I have to say Ricky and myself have some deep and meaningful conversations out on our decking!  Was just out there then.  I am feeling a bit “low” tonight……. having a “bad back” night and have just taken my “big guns” painkillers!

I said, “At least if I can lose a lazy 40kgs you might have some chance of lifting me up and carrying me somewhere”.

Ricky laughed at me referring to it as a “lazy 40kgs”.

I said, “You know, I hear on TV or in the paper when they say things like……..and Collingwoods star player blah, blah has played his blah blah match and he is 6 foot 3 inches and weighs 98kgs.  I think, fark….I weigh more than a footballer that is built like a brick shit house!!!  How can that be?!”

Ricky looked me straight in the eyes and said, “Yeah….but you’re cuter!”

Bless this husband of mine! He throws me some backhanded compliments….but they are from the heart!

In other news…..

I just read my favourite blogger’s latest post. I have met her….I love her!!!  She sounded so positive….go Rach.

Also, my gorgeous sister has left me a comment…..I love you too!!!!!

OK……it’s obvious the drugs are kicking in……..I luv youzzzzze all……..


3 thoughts on “Snippet

  1. Howdy!

    I stumbled accross your blog a few days ago when I was checking the blog list on the Yahoo Lapband forums…

    AND TODAY… I worked out that you’re one of ntbl’s faithful readers… and I have been reading your comments on her blog for ageeees 🙂

    Oh such a small world in the land of lapband blog.

    I am currently in the process of “banding” – so it’s be great to keep in touch…

    L xo

  2. Hey…Have you never heard of sharing?? I want some of those drugs…but wait…I think my glass of wine is kicking in…YEA! P.S. Good Man you’ve got!

  3. OMG….. a blog to read……..
    Yippeeeeeee………… there goes the spare hour I had between 2am and 3am….

    I love your blog and I knew…… that your dogs bums would feature somewhere.

    Loving the journey


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