Information Overload!!!!

This is how I feel today!!!  I think I am on overload…..information overload!  I have to stop reading so much about lapbanding…I am getting saturated with everything and losing sight of the big picture……that would be me and my health!!  I have done nothing but surf around the net reading everything on lapbanding and hundreds of blogs (but I doooo have my favourites:) ).  I keep reading about slime and productive burping and I am starting to freak myself out here.  I dreamt I vomited up my stomach last night!!…ploise!!!

We don’t have to see shrinks and nutritionists before we have surgery here in this state.  Probably not a good thing…but that is how it is.  We just turn up, speak to surgeon (I am guessing he does a bit of sussing you out and checking your attitude and fat arse) and then you get given the date.  You turn up, have the surgery, probably get given advice etc…go home and get started on losing the weight.  I have decided that I am going to book in to see a nutritionist anyway off my own bat.  I want to make sure I am eating….or sucking the shit out of……..enough protien.  Like, I read that in the liquid stage, anything that fits up a straw is basically the go………. now I have seen some big things fit up a straw in my time!!!!!!…….but I digress………

I also brought some Modifast today.  I am going to start it on Saturday and do a week of it before I see the surgeon on Friday.  I meant to do a fortnight on it…..but I thought my appointment was still two weeks or more away until I made that vets appointment in my last blog…..for the dog, not me!!!!!  I will weigh myself in the morning and then tell him on Friday how I have gone.  I just want him to see I am deadly serious and have done my research and I don’t want him telling me no!!!!

I might have a bloody post traumatic stress incident over the Modifast….but I guess I will cope!!  I went on that glue for 8 weeks to get into the police force many moons ago….and the memory is still very vivid!! (does green poo ring any bells for anyone?)

The last two days have not been good for me.  Very bad with my back and keep getting “stuck”.  I have been walking around like I have a stick up my bum…..good look!!  I have also been feeling a bit of a sad sack…no idea why….just have those times when you don’t feel up to par and on the verge of tears for no reason. Well, I do anyway!!  Not very often mind you…… about every 6 months:)  I think when I have a bad go with the back and then not much sleep then struggle through days….then no sleep…etc etc and you get on a bit of a round-a-bout. I don’t think it is hormonal.  I take them every morning out of a packet and I usually cruise along flat-lining with the hormone thing!! I am lucky in that respect I suppose.  One thing I do know is that I will snap out of it and all will be fine:)

I have my painkillers…..and then I have my painkillers!!  Ones I take for average pain and then the stronger forte ones for bad nights.  I am going to take them tonight……yeehaaaaaa  Actually, I don’t like taking them much because even though they get me some sleep I don’t think it is a good sleep.  Plus I feel a bit like I have a hangover in the morning.  However, sometimes that is what it takes to shove me off afore mentioned round a bout!!

So, that’s it from me for now…….I have some pills and I’m gonna eat them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


14 thoughts on “Information Overload!!!!

  1. SLIME?? I haven’t read anything about slime.

    Oh yes, and the green poo it’s lovely isn’t it.

    Hope your back gets some relief from the meds, there such a relief knowing you have them as a backup. I don’t have to see a shrink either, thank god, I don’t need anyone telling what I already know.

  2. Hi, Nola… thanks for dropping by my little corner of our big blogging world. My SueSue got her stitches out Tuesday and is back to playing ball, and yes, with the furry ones it seems sometimes to never end, but they do provide such joy. Except when they ‘cut one’ under the covers…. 🙂

    As to what okra tastes like… not knowing the veggies you get in Tasmania I don’t know what to compare it to…. I would have to say that it has a kind of squash taste to it, kind of neutral but a green taste if that makes any sense. We like it cut up, rolled in cornmeal and fried, because when it is boiled it’s slimy and we don’t care for it that way. People often cook it in gumbo, a cajun stew, with other veggies and the cajun spices, but fried is the way most people prefer it.

    I’ll be keeping up with you with your lap band surgery. I have a couple of friends that have had it done and have had very good luck with it. And I hope your fur baby’s eye surgery goes well.

    Good to ‘meet’ you!!

    Helen G.

  3. Hi Nola,

    It’s probably my blog that refers to it as slime…and I’ll be honest and tell you that that is exactly what it is…sticky saliva. You can’t imagine how much one mouthful of food can generate or what it’s like until you experience it. Unfortunately PBing and slime can be a reality for bandits. Not everyone experiences them but lots do (actually I don’t think I’ve spoken to one bandit who hasn’t had it happen at least once). And slime is far more disgusting than actually bringing up food.

    I was deadly afraid of all the negatives before my surgery and felt a bit overloaded by information, but you know what, none of them have turned out to be anywhere near as scary or bad as I thought and the benefits of my surgery FAR outweigh any negatives or perceived negatives that go with it.

    To give you some idea of how much I love my band, if they told me tomorrow that I had to have it removed or that my life would be shortened by 10 years, I think I’ d still keep my band. Healthwise, it’s the best thing that’s ever happened to me. It’s saving my life and it’s changing every single day for the better for me. I haven’t felt so good and positive and healthy in longer than I can remember.


  4. Nahh…didn’t read it on your blog, Cat….you are on my favourites list!!!! lol
    I was having doubts and a few negative thoughts there for a while….but not now! Hey, I would rather the odd “slime” episode than living how I am now that’s for sure. That is a big call saying about the ten years…thanks for your reply. You have helped “rev” me up again and feel positive…
    luv ya…luv ya work!!!!

  5. Oh course I stop! I wasn’t that busy today… not at all … now I’m off to bed.. the boys are watching rugby… oh JOY! Hope you have a neat weekend …. till next time. Oh and hopefully SOON you won’t need those bloody pills.

  6. Nola!!! I am suffering from ‘information overload’ too!!! I was talking to my husband about it – I need to stop reading all these blogs and forums – it’s driving me bonkers!!!!

  7. Glad you’re feeling positive again. It can all be a bit overwhemling but you’ve just got to take it one step at a time and keep your eye on what it is that you’re aiming to achieve. Well, that’s what ended up working for me anyway when I thought I might just drown in both information and in fear.

    For me the bottom line and the most comforting thought ended up being that if it all went horribly wrong, then I could always have the band removed…and that made it all seem less scary somehow.

    I did some research to answer your questions on heart rate monitors and target heart rates and put up a post about it on my blog (on Friday) that hopefully explains it.


  8. Getting banded is a pretty big deal… I would think it is pretty normal to have the occasional freak out about it. All you can do is reasurre yourself that you are making the right decsion. It really is going to be fine!! Maybe try to stop reading so much information? I know it is different but before I got my tatt I really made an effort to not read much about how much it was going to hurt on the internet… I was nervous enough as it was!
    I think going to see the nutritionist is a good idea, they can make sure you are still getting everything you need.
    I seem to have the 6 month episodes as well… Then I just snap out of them again. I think as long as it doesn’t get deeper or start going on for too long that’s also pretty normal.
    Hope the back starts feeling better soon.

  9. Don’t let all the banding blogs spook you. I, like you, did my homework and read tons of blogs and information. At first it was overwhelming, but I’m glad I did it. I knew what to expect, wasn’t scared in the hospital, knew what I had to do to get better, and most importantly…I knew there were people out in the blogging world that I could rely on if I needed to ask questions. It’s all good. I love that kitty picture…sometimes I feel just like that!

  10. And hello to you to0. Thanks for stopping by. Haven’t had a chance to read too much of your story but it sounds like you’ve got big things about to happen in your life – so wishing you all the best – and look forward to hearing about all your resulting successes. Take care Z xx

  11. LMAO!!! You are funny!!!

    Poor sweetheart. So much going on. I hope the lapband goes well for you. I guess, as is the case with every surgery, it affects each person differently. You are doing the best thing by finding out the best and the worse possible scenarios and I think you are right to seek the help of a nutritionist.

    Wish you better!!!

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