boring!!!!…..the poor man has obviously been sniffing his own gas in that operating theatre!  He said there was nothing remarkable about my operation at all…..very straight forward, run of the mill stuff!!  Honestly…..he could have made something up!!!!!!

I have to say Thursday was probably the longest day of my life.  Spent the morning shopping in town and having a “last” meal.  Lovely late breakfast of scrambled eggs, mushrooms, tomato and bacon on toasted foccacia….yummo. Ricky brought me a lovely ring with the letter “N” a couple of little diamonds sprinkled on it……love that man!!  Me thinks he was having the guilts about the driver he brought last trip!  Finally got signed in to my room at 1pm.  Kaz, a wonderful “old timer of a bandit” came to visit me about 2pm.  I have never met her “in person” before, but I felt like I had known her forever.  Isn’t it wonderful when you make friends like that?  She showed me some of her before photos and we chatted about everything and anything.  She really made me feel like what I was about to do was the right thing……thanks Kaz.

I also met Stacey and her friend.  They were both being banded on the same day as me.  Sorry I didn’t get back down to see you Stacey….I was feeling a bit ordinary by the time I was allowed to leave. I will catch up on MSN with you both.  I hope you are feeling OK and getting around by now. I loved those two ladies!!!! They both escaped from their rooms and came to see me.  I can’t wait to catch up with them again…..maybe when I go back down for my follow up appointment? My friend Margie is also staying at our house for a couple of nights because her poor Mum is in the Burnie hospital.  So I am taking full advantage of that too and picking up a few tips from her!!

So, really the operation was like any other I guess.  I didn’t get around to theatre until about 6.30pm….I was last on the list.  Of course I bloody well was…..geeezzzzz I was wheeled into a little waiting cubicle thing and Dr Dreamy came to visit me prior to surgery. Gotta love that man!!  I would have expected that he would have been taking the chance to grab a quick cup a soup and a sanga after the long day he had!!  But no…..he wanders in to chat to me!! I was tempted to get a black pen off someone and write the word FOCUS! on my belly 🙂

The next thing you know I am back in my room and Dr Dreamy had rung Ricky himself and let him know I was coming back around to my ward. The man even does his own phonecalls!!!!!  So, I have these big black leg things on that kept pumping up and down to keep the circulation going I presume.  It actually felt quite nice and I wouldn’t have minded pulling them up a bit higher!!!!  he, he  I chatted with Ricky for a while…..didn’t really feel all that sore at that stage because I would have still been pumped up with painkillers I suppose.  Got Ricky to take a photo……….fresh from surgery for you enjoyment 🙂



I didn’t sleep much that night….mainly because the room was so bloody hot!!!  I kept getting up and sloshing my face with cold water. Went to the loo a few times and about 2am called the nurse for some pain relief as I was copping it pretty bad then.  The next day I was a bit “proppy” but nothing you wouldn’t expect after having someone shovelling around in your guts for an hour or so. Dr Dreamy came in to see me again that morning.  He is gorgeous….just a great person.  Discussed some does and don’ts and I asked him some questions that he was happy to answer. I shook his hand and said, “Thanks Dr Dreamy”.  He loved that!!!!  He has read some of my blog and told me he wasn’t happy I only gave him a 5 out of 10 for the pictures on his office wall….lol, lol.  He’ll get over it……

  The trip home was a bit of a nightmare.  I felt quite sick and was terrified I would vomit.  We stopped at a chemist in Brighton just out of Hobart and I got some anti nausea tablets and took a couple of those.  Went straight to bed when I got home after that 4 hour trip!!.  Got up again about 8.30pm and had some peppermint tea and some more pain relief and then went back to bed and slept until 5.30 this morning!!….sweet:)

I had a little bit of shoulder pain….but not much.  Got that when I was walking down the street to the chemist this morning.  Ricky ran me down town and we did the chemist thing and then went to the supermarket mainly to get cat and dog food and some other bits and pieces.  I didn’t walk far…..but it was far enough for a first outing.  Then I had a rest on the couch and read.  Then this afternoon I went for a trip to the tip with Ricky to dump off some garden rubbish and on the way back we stopped and did a little walk along the beach with the dogs and then back home.  So, I am doing really well actually.  Yes, it is painful….and I have no idea what tomorrow brings or how I will feel.  I just feel really uncomfortably bloated at the moment and it is quite painful up under my ribs.  A couple of my “holes” are itchy!!!  I woke up through the night scratching one of them which could have been nasty. I can only get my track pants on at the moment…..I am too swollen for anything else.  I hope that goes down so I can get my flamin’ work pants back on for Thursday!

It is Ricky’s daughter’s twin girls 6th birthday tomorrow and I had promised to make them teacup biscuits like I did last year………so I managed to sit at the table this afternoon and make them.  That wasn’t so bad because I could sit down to do it.  They are a great idea.  Just those Tic Toc biscuits with the picture of a clock on the bottom of them, marshmallows for the cups, lifesavers cut in half for the handles and freckles or other chocolate buddies for the “froth”…….there you have it….tea time biscuits!! Oh, and you stick them together with icing sugar. Well, I have a bit of a headache too…..and writing this probably isn’t helping….so just to let you know all is good!!

A picture of the “Tea Time” biscuits for those of you that might be interested………


AND….. I DID Lick icing off my fingers before I could even stop myself!!!!  Pretty sure that won’t hurt much though 🙂

Oh……I had a beautiful bunch of flowers delivered to my house this morning from everyone at work!!  How nice is that!!!??  There was a little parcel in amongst the flowers and when I opened it….it was a black penis straw!!!  I had told them I was allowed to have anything you could basically suck up a straw for the first couple of weeks.  Well…thanks guys….I laughed and laughed…..and yes, I will use it!!!!

Looking for Daylight……

Yep, that’s right!!!……daylight between my legs that is 🙂  I look at photos of some other people standing and you can see daylight between their thighs.  I have never had the opportunity to glimpse daylight between my thighs in any photo of me……ever!  A strange thought you may think……but I am full of strange thoughts! I took some before photos today and from my waist down it just looks like one big black leg. ….. no daylight. Granted, I do carry most of my weight on my thighs…..but it will be nice to see the day where I can at least distinguish one thigh from the other!!  (I will put those photos into my Goddess graph)  My legs move alright but the thighs seem to be so in love with each other they stay attached!!  Well, I can’t wait to break up this little love affair and help them on their way to seperation and seeing the light!!  No more chaffing powder for them in the summer months! It’s over baby….say your goodbyes….I see the sun a comin’     yeehaaa

Another thought I had today……and this is a biggie!!!!  How much farking ironing time I am going to save!!  I can only fit one leg at a time of my trousers and jeans on the ironing board.  I can never get the two side seams flat because there is too much material.  Then I just put the whole, usually elastic, waist bit of the trousers over the end of the ironing board and keep turning and turning and farking turning until I get back to the beginning again!  Skirts…..the same! Round and round and round until I have ironed a few metres of fabric into submission!  So, for each dress size I manage to drop I will also be cutting my ironing time down considerably…….now that has to be a plus!!!……..not a plus size……just a plus!!!!!

Every morning I work I stop at the little coffee shop and get a buttered fruit bun and a skinny latte no sugar.  I have got into a very lazy habit on work days…..no breakfast and hit the coffee shop then drink and eat that at my desk while I prepare the day’s court lists.  Just shovel it in the cakehole with no thought really to how I chew it….not sure that I do chew!!  Just munch, munch, munch on auto pilot and onwards into the next snack.  I am actually looking forward to being more “aware” of what I eat and how I eat it. If you could all sing along now with me while you view the photo below………………………..

“Goodbye to you my trusted friend……..We’ve known each other since we were nine or ten……etc etc”


The two younger girls at work are quite funny sometimes and sometimes they are little witches!!  I refer to them all the time as “the witches”….but in an affectionate way 🙂  Well, they are aware of my love of  “those farking cream caramel mushrooms!”  So, Aysha called into the bakery on the way to work this morning and brought me a mushroom!!  Then they presented it to me as a little pre-banding present!!  Everyone at work knows I am going to have this operation, and I have to say, they have been very supportive. To my face anyway 🙂  But how nice was that!!  Aysha took my before photos for me as well.  So, girls, thanks very much.  I really do appreciate your support and interest in the whole process.  You two rock!!!  I am very lucky to have workmates such as yourselves going into bat for me. Besides the two witches the  others  are great too of course  (Hi Penny … I know you are reading!) and Nat!   Of course, they are extremely lucky too……because they are benefiting from my vast experience in how to be the best hornbag you can possibly be!!!!!!!!!!!!! The two witches are coming along really well with their “how to shake your booty” lessons and are starting to get the hang of “how to be totally up yourself”…….you make me so proud!!…sob 

So once again………if you could all sing along………. whilst enjoying the visual spectacular of my final “Farking cream caramel mushroom” in living colour!!


Thanks again girls……… it was FARKING DELICIOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So, off to Hobart tomorrow and the operation on Thursday.  Back home Friday and I will be hitting the new blog post probably Friday night or Saturday morning!  I am not nervous or apprehensive…..just bloody impatient and excited and wanting to get on with it!  Thanks for all your supportive comments to my posts….I really appreciate them.  Look out once I get home…….I am going to have enough blog fodder for months to come!!!!!!!!

A couple of comments on how farking great my freshly plucked eyebrows look wouldn’t go astray either!!!!  🙂  It hurt today too…..I think I am getting more sensitive in my old age!!

Ta ta…… see you later…….

The great unknown….

I was having a conversation with Ricky trying to express in words how I was feeling.  I am not scared of the operation and I am not particularly worried about afterwards and adjusting to the restriction and altering my eating habits etc.  And I am just plain excited about losing weight and feeling good.  What I wonder about is what it will feel like! I have never been slim.  I was a chubby toddler and I can’t say I have ever been the same size as any of my childhood friends and onwards into puberty and adulthood.  I have always been, as I said earlier, at least in the top three fatties of any group, class or employment.  I have not been too affected by this and have been ridiculously loved and happy my whole life.  Sure, I have had meltdowns and cried many, many times about a comment somebody may have said or feeling left out because of my weight…..but mostly happy and secure with myself. I have moments and get quite depressed and down about it all and then shake it off and move on. I have always managed to push my weight issues to one side and just get on with it……even though, when you think about it, it has been my weight that has chartered the course for many decisions I made in my life or things I did or did not do.


I can’t say…..God, I can’t wait until I get back to the size I was when I was 20.  Because, I sure as hell don’t want to be that size!  I don’t know what it is like to be “normal” or “slim”.  I have never experienced it. I did once I suppose.  In 1991 just after I got married I went on slimming tablets.  I was bouncing off walls and doing housework at 1am and stuff like that and managed to get quite slim.  That being a size 14…..which was very slim for me!!!  I was eating a bowl of brussell sprouts for tea and nothing else and crazy stuff like that.  Now I know how stupid that was………but I can still remember that feeling of euphoria at being that size.  I felt fantastic, alive, sexy ….. just bloody magnificent.  Of course, it never lasted and I went back to “normal Nola” size…..that is…..just that bit bigger than most people. I want that feeling back…….not so much the look….but the feeling.  I remember a pair of size 14 purple jeans and a shiny purple shirt I wore during that time and I was farking smokin’ hot in that little number!!!  I can still remember how I felt…..Now I have no intention of dredging out that outfit again…….but so help me…….throw me on that operating table and let’s get this party started…..cause I want that feeling back!!!!!

Last night we decided to have takeaway for tea.  We don’t have it very often and we decided on KFC…..or as we refer to it in this household…..Kentucky Chuck. My last ever piece of KFC…not that I care too much because it really isn’t my favourite..but it is Ricky’s, so we compromise.  He won!   I didn’t know what I wanted, so I went on the net and had a look at their site.  I said to Ricky….after next week I will have to put Dominos, Pizza Hut, KFC, Maccas etc all into a folder in my favourites and sneak in there for a look every now and then……like food porn sites!!  lol  Like….wooohhhhh…check out the size of that baby….and it’s got double cheese!!!!!!  Check out the breasts in the three piece box….wooohoooo


I also made an appointment to have my eyebrows waxed on Tuesday.  I don’t want to be laying on the operating table and have some bitch of a nurse say, “Oh my God…..have a look at the feral eyebrows on her!  If she let’s them go to the pack like that why bother with a lapband!!” 🙂  I will be shaving my legs and armpits also for the big occassion. (Not that I don’t do that regularly now!)  Today I got a new summer dressing gown in my favourite colour of green and matching slippers. I love green…..but I will probably look like Princess Fiona lumbering down the hospital corridors in search of my beloved Shrek…I mean Ricky!

Now someone else I love a lot is my sister, Karen.  She is the best.  I am five years older than her……..I know, I know….you would never pick it!!!! he, he  We have our moments….boy do we have our moments!!!! but she is the most supportive person ever!  We make each other laugh….big rolling on the floor, crying belly laughs!!  We have wicked senses of humour and find the oddest things hilarious!!  Do not put us in a church or any where quiet together!!  I would do anything for her and she for me.  She is my absolute best friend and I consider myself the luckiest person in the world to have a sister like her…….even if she annoys the shit out of me a good percentage of the time 🙂 She is supporting me a hundred percent with this lapband thing…even though she thinks I am perfect…bless her!!  She is a total hornbag and I really admire her. She is kind, compassionate, considerate and very, very good at her job.  She is also a worry wart and drives me batty! She is my cheer squad on crack!!  I searched for a photo that she looks ordinary in and I look fabulous…..no go.  She looks farking good in all of them……biartch!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Meet the sister folks,,,,,,,,,,


** Note – according to my sister the first photo I put up….the one on the bottom….is awful because you can see the BIG GAP where she had a tooth out the day before.  Soooooo….being the loving sister I am I put the other one up where you can’t see the BIG GAP in her tooth!!!!  But…..I have left the first one there because I like the “smiley” one better!!!!!……..sucker 🙂