True Friends…

Heard from a friend today via text and it got me thinking about what is a true friend. I am chronic at staying in touch with people.  I think about them all the time and I never forget them……but I am lousy at actually visiting or phoning. However I think I am a good friend none the less because if I heard they needed something or were in trouble or if they rang me at 2am in the morning in tears……I would be there in a heartbeat!  I have a handful of “true” friends…..ones I could not hear from in 12 months and then land on their doorstep out of the blue and we would just continue with the conversation we started 12 months ago and not think anything of it.  These are not neccessarily friends I have known all my life either….in fact…most of them are recent friends from the last 5 years or so and I am happy to say, a couple of them I  met via the net, and then “in person” later down the line.

When I have told “casual” friends I am going to be lapbanded they say stuff like, “Why?’…you aren’t that fat!”  You don’t need to.  You always look good…..blah, blah, blah

True friends have said stuff like, “Well, I’m proud of you.  Good for you. Do you want me to come to your appointment with you?”  They just don’t bother saying, “Why?”  because they know me and understand me and love me no matter if I had just told them I was about to  become a professional belly dancer!!…..they would just smile and say…”You go girl !!”  They wouldn’t say “But you don’t know how to belly dance!!”

Another thing is none of my good friends are my age??  Don’t know why exactly.  They are nearly all 10 years younger or the other way and ten years older or more.  Girls I have met and some that are in my circle of friends are my age…..but they act it!!!!  I mean, I can act 48yrs whatever the hell that is, but I don’t feel 48yrs in my head.  I still feel and think like I was doing in my late 20’s maybe?  It is only the physical that has changed. I love being stupid and laughing like an idiot and dancing in the loungeroom and getting a bit pissed every now and then.  The friend I walk with is 10yrs younger and hilarious!!!  We talk absolute shit on our walks and take on different characters and things like that and the walk flies past.  I love her!!  We can be serious too and have helped each other through a few crisis.  That’s what I love.

The friend that text me this morning was informing me when her hen’s night was. We haven’t seen each other for probably 12 months!!!….but it doesn’t seem like it.  I made friends with her when we lived on the West Coast.  She worked in the office where Ricky was stationed and in the winter months she would stay at our place on a Thursday night to save travelling on snowy roads back to Rosebery.  I loved those Thursday nights!! We would pig out, put on face masks, down copious amounts of wine and then…….go sluggin!!!! ( I might add that N is one of my younger friends)

What is sluggin???…..welllllll…….down the West Coast of Tassie I swear the slugs were bigger than whip snakes!!  they were huuuuggggeeeee and big and fat!!!….and we hated them.  For some reason there were farking hundreds of the bastards in our yard that would come out and bask in the moonlight on a damp, wet night. So, and you have to have had at least one bottle of wine to appreciate this sport…….we would go sluggin under the cover of darkness!!

We would get the big family pack of Saxa salt and a torch each (and our glass of wine) and go “hunting” out on the lawn. Once we had a victim in the torch beam we would sprinkle it with salt and watch the sucker shrivel up and DIE!!!!  Now, maybe it was the wine and maybe it wasn’t, but that used to have us in fits and keep us amused for bloody hours!!!  We would speak in “great white hunter” voices or take on Steve Irwins persona…like, “What a beauty, fantastic!!!  Get the cameras on this one…..we are in for a struggle here!!”  Maybe it was just because after living on the West Coast with nothing to do and freezing cold “goin’ sluggin'” seemed like the better alternative to slipping into a coma!!!!

God, I get off the track when I start typing on here!!  I am sorry if I have offended any life members of the “Save a Slug Foundation”….. but have you tried it!!!!?????

I know Mel is a new resident of the west coast and I think if you took up sluggin’ you would love it!!!!!  Get Margie to hold your wine for you though until you get the swing of the salt sprinkling!!!!

Has anybody ever been “corby grubbin’ ????……, lol……next blog!!

I might actually get around to what I started to say as well….. about friends understanding your need for lapbanding…….lol


7 thoughts on “True Friends…

  1. Ahh, the good ol’ sluggin, sluggin wine and killing those lil’ suckers……Funny how no-one else understood but we did. We should catch up and do face masks and wine again, soooo much fun. Your blog is the bestest ever, wish I was as funny, honest and charming as you goddess!!

  2. It’s so nice to hear my thoughts about friendship spoken out loud by someone else. I may not always be in touch but I still think of them with me and am able to pick up those conversations right where we left off too. I agree…you’re either solid or not.

  3. …corby sluggin’…is that where you go a’huntin’ the Corby’s that arn’t incarcerated in Bali and give them a dose of the Saxa to watch them shrivel up and die…??? Lovin’ your work Nola…!!!

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