Fur Family

God I love my dogs!! Yep, true take your breath away love!  I love my cats too….. but the dogs seem to evoke far more emotion than the cats do. If it wasn’t for my dogs I wouldn’t walk anywhere for starters! On most days we walk….. just me and them.  They love it…just love it.  They get soooo excited the minute I even look sideways at my sandshoes. They just know when I am even just thinking about going somewhere. Sometimes we do what we call our “piss n’ sniff” which is a lead walk.  Hence the name….. all we do is stop to piss and sniff…..them not me!!  and then we have what we refer to as our “freerange”.  That is down at the beach where they can run off lead.

This is Scarlett.  She will be 6 in November. Scarlett was a little charity case we picked up on the West Coast…she is a Rosebery girl.  We got her at about 5 weeks old before she was “chucked off the bridge and drowned”. She had double knee reconstruction before she turned one and is a little bugger.  She has had some rough times….what can go wrong usually does with Scarlett. Emergency run back up the coast after she was spayed because internal stitches had “caught” and were driving her insane with pain, her knees, alergic reaction to a bee sting (now we have her antihistamines in the car glovebox and in the house!), even just getting her nails clipped once and he cut too close….came out with her foot all bandaged up (in nice purple bandage to match her collar). She is naughty, chases the cats, whinges all the time, can’t get up on the couch so we have to lift her everywhere, lift her into car, onto bed, runs away when she doesn’t want to get back into car, hides “specials” everywhere in the house ie: chicken wing, dog biscuits, piece of bread etc…….very naughty girl….but ooohhhhh sooooo loveable!!  Her farts are deadly too……for a small dog she really packs a punch and has been known to clear the room!  We made up silly show names for the dogs.  Her’s is…..Scarlett Dickyknee Fartima Princess. She also starts to limp when she has walked a bit too far so my Dad calls her the Arithmatic Dog….because she puts down three and carrys one..lol

This is Harry.  He will turn 4 in February. He is another West Coast kid and we scored him off a friend who’s dog had puppies. I wasn’t going to get another dog.  I had another dog called Rosie who was my life!!!!  Scarlett was fortunate to have had Rosie for the first year of her life…….then Rosie died from old age and Scarlett just fretted so much and stopped eating……so we got Harry.

Harry’s mum was a little black and white spaniel…..his father is a bloody mystery.  Not that I am saying his mother was a tart!! Harry is the most smoochiest, gentle, gorgeous, loving boy on the planet!  He loves everybody and everything.  He loves his tea time.  He lives for food….anything! He snores like a trouper and spends the best part of his days just as the picture shows…..flat on his back somewhere having doggie dreams about food and chasing rabbits. He is just so huggable and very, very handsome!! He is never naughty like Scarlett, although she does lead him astray sometimes!  Harry is, shall we say…chunky!  We have him clipped all the time with his own “hairdresser” who he loves. Hey, any attention is good attention according to Harry. He is naturally very long haired and looks like a mop with some eyes poking out if we don’t have him clipped.  His feet end up like big sponges that are capable of concealing half a beach that he is then able to deposit all over the house! He thinks we don’t notice when he sneaks onto our bed at night.  He jumps up and then flattens out and crawls into position at the foot of the bed then promptly starts snoring….loudly!!  It is like a 7.5 earthquake when he jumps up and is really funny because he thinks he has pulled it off…….Ricky says, “Was that Ninja dog, he of great stealth and cunning under the cover of darkness?”  lol  Harry also walks so that his back legs swing out….like an old farmer or something.  I think he thinks his “package” is so huge that he has to swing his legs out round it!!!  He kind of walks like a bloke that’s pants are too high!!  So, having told you that….Harry’s show name is….Harrison Highpants Ninjadog Maxwell……..

I know, I know……I’m cracked in the head!!!  These are dogs 3 & 4.  We had Rosie and then along came Terry the Terrier.  Poor little Terry picked up a lung infection at the age of 5 and a half and we lost him….that was on my 40th birthday….devastating.  Rosie died at the age of 13 and a half……equally devastating.

But, with all the heartache of losing your pets by whatever means, I will always have a dog….and a cat….in my life.  It just doesn’t seem the same without them.  Just empty.  I don’t have kids and I know I treat my animals like children….but hey….I love them!! They make me laugh and give me heaps of unconditional love….bucket loads of it.  They couldn’t give a shit if I was being lapbanded or what I look like….they just love me!  We decided not to tell them they are adopted!!!

This is Flo.  She is 14.  Cat on a hat….box. It looks like that carving is worshipping her…which is only fitting:)  A gentle little darling cat who sleeps in the walk-in robe on her own shelf!  She insisted on sleeping on our jumpers, so we put her bed on her own shelf and now our wardrobe is referred to as “Flo’s room”. 

This is Molly….she is 13 and is Flo’s baby believe it or not!  Molly weighs as much as Scarlett…..8kgs!!! Molly is the total opposite of Flo.  She meows all the time, is always in the way, always wants something to eat, very demonstrative and totally adorable!!! She sleeps on the dining table…..yes she does!  On her special pillow.  We can’t stop her…..so I put her pillow on there!  We eat on stable tables on our knees in the lounge anyway!!  If someone new calls in that I don’t think would appreciate a cat on the table I quickly put her pillow on the floor and they are none the wiser.  I do Mr Sheen the table if we have someone for tea and take her bed off of course!!

I have to say I am the sort of person that gets more upset if a dog has been hit by a car than if a person has been!!  At least you can call an Ambulance for a person………and if they are concious they understand what is going on.  I cry through every episode of RSPCA and any other program that shows poorly treated animals.  Ricky is grateful we don’t own acerage because he knows damn well I would have every charity case under the sun living with us if I had the room!!

So, there you have it……just a little “whimsy” blog about my darling little fur family for your enjoyment….or horror!!!  lol lol


6 thoughts on “Fur Family

  1. I totally relate!

    We have always had pets in our life and treat them as preciously as our children.

    In fact we have just had a really rough ride with our Bull Mastiff “Nala” the lion queen. She was my pride and joy and loved me as much as i loved her. She was diagnosed with Lymphosacoma [can’t spell, but basically cancer, a bad one] at just 15 months old.

    We live out of town, but still committed to taking her into town twice a week for six months for chemo treatment. She had to go in every monday for blood tests so they could measure how much chemo to give her the next day.
    Then she went in the next day from 8am to 4pm for chemo all day, came home a wreck for that night, but was just like a puppy from the morning after.

    Unfortunately, she only lasted two weeks after the chemo stopped, but we were so blessed to have her with us for that extra six months.

    We still have out gorgeous little Jack Russell who makes my eyes fill up when every time a new car comes to visit us he checks out the back seat to see if Nala has come home.

    We are adopting another puppy Bull Mastiff in January from the same breeder that Nala came from, she was such a beautifully tempermented dog.

    Thanks for sharing your puppy story, us dog lovers love to read em…and we get it!

    PS…I own [not really, she owns me] a cranky Russion Blue too. She lives in my room…or do I sleep in her room?

  2. I’m guessing you sleep in HER room! lol I am so sorry to hear about Nala. It just breaks your heart doesn’t it! Jack Russells are such little characters..because Scarlett is a “roughy” she already looks like she is 110!… and guess what?…found a growth on her top eyelid this afternoon after I wrote this post!!! Off to the vet tomorrow to have it checked it….you can bet it will have dollar signs all over it whatever it is!! Thanks for visiting my blog:)

  3. awwwwww!! I love love love the silly full pet names. hehe. So totally something I would do!! I think I need a dog to get me out walking. My pissy yet cuddly old feline just likes to cuddle up on the couch and eat ice cream with me. 🙂

    I’m so glad you stopped by my blog!!

  4. I am exactly the same with my animals. I had a gorgeous King Charles Cavalier who died two years ago at 15 – cost me a bloody fortune, with all of his complaints, but worth every cent.

    My current dog or “son’ as I call him Oscar (pug) is my baby and I love him to death, like your dog his fart’s packsa punch and clears the room – lol!!!

  5. these lovely children are just adorable and even suffer the odd visitor taking over their “bedroom”. Its good tho when the visitor doesnt mind sharing the bed with a dog the size of a human and a foot warmer lol….

  6. Nola, you and I would be best of friends if I lived in Tasmania. You totally “get” what our fur babies are to those of us with no 2 legged babies. I know that my 2 dogs keep me on the sane and level side some days. Their antics keep me laughing, but on days I don’t feel well, they will lay up on the bed with me, close enough for me to pet. When we had company for week, I gave up my bed and me and my girls slept on the floor in the living room. They don’t want to be far from mom, especially at bed time.

    Have a good Monday tomorrow.


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