Not Long….

I was making a vet appointment for poor little Scarlett today and realised I only have a couple of weeks until I see the surgeon…..OMG!!!  I have been trying to push it to the back of my mind because I am so impatient for the time to come! It is all I think about though.  I am even starting to dream about it. I just want to have it done….NOW!!!! I can’t even bring myself to put into print what I have eaten over the last couple of weeks…I have been a complete train wreck! I am loving working part time……but boy, do I struggle at home with the eating thing!  I am suprised I haven’t worn out the hinges on the pantry and I am happy to report the fridge light is still working!:) I had a bad nights sleep last night…….I got woken up by a freight train that had made a wrong turn up our passage…….oh wait……that was Ricky snoring his bloody head off!!!!  He has been really, really bad lately…any tips/hints, besides suffocation?  Because of my bloody back, once I am awake the pain sets in and I find it really hard to nod off again.  I went into the spare room, but I could still hear the bugger!

I had a little “nanny nap” this afternoon.  It was a lousy, cold, windy, rainy miserable day and I actually got right under the covers and settled in for an hour!!  It felt quite decadent and very blissfull.  I let Scarlett get under the covers with me because I felt sorry for her traumatic vet experience this morning.  I made her promise not to “let one rip”! I dozed off for a while and woke up quite suddenly when I became aware that the house had been broken into and the burglar was throwing rotten eggs around my bedroom…… wait!!!!………Scarlett can’t keep a promise!!!!!

So, once I got some caffiene into my system I grabbed the leads and took the stink bomb and her brother for a walk.  It was very cold, but exhilarating and I really enjoyed it once I got started.  It was a piss and sniff by the way….lol

So, today I have booked Scarlett in for surgery on her eye on the 6th October.  That is my block of days off, so I can be home with her.  That is after my surgeon’s appointment…..that is on the 3rd. That is what made me realise how close it is getting! ……………… BRING IT ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


10 thoughts on “Not Long….

  1. I love stormy days and getting cozy with a nice cup of tea, a fire in the woodstove and a good book. Now, about the farting dog thing…have to think about that one. Good luck to both of you on your surgeries.

  2. Hey girl I take it the butterflies have settled in then lol….Get ready for the ride of your life…..its going to be great. You have already seen the ups and downs so you basically know what you are in for. Im so proud of your courage and determination. I know how daunting this first appointment can be and also how devastating when the Dr has his say but truthfully they tell you things that you already knew and pushed into the back of your head for a later date.

    Ricky snoring???? I don’t believe a word……you know that freight train de-rails every so often lol…..the spare room needs to be sound proofed lol….get him to the doctor to get it checked out. I dont want to have to visit you at the women’s prison lol.

    Give Scarlett a hug from me and I hope her op goes well. I hope the vet doesnt get a dose of her lethal ass lol.

    Have you started stocking up on peppermint tea, mylanta and soluble panadol/panadeine for after the op…..these all help with the shoulder pain afterwards. Even sucking on mints can help.

    Well mate, not long now…..not long til you take back absolute control of YOUR life…..not long til you are happy again. I am so proud of you….you have suffered a long time and now its gonna be YOUR TIME…..your time to shine.

    If you want me in Hobart just say the word and it shall be done. Ill even come look after you afterwards lol…can we plug Ricky’s nose first hehehehehe. If Im not with you in body you know that I will be with you in spirit and via mobile phone lol.

    Will ring you soon.

  3. Nope…no butterflies Margie….none, zilch, zero…just impatience!! Don’t care what the doctor says to me either…blah, blah farking blah blah…just do it mate!!!!
    Margie, just to clarify……I have always been happy, just not happy with my weight. And I don’t think I have suffered either:)
    I appreciate all your support though!!! A good friend!:)

  4. Yer you see now why I dont put things into words lol I stuff it up….You are a happy person and I only meant you have suffered with your back and being unhappy with your weight….even this isnt sounding right…maybe I should just zip the lip lol.

  5. well thank fukk cos I really thought I’d upset ya and thats the last thing I wanna do

    Will be up ur way Friday…broke a tooth and have appointment with fang dr in devonport 9.30am friday ouch

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