G-Strings and things…

Well hellooooo!!

Have to say my thoughts have been turning to clothing now that my banding is getting closer. I love clothes.  I get so pissed off with the “large” womens range of crap! I might be big but I like to look nice and modern.  All the larger clothes are sooooo bland and boring! I have less choice here on the island I guess, but even when I go to the “North Island” there really isn’t a lot of choice unless you want to pay $200 just for one shirt or something! I love some of the new summer fashions starting to show up but they never go over a small 16.  The thing that shits me is, some of those styles would really suit a big person!!  Like the lovely maxi dresses and lovely little dresses that fall from under the bust.  Why don’t they make them in larger sizes??!!!

I just can’t wait until I can walk into a “normal” size shop and buy a trendy size 16 something or other!! And what is with larger sizes going berserk with all the florals??!!!  It just makes you look like a giant botanical garden lumbering down the bloody street! Ploise!!!!! … not to mention the bee hazard!!

The younger and skinnier girls at work were discussing the pros and cons of G-strings at work today. Oh, goodie….now here’s a conversation I can relate to…….not!!!!  Really……oh the joys!!…..you get the benefit of no panty line and get to floss your arse at the same time!!  Now, I could get one on…..no worries.  Trouble is, I would have to call in mine rescue to get the bastard out again!!!  I think, even if I shrunk to a size 10 I would still be happy with my nanna pants with a touch of lace!…….noice!

Bras….same thing.  Can’t wait to get some nice sexy lacy ones.  I mean….I don’t hate my minimisers in an 18DD and they have even started bringing them out in some nice colours….but to be able to wear something in a gorgeous lacy coffee coloured concoction of sexiness…..now that’s livin’ ! 

I remember once a few years ago when my dog was a puppy she “stole” my bras from the floor of the bedroom.  I yelled at her to drop the things and she took off down the passage way with them!!  I started to chase her and she ran faster.  Then the cups started to fill with air and blew out behind her like a parachute!!  She tried to run….but the bras acted like a parachute bringing one of those drag racing cars to a halt!!! lol lol

I have only got two good points and they are squeezed into the 18DD at the moment.  I hope they don’t sag too much with the weight loss. On other weight loss attempts I always lose it off my face and boobs first. Actually, I don’t think I ever lost it…..it just sank!  I suppose I could always stick a couple of dusters on the ends of them and get the floors polished while I do other work!!  It will be nice to get to the stage where I don’t feel the need to “hitch” the back strap on my bra all the time to try and wrestle the back fat into place.  That will be nice:)  Just to feel comfortable and not “squished” into my underwear will be heaven!

Yep….getting a visual here……bliss!!!!!!  Clothes and comfort….never really thought of both those things in the same sentence before. Roll on Friday and Dr Dreamy (well, I hope he is!)


Thought I might add this photo of MOI with my new haircut.  It is longer on one side with lighter foils in that bit.  I am actually pretty pleased with it.  My hairdresser is fantastic and one of the nicest fellas you could ever meet. He is also extremely funny and I have a lot of fun at my hair appointments.  Did I mention he is delicious, extremely handsome, a snappy dresser…..and may be reading this blog??! lol  Well, I am very pleased with it for now anyway…although I could very well change my mind next visit.  Grant assures me it is very SEX KITTEN…..I tend to agree with him:)  It is noice, unuuusual and diff-er-ent!!!!

Is that a cat on the kitchen bench behind me!!!!?? Naughty pussy…..get down at once darling:)

I have to say it is hard to take a picture of yourself with the camera turned back to front!..lol


10 thoughts on “G-Strings and things…

  1. LOL. You really give me a good chuckle sometimes. You’ve also started me thinking about getting myself a whole new wardrobe of underwear! Something cute that a skinny girl might wear! Well, it’s something to dream about anyway.


  2. .Hi Nola,
    Thanks very much!Rememeber i told you i had my tooth out today,well it is bloody hard to laugh with a really sore mouth!!!I have had fun reading your thoughts about fashion g strings ect and hope the surgery goes well.You will do well and I hope you motivate me to pull my finger out and loose a few kilos also.Goodluck I know you can do this!!!
    Ps.Anvers give you free chocolate when you get take away coffee on your way to hobart.
    YOU GO GIRL!!!!!

  3. Trouble is…we are leaving at 5am which puts us at Anvers at around 5.30am…they wont be bloody open!! However……there ARE the scallop pies at Ross…he, he I know a coffee shop in Burnie that DOESN’T give you free chocolate with your coffee…what’s going on there eh???

  4. Gee thanx for the visual.. hahaha
    But I sooooo know what you are talkin about!
    And as for the hair do… love it!!! Have you seen any pics of me… I have the angled fringe and at the moment (as of Tue night) I have an assortment of coloured foils too! Must be some pretty cool Taswiegen hairdressers about aye!
    Unfortunately when I lost my weight I lost my boobs too… :o(
    I hope you manage to keep yours!(Mind you I still have weight I want to lose but if I am not careful my chest will be ingrown!)

  5. Your hair is beautiful – keep that hairdresser! I wish I knew what to do with mine…

    The mental image of your dog running with a bra parachute nearly made me spit out my coffee. That was hilarious!

    I’m new here – when is your surgery? Do you have to do anything to prepare for it? I’m not big enough to have a lapband surgery (I don’t think), but I can tell you that doing it the “regular” way is pretty darned slow and frustrating sometimes.

    Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a comment – feel free to come back anytime!

  6. the hair is flash lovi, nothing better than a good cut and colour to make you smile, especially if it comes from some young hunk of a spunk by the sounds of it…..think I might need his number!

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